Direct cremation costs in Tucson, AZ

Arizona has one of the highest cremation rates in the U.S., with over 65% of families now choosing cremation for their final disposition.  This has made cremation much more competitive in the Tucson, and helped to bring the cost of a cremation down. This article runs through how arranging a cremation can save you money on your funeral costs, how arranging a direct cremation is a simple and affordable funeral care solution and compares some Tucson funeral homes direct cremation prices.

How can you save money by arranging a cremation?

The traditional funeral is dying, to be replaced by a modern life celebration and a lean towards cremation services.  Although changing attitudes in culture are acknowledged for this change, one of the biggest factors is COST.  A traditional funeral can cost in the region of $10,000 (when you include cemetery fees).  The National Funeral Directors Association’s survey of 2012 posited the average cost of a funeral in the U.S. at $7,045 (without any cemetery charges).  Yet a cremation service will cost in the region of $3,000 – $4,000.  It doesn’t take much to work out why our nation is turning to cremation!

Indeed direct cremation is becoming the new ‘vogue’ on the cremation scene.  Why? Because it presents the most cost-effective way to conduct a funeral and can put control of memorialization back in the realm of the family.  A direct cremation simply ensures the disposition element is taken care of by a professional.  Once the family has the cremated remains returned, they can conduct memorial services as, when and if they see fit.  For many families, it is a case of need – in tough financial times – they just need the most affordable funeral option.  For other families it has become a decision of choice and principle – why spend thousands of dollars when a funeral can be conducted for a fraction of that cost!

Low cost cremation in Tucson

Low cost cremation is available in Tucson for between $455 and $995.  Cremation prices do vary considerably between providers, so it is important to check around and ensure that the cremation price quoted for a low cost cremation equitably compares.  Check exactly what is included.  Death certificates and state filings are often an additional ‘cash advance’, but check that the cremation container and cremation fee are included in any low cost price advertised.  Too often we have found what appeared to be a low cost cremation option, only to discover that the hidden charges can bump the price up!

Cash Advance items: A death certificate in Tucson is $20.00 – Pima County Medical Examiners fee is $30.00

What does a cremation cost?How do I choose a cremation provider in Tucson?

Choosing a cremation services provider is not always easy.  As cremation becomes more popular, more funeral homes are installing their own crematories, so this can give a family an assurance about their loved one’s care.  If you are researching because you do not have a provider in mind, or because you need to find the most affordable cremation option in your area – then DFS Memorials can help direct you.  We do the research to help save families the stress and time, we ONLY work with reputable, local family-owned funeral homes.

Alternatively, you can check out this directory listing of all funeral homes in Tucson in zip code order.

How do cremation providers compare in Tucson?

The cost of a direct cremation varies considerably.  This can depend on the cremation services provider selected, and the type of cremation service chosen.  It is always wise to compare prices.  A basic direct cremation in Tucson can be conducted from around $585 with a local, family-owned funeral home.

Is there any help with cremation costs in Tucson?

Sadly we are asked this question all too often these days!  With more families struggling financially, it can be crippling to be faced with unexpected funeral expenses.  If qualifying, there is a $255 Social Security death benefit payment, and there are benefits for veterans.  Each state has its own budget and governance for dealing with indigent funerals, although much funding has been axed in recent years.  You can try contacting your local county Social or Human Services to inquire if any financial aid is available locally.  This article on ‘How to Pay for a Funeral’ also covers some of the other ways that you can gain support towards funeral costs.

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Funeral costs: Arrange an affordable funeral or cremation in Jackson, MS

Direct cremation in Jackson MSDeath can be an expensive business!  The average funeral costs $7,045 according to the National Funeral Directors Association’s 2012 figures, and this does NOT include any cemetery fees.

Apart from the fact that 76% of American families are struggling paycheck to paycheck these days [CNN Money Report], many are also finding what little finances they had in reserve can be depleted in end of life care for a loved one! Families simply do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a funeral today.

This all means our funeral purchasing habits ARE changing.  We are demanding more affordable funeral alternatives.  Mississippi has long been steeped in tradition and still has one of the lowest cremation rates in the nation, however, this IS changing.

