Guide to Affordable Cremation in Wheaton, IL – $995 direct cremation

Direct Cremation in Wheaton, ILDo you need to save money on funeral costs?  If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive alternative to the expense of burial, then consider arranging a simple cremation in Wheaton for just $995.

More families are opting to conduct a simple, no-fuss direct cremation and then perform their own memorial service at a venue of their choosing. This all saves thousands of dollars on funeral expenses!

How funeral care is changing and economic reasons for choosing cremation

Making the decision to bury or cremate is a personal choice.  For some families, the decision is dictated by the budget they have for a funeral and a cremation service will cost less than a traditional burial funeral.  On average a cremation service is going to save you at least 40% on the cost of a burial, sometimes you can save as much as 60% on the cost of a burial service.  More families are choosing cremation as it does offer greater flexibility. The funeral service does not have to go ahead immediately.  Instead, a cremation can be performed and the immediate disposition of the body dealt with and then a service held at a later date convenient to the family.

The economy has definitely impacted on how we are changing our approach to death care today.  Many families simply cannot, or do not, want to spend unnecessarily on funeral costs. A cremation provides a simple, efficient and economical means to conduct a disposition.

How much does a funeral cost in Wheaton?

This is not a simple question to answer as funeral costs can range significantly depending on the type of services and products selected, and the funeral services provider used.  The average cost of a funeral in Wheaton is $7,670*.

How much does a cremation cost in Wheaton?

Firstly, a cremation WILL save you on funeral costs.  There is no requirement for a casket, cemetery plot or burial vault, which alone saves thousands of dollars.  Generally, embalming is not required when a cremation is performed, so all-in-all you can save on many funeral expenses, meaning that a cremation will cost at least half, if not less, than the full cost of a burial funeral.

It is important to state that cremation prices in Wheaton DO vary quite considerably between funeral homes, and depending on what type of cremation service you opt for.  Not all funeral homes have their own crematory but will use the services of a local crematory.  The average cost of a cremation memorial is $4,870*, however, it is possible to find much lower-priced cremation services in Wheaton.

Cremation Memorial ServiceHow much is a direct cremation in Wheaton, IL?

A basic cremation can be conducted in Wheaton for as little as $995 complete.  This is what is known as a direct cremation”.  No services are performed, the deceased is collected, transported to the funeral facility, prepared for cremation and the cremation is conducted.  The cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary plastic urn.  If desired the family can arrange a brief final goodbye viewing at the funeral home.

Call DFS Memorials now on (815) 216-4601 to arrange a low-cost cremation for $995

What type of cremation services are available?

You can select from a range of cremation services and packages.  These will start with a basic cremation without any additional services, which is the cheapest type of cremation package.  You can have a full-service funeral that is followed by the cremation, a cremation followed by a memorial service, or just a viewing followed by a cremation.  Cremation does offer versatility in what options you have, and when and where any services can be held.

How to compare cremation costs in Wheaton, IL

As mentioned the cost of a cremation can vary enormously – for the exact same service – but from different cremation service providers.   Ensure that you compare like-for-like services.  Some cremation service providers include crematory fees and cremation container costs in a direct cremation package, and others do not always include these fees.  Death certificate fees and cremation permits are often additional ‘cash advance’ items.

What does a cremation cost?How do I know that the cremated remains I get back are my loved one’s remains?

This is probably the most common cremation question we are asked.  Strict laws govern the cremation of human remains and identity checks have to be made along the way.  The cremation retort has to be completely cleared following a cremation and only one cremation can be performed at a time.  The remains are cleared into a machine that filters out any metal parts (tooth fillings, hip replacements, etc) and then ground into the fine ‘dust’ that is returned as cremation ashes.

Understanding the legal requirements for cremation in Wheaton

As mentioned above, there are laws in place regarding the cremation of human remains. A cremation cannot be performed until a cremation permit is issued by the medical examiner’s office.  The legal next of kin must sign a Cremation Authorization Form.  There is a mandatory wait period of 24 after death in Illinois before the cremation can proceed.

