Funeral costs: Arrange an affordable funeral or cremation in Jackson, MS

Direct cremation in Jackson MSDeath can be an expensive business! The average funeral costs around $9,000 according to the National Funeral Directors Association’s 2019 figures, and this does NOT include any cemetery fees. On the other hand, you can find a low cost cremation in Jackson for just $995.

Apart from the fact that 76% of American families are struggling paycheck to paycheck these days [CNN Money Report], many are also finding what little finances they had in reserve can be depleted in end of life care for a loved one! Families simply do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a funeral today.

This all means our funeral purchasing habits ARE changing.  We are demanding more affordable funeral alternatives.  Mississippi has long been steeped in tradition and still has one of the lowest cremation rates in the nation, however, this IS changing.

Cremation vs. burial

The shift towards cremation instead of traditional burial has started in Mississippi.  Many folks talk about the cremation trend being led by cultural changes – environmental concerns, declining religiosity and a more migrant population.  It is also driven largely by cost and flexibility.

How can I save money by arranging a cremation in Jackson?

A traditional funeral in Jackson is probably going to cost you upwards of $8,000 when you include in cemetery fees.  A cremation service can cost you anything between $995 and $4,500 depending on the type of cremation service.  So opting for a cremation is likely to save you anything between $7,000 and $3,500 on the cost of a traditional burial in Jackson.  The costs for the cemetery plot and burial vault are eliminated, as are the costs for a casket and embalming.

Arranging a low cost cremation or a direct cremation in Jackson

cremation-costs-biloxi-gulf-coastIf funeral costs are a worry to you and you are simply looking for the least expensive funeral option available to you – then a direct cremation would be your best option.  This is the most minimal cremation service offered and involves no ceremony or ancillary services being conducted by the funeral home.  The deceased is simply collected, prepared for cremation and cremated, using a basic cremation container, and the cremated remains returned to the family in a temporary cremation urn.  The funeral director will complete all the necessary documentation and process the cremation.  A direct cremation can be conducted in Jackson and all of South Mississippi for $995.  For this reason it makes for a very affordable funeral alternative.

Direct cremation and conducting your own memorial service

Some families are choosing to have the disposition taken care of by a direct cremation, and then conducting their own memorial service once they have the cremated remains.  I am observing even church ministers and pastors supporting families by conducting memorial services once the cremation disposition is performed.  Families can take control of the death care ritual by arranging their own memorial tribute service at a time and location of their choice.  Cremation also offers a greater flexibility in that there is no rush to hold a service immediately and more creative options are possible for a cremation memorial.

How do I find an affordable funeral provider in Jackson, MS?

Good question!  It can seem an overwhelming task checking out the list of funeral homes in Jackson to locate affordable funeral prices.  This is where DFS Memorials can help.  We have done this work to save you the task.  We have checked around funeral homes and selected a local, family-owned funeral home who can offer a low cost cremation or affordable funeral package in Jackson.

Call (601) 228-2970    Direct Cremation $995

What if I cannot afford a funeral? What help is there with funeral costs in Jackson?

Sadly, we are asked this question all too often at DFS Memorials.  There is limited financial assistance available.  All states have a responsibility to attend to indigent funerals – that is for those individuals who become a responsibility of Mississippi State.  To find out what local level pubic aid is available for low income or no income families, you need to contact your local county Social Services or Human Services Department.  There is the Social Security $255 death benefit for those that do qualify.  Also some groups such as unions, charities and church groups may assist families in need with fund-raising to cover funeral costs.

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