Cremation vs. burial


The shift towards cremation instead of traditional burial has started in Mississippi.  Many folks talk about the cremation trend being led by cultural changes – environmental concerns, declining religiosity and a more migrant population.  It is also driven largely by cost and flexibility.  It is reported that the cremation rate in Jackson has climbed by 11% in the last year alone.

How can I save money by arranging a cremation in Jackson?

A traditional funeral in Jackson is probably going to cost you upwards of $8,000 when you include in cemetery fees.  A cremation service can cost you anything between $995 and $4,500 depending on the type of cremation service.  So opting for a cremation is likely to save you anything between $7,000 and $3,500 on the cost of a traditional burial in Jackson.  The costs for the cemetery plot and burial vault are eliminated, as are the costs for a casket and embalming.

Arranging a low cost cremation or a direct cremation in Jackson

cremation-costs-biloxi-gulf-coastIf funeral costs are a worry to you and you are simply looking for the least expensive funeral option available to you – then a direct cremation would be your best option.  This is the most minimal cremation service offered and involves no ceremony or ancillary services being conducted by the funeral home.  The deceased is simply collected, prepared for cremation and cremated, using a basic cremation container, and the cremated remains returned to the family in a temporary cremation urn.  The funeral director will complete all the necessary documentation and process the cremation.  A direct cremation can be conducted in Jackson and all of South Mississippi for $995.  For this reason it makes for a very affordable funeral alternative.

Direct cremation and conducting your own memorial service

Some families are choosing to have the disposition taken care of by a direct cremation, and then conducting their own memorial service once they have the cremated remains.  I am observing even church ministers and pastors supporting families by conducting memorial services once the cremation disposition is performed.  Families can take control of the death care ritual by arranging their own memorial tribute service at a time and location of their choice.  Cremation also offers a greater flexibility in that there is no rush to hold a service immediately and more creative options are possible for a cremation memorial.

How do I find an affordable funeral provider in Jackson, MS?

Good question!  It can seem an overwhelming task checking out the list of funeral homes in Jackson to locate affordable funeral prices.  This is where DFS Memorials can help.  We have done this work to save you the task.  We have checked around funeral homes and selected a local, family-owned funeral home who can offer a low cost cremation or affordable funeral package.

Call (601) 228-2970    Direct Cremation $995

What if I cannot afford a funeral? What help is there with funeral costs in Jackson?

Sadly, we are asked this question all too often at DFS Memorials.  There is limited financial assistance available.  All states have a responsibility to attend to indigent funerals – that is for those individuals who become a responsibility of Mississippi State.  To find out what local level pubic aid is available for low income or no income families, you need to contact your local county Social Services or Human Services Department.  There is the Social Security $255 death benefit for those that do qualify.  Also some groups such as unions, charities and church groups may assist families in need with fund-raising to cover funeral costs.

DFS Memorials Jackson serves Hinds, Madison, Rankin Counties and Belhaven Heights Historic District, Downtown, Farish Street, Fondren District, Mid North District, Poindexter Park Historic District, Smith Park Architectural District, Spengler’s Corner Historic District, and West Capitol Street Historic District.

How to arrange a low cost cremation in Oklahoma City for $945

Cremation OklahomaMore people are choosing cremation today to save money on the cost of a funeral. Traditionally a burial funeral service can cost around $7,045 according to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA 2012), and this cost does not even include a cemetery plot.

A cremation can work out significantly cheaper.  In fact, a simple direct cremation is just about the least expensive disposition you can arrange.  It offers a simple and efficient means to arrange a disposition at minimum cost.  After a direct cremation, you can choose to have the ashes returned for a memorial service or have them scattered.  Many families are finding that arranging a direct cremation is an easy way to keep funeral costs down.  It can also allow you to have a little more control over when and where to conduct any memorial tribute.

With the DFS Memorials provider for Oklahoma a complete direct cremation is available for $945.   

Call now on (405) 252-1831 for immediate assistance.

Serving the whole Oklahoma City Metroplex – Canadian County, Cleveland County, Grady County, Lincoln County, Logan County, McClain County, and Oklahoma County, and surrounding areas.

Affordable Cremation in Central Florida $895

Cremation services Central FloridaCremation is a popular choice in Central Florida.  Florida has a retirement population, many of which opt for cremation as an inexpensive and convenient means to make final arrangements.

