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Are you searching for a simple, respectful, and budget-friendly cremation service? Worried about the soaring expenses of traditional funerals?

At DFS Memorials, you can save up to 70% on traditional funeral and cremation costs in North America.

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DFS Memorials LLC. is a network of local funeral and cremation providers who specialize in offering simple, low cost cremations and burials. The DFS Memorials network consists of licensed, local funeral providers throughout the US and Canada, who understand that many people today would prefer a simpler, less elaborate funeral or cremation service.

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DFS Memorials offer what is known as a “Direct Cremation”.

A Direct Cremation is by far, the least expensive funeral option available. There is no service or memorial included in a Direct Cremation package. However, many families today are choosing this option, and then conducting their own memorial services and tributes themselves.

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The price quoted by each DFS Memorials provider is exactly what you can expect to pay. Our providers have been carefully selected for the DFS network, because they can fulfill our service promise.

DFS Memorials operates in both Canada and the US, as a new alternative network providing consumers with simple, affordable and dignified low cost cremation services.

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