Affordable cremation services in Montgomery, AL

Why direct cremation?

DFS Memorials is delighted to help families in Montgomery arrange a simple, affordable cremation for $1,095. Yes, you read it right. Our low-cost cremation provider serving the Montgomery area can provide an inclusive direct cremation service for just $1,095.00. This complete service includes everything.

Why choose direct cremation?

Arranging a simple direct cremation can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of a funeral service.  A direct cremation is a cremation service with no ceremony, although the family can choose to conduct their own memorial service once the cremated remains are delivered back by the funeral home.

Direct cremation enables a family to conduct a dignified cremation of their loved one, without a huge funeral expense. It can also enable a family to defer holding a funeral memorial service immediately, allowing time for the family to consider memorial options, and prepare for a gathering at a later date.

Conducting your own memorial service after a direct cremation

This means you can arrange a service at a time and place that suits the family and not the funeral home. Many families choose to conduct a memorial service at their church or place of faith. Today, some families even prefer to scatter cremated remains in a special place.

Cheap cremation Montgomery AL

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Also available are affordable funeral packages.

We offer our $1,095 basic cremation to families in Autauga, Elmore, Chilton, Coosa, Macon, and Tallapoosa Counties and in Arrowhead, Arrowhead Country Club, Bonnie Crest Country Club, Capitol Heights, Chisolm, Cloverdale, County Downs, Dalraida, Dannelly Field, Deer Creek, Downtown, Eastdale Mall, Faulkner University, Forest Hills, Garden District, Gunter Air Force Base, Halcyon Park, Highland Gardens, Hillwood Club, Lagoon Park, Lake Forest, Magnolia Golf Club, Maxwell Air Force Base, Maxwell Heights, Montgomery Country Club, Morningview, Normandale, North Central Montgomery, North Montgomery, Northeast Montgomery, Old Alabama Town, Ridgecrest, South Central Montgomery, South Montgomery City, Southeast Montgomery, Southlawn, Southwest Montgomery, Sturbridge, Vaughn Meadows, West Montgomery, Woodmere, & Wynlakes.

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