The cost of cremation services can play a significant part in this decision, as a direct cremation can be arranged in central Florida for just $895 complete.  The cremated remains can be transported (if required) to anywhere in the U.S., or overseas, if there is a need to return remains to family outside of Florida.

The DFS Memorials provider for Orlando and Central Florida can be reached on (407) 710-8865.

If you have an immediate, or imminent, need for a simple low cost cremation then we can help you arrange everything for one low price of $895*.  Families’ attitudes to funerals are changing and cremation offers families greater flexibility in arranging end of life services.   We understand that many families just want a simple, “no fuss” option, one that can be delivered at a low cost.

A direct cremation package can help you arrange a low cost funeral.  The direct cremation takes care of the immediate disposition of the deceased, and once the cremated remains are available, a memorial or ash-scattering service can be conducted.

When you can take care of everything for $895*, and are dealing with a family-owned funeral business, why should you pay more than this?

What is included in the $895* Simple Cremation Package?

Our simple cremation service includes:

  • Collection of the deceased from the place of death
  • Transfer to the funeral facility*
  • Shelter of the deceased
  • Filing of death certificate and cremation permit
  • The cremation process
  • Return of the cremated remains in a temporary cremation urn

*an additional mileage fee can apply if outside our basic service area

 Are there any extra costs?

The additional fees are county fees, which are subject to change and payable to the county in order to facilitate the cremation proceeding.  Death certificate fees in Florida are $10 per copy at present.

Can we still have a funeral service if we arrange a direct cremation?

Yes, of course.  You can arrange a memorial service once you have the cremated remains returned.  A memorial service is the type of funeral service where the deceased’s body is not present.  You can hold a memorial service with, or without, the cremation urn present.  A memorial funeral service can also take the shape of an ash scattering ceremony, or a candlelit vigil or tribute.  We have some useful resources to help you plan and make your own memorial tributes in our Memorialization section.

Our lowest cost cremation is available throughout the Greater Orlando area and the counties of Flagler, Lake, Orange, Putnam, Seminole, and Volusia.

*There is an additional $100 processing fee

Affordable cremation services in Montgomery, AL

low-cost-cremation-montgomery-alDFS Memorials is delighted to be able to help families in Montgomery arrange a simple, affordable cremation for $1,095.  Yes, you read it right…..our low cost cremation provider serving the Montgomery area can provide an inclusive direct cremation service for just $1,095.00 complete.  This complete service includes everything.

Arranging a simple direct cremation can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of a funeral service.  A direct cremation is a cremation service with no ceremony, although the family can choose to conduct their own memorial service once the cremated remains are delivered back by the funeral home.

This means you can arrange a service at a time and place that suits the family and not the funeral home.  Many families choose to conduct a memorial service at their church of place of faith.  Today even scattering of cremated remains in a special place is being preferred by some families.

Call your DFS Memorials provider of Montgomery now for your lowest cost cremation 

(334) 203-0069

Also available: affordable funeral packages.

We offer our $1,095 basic cremation to families in Autauga, Elmore, Chilton, Coosa, Macon, and Tallapoosa Counties and in Arrowhead, Arrowhead Country Club, Bonnie Crest Country Club, Capitol Heights, Chisolm, Cloverdale, County Downs, Dalraida, Dannelly Field, Deer Creek, Downtown, Eastdale Mall, Faulkner University, Forest Hills, Garden District, Gunter Air Force Base, Halcyon Park, Highland Gardens, Hillwood Club, Lagoon Park, Lake Forest, Magnolia Golf Club, Maxwell Air Force Base, Maxwell Heights, Montgomery Country Club, Morningview, Normandale, North Central Montgomery, North Montgomery, Northeast Montgomery, Old Alabama Town, Ridgecrest, South Central Montgomery, South Montgomery City, Southeast Montgomery, Southlawn, Southwest Montgomery, Sturbridge, Vaughn Meadows, West Montgomery, Woodmere, & Wynlakes.

Affordable Cremation Services in El Paso $925

low-cost-cremationThe DFS Memorials member serving El Paso will ensure that you can arrange a dignified funeral for an affordable cost.  Covering funeral costs can be a worry, and there is no need to be paying out thousands of dollars just to bury or cremate your loved one.  Our family-owned & operated funeral home in El Paso offers a compassionate and professional service at an inexpensive price.

