Simple Cremations

Did you know that a simple cremation service can be conducted (in most areas) for as little as $795?

If you have the immediate need for a low-cost direct cremation, or wish to find out what a simple cremation costs near you for planning ahead, then visit our directory of DFS Memorials exclusive, affordable providers.

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Direct Cremations with DFS Memorials

The funeral homes and cremation providers who are part of the DFS Memorials Network, offer what is known as a Direct Cremation. A Direct Cremation is by far the least expensive end-of-life option available. The deceased is collected by the funeral company from the place of death, all the legal issues are sorted out with the family, and the body is then taken to a crematory for cremation. The ashes are then returned to the family. A dignified and simple cremation service.

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Traditional funerals are expensive - but things are changing

Direct Cremations are growing in popularity

Don't pay thousands

The average price of a funeral in the U.S. today is $7,848 and that’s before adding cemetery plot costs which could take to total as high as $15,000!

Tough economic times and changing attitudes have spurred many families to seek a simple and affordable funeral alternative. 

Cremations are becoming more popular

The cremation rate reached over 60% in 2023 and a number of funeral service providers have understood and embraced this trend.

As the cremation rate climbed, funeral providers are meeting the need for cremation service options.

What is a ‘Simple Cremation’?

Simple cremation gained traction as the coined term for a cremation with no ceremony or services. 

Other terms used are basic cremation, no-fuss cremation, economical cremation and low-cost cremation. 

The funeral industry term for this service is a direct cremation service.

Affordability – Simple cremation and personalized memorial services

The cost of a cremation does vary considerably depending on where you live. In states like Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, the cremation market is very competitive, and the cremation costs are lower. 

The lowest-cost cremations we have found are in Las Vegas, Miami, Portland, and Seattle, where a direct cremation can be arranged for under $700.

If you live in states like Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Hampshire, or Virginia, you will find that the cost of a cremation can be 2 or 3 times that figure. 

It is important to note that these cremation costs are from providers offering affordable cremation options. There are many traditional funeral homes that charge upwards of $3000 for a direct cremation.

The DFS Memorials network is a selection of partner funeral homes and cremation providers who understand that many people today believe that some traditional funeral homes are charging too much for funeral services.  So, they are offering these families a choice. That choice is driving down the cost of a funeral considerably.

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