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Direct Cremations Across North America

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All DFS Memorials members are funeral homes and cremation providers who can meet our promise of offering a complete basic cremation service at a low cost. We believe in the local and sustaining local communities and businesses across North America. Therefore, our network has been established by selecting local licensed funeral homes that offer low-cost funerals and cremations.

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The DFS Guarantee

Each DFS Memorials provider guarantees to offer you simple and affordable cremation and funeral services. 

No elaborate or expensive traditional funeral with lots of hidden extra costs. All our funeral providers offer a straightforward fixed-price package for a simple funeral or cremation.

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The Best Prices

At DFS Memorials we understand that the cost of cremation services is important to you, and we aim to find the best prices for a basic cremation in each area we serve. Many of our providers also offer inexpensive funeral packages.

In each area we provide you with the inclusive cost for a simple, direct cremation with no hidden extras, and the contact details of the local DFS Memorials provider who offers this low-cost cremation package.

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Saving money on cremation costs

What is included in a direct cremation?

The cost for the direct cremation package offered typically includes the following:
  • collection of the deceased from the place of death (hospital, care home, hospice, home etc.)
  • the basic services of a funeral director
  • transportation of the remains
  • the crematory/cremation fees
  • a basic receptacle for the cremated remains
  • obtaining and filing all necessary certificates and permits for cremation
  • returning the cremated remains (ashes) to the family or next-of-kin
  • Of course, you may choose in consultation with the funeral provider, to add additional elements to your funeral service or cremation.

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    Note: The inclusive services may vary between providers, and dependent upon funeral industry legislation between states.