Working with our provider in El Paso, we can help your family conduct a low cost cremation or burial.   They have 4 locations serving the Greater El Paso area, plus a cemetery and can therefore offer you these  affordable funeral packages:

Complete Direct Cremation Service :  $925

Complete Traditional Funeral Service (Incl. Casket & burial plot) : $3,995

Call (915) 201-2446 for immediate assistance, to preplan a funeral,                            or with any questions you have.  Se Habla Español

¿Está Vd. buscando un entierro simple, digno y asequible?

¿Quiere Vd. rebajar los gastos funerarios por miles de dolares?

DFS Memorials es una red de funerarias autorizadas, familiares que sirven a sus comunidades locales.

llamar por teléfono a nuestro proveedor en El Paso ahora.   Cremación directa completo  – $925

$750 cremation available to residents of Sunset Heights, East El Paso, Ysleta, Mission Valley El Paso, West El Paso or Upper Valley, Northeast El Paso,West Central El Paso and Anthony, Canutillo, Clint, Fabens, Homestead Meadows North, Homestead Meadows South, Horizon City, Montana Vista, San Elizario, Socorro, Sparks, Vinton, Tornillo, & Westway.


How to arrange a low cost cremation in Mobile, Alabama for $1,095

Mobile-AL-cremation-servicesDFS Memorials is pleased to have a local, family-owned funeral home in Mobile, Alabama enabling us to help families in Mobile, AL arrange an affordable cremation service.

Hughes Cremation Center offers a range of cremation services – all at affordable prices.   Benji and Donna Hughes are committed to helping families in Mobile save money when making funeral arrangements.  As well as our modern funeral facility we can offer traditional funeral services in conjunction with Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Daphne.

A simple, direct cremation is only $1,095.00

Call now for immediate assistance on (251) 206-5572,  to preplan a cremation, or with any questions you may have.  We are here to help!

Our $1,095 cremation is available to families in Daphne, Fairhope, Spanish Fort, Robertsdale, Loxley, Foley, Bay Minette and the surrounding areas of Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama

Affordable Cremation & Funeral Services in New Jersey

DFS Memorials now has a provider serving the state of New Jersey.  Alloway Funeral Home, a family-owned funeral & cremation business, offers simple, affordable funeral and cremation options to help families across New Jersey save on funeral costs.

Direct Cremation $995   —  Traditional Funeral (incl. casket) $2,500

To make immediate arrangements, preplan, or ask any questions –                     Call  (877) 833-3770

(John N. Alloway N.J. Lic. No. 3752)

Serving families in Bayonne, Camden, Clifton, East Orange, Edison, Elizabeth, Irvington, Jersey City, Newark, Orange, Passaic, Paterson, Toms River, Trenton, Union, Union City, Vineland, Wayne and throughout the counties of Atlantic, Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Essex County, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Pasaaic, Salem, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Warren.

What is the cost of a cremation in Savannah, GA?

If you are concerned about how much funeral expenses may cost you, you may be considering cremation as a more affordable option.  The cremation rate is increasing right across the U.S. and is becoming a popular choice for those who want a low cost funeral alternative.

In Georgia cremation costs can range between $1,000 and $4,000.  It can depend upon whether you have a cremation with, or without, a service and whereabouts you are located.  If you are researching to find out how much a cremation costs in Savannah, then do ensure that you compare like-for-like.

A direct cremation, which is a cremation with no service conducted, is about the most basic and cheapest funeral option.  With a direct cremation the deceased is collected from the place of death and transported immediately to the crematory for a cremation.  Of course, the mandatory waiting period is observed.  The cremated remains are returned to the family once the cremation is performed.  To keep costs to a minimum a basic cremation container is used and the ashes are usually returned to the family in a temporary container.

The DFS Memorials provider for Savannah and the surrounding area offers a complete direct cremation for $995.00.

Cremation packages with viewings and/or a service are also available.  Affordable cremation at $995 is available in Albany, Augusta, Macon, Savannah, & Valdosta and in Chatham, Bryan, Effingham, Bulloch, Evans, Liberty, Long, McIntosh, Macon, Wayne & Tattnall counties