It is not necessary to embalm a body for cremation and refrigerated storage is used to preserve the body until the cremation is performed.  The funeral home will generally store the body for up to 5 days in refrigerated storage at no extra charge.  If the cremation does not go ahead within 5 days, an additional fee for storage may be incurred.

What can we do with the cremated remains?

Cremation offers some greater flexibility in what you can do with the cremated remains once you have them returned.  You can, of course, inter them in a grave plot or niche.  However, you can choose to store them in an urn at home or scatter the cremated remains.  There are also options such as having cremation artifacts made from cremated remains such as cremation diamonds, glass jewelry, garden stones, and paintings.

Preplanning an affordable cremation service

If you wish to preplan a simple cremation you can lock in a low cost cremation price. This may depend upon your age at the time of setting up a prepaid cremation plan.  A cremation plan can be set up using an insurance policy where the funds are put into a trust.  You can also opt to preplan your cremation service without prepaying.  This ensures that your surviving family can proceed with arrangements at the time of need, without having to worry about completing the paperwork or making difficult decisions.  The money to pay for the cremation can be put aside in a POD account (Payable on Death) which your beneficiary can draw out upon death immediately without probate.

Cremation LawsThe deceased had no life insurance – is there any help with cremation costs?

It is sadly a reality that more folks are passing without leaving the means to pay for their funeral.

If you are faced with this situation, you need to explore what help may be available to you.  Social Security pay out a $255 lump sum death benefit (if you qualify) and your funeral director can assist you with this.

The support for indigent burials differs so much by state and county. Some counties do offer some financial assistance to low-income families, whereas in other counties only county indigent dispositions are conducted.  To find out what may be available you should contact DuPage County Human Services Department at:

Jack T. Knuepfer Bldg. 421 N. County Farm Road Wheaton, IL 60187 Phone: (630) 407-6300

The deceased is at the Medical Examiner’s Office.  What do I do?

If the deceased was the victim of a crime, or there were unusual circumstances surrounding the death, the deceased’s body may be taken into the care of the coroner for an examination to determine the cause of death.  You will need to employ the services of a funeral director as soon as possible to coordinate the release of your loved one from the ME’s office.

A deceased person can only be released into the care of a licensed funeral director. Many funeral homes are familiar with the process to liaise with the ME to have the body released as quickly as possible.  You may also find that a simple, direct cremation can be arranged at a very low cost when the deceased is in the Coroner’s morgue as all the paperwork can be expedited quickly and the process to transfer the deceased to the funeral facility is simplified.

Address of county coroner’s office: 414 N County Farm Rd, Wheaton, IL 60187

We hope this short guide has helped answer some of your immediate questions and provided some help in understanding how you can arrange an affordable funeral or cremation service in Wheaton, IL.  If you need to research more information on funeral-planning, please visit the Library section on US Funerals Online.

*Funeral prices obtained from Parting funeral price comparison survey 2019

How to arrange a low cost cremation in Vancouver, BC

Direct cremation Vancouver BCDo you need to arrange a low-cost cremation in Vancouver?  Worried about the expense of arranging a funeral?  And looking for more alternative options?

At DFS Memorials we can help you save on funeral costs, whilst still ensuring you are dealing with a local, family-owned funeral business.  We offer an affordable ‘no-fuss’ direct cremation at one of the lowest prices in Vancouver.

How much should I expect to pay for a cremation?

More families are using the Internet to research cremation prices these days.  However, it can still be confusing as there is either a lack of pricing information from funeral homes or confusing information where prices seem different.

A direct cremation is the most simple and affordable cremation service.  This is cremation with no ceremony before cremation. The deceased is cremated and the cremation ashes returned directly to the family.  A direct cremation can be arranged for as little as $845 in VancouverCall now on (778) 608-2808 if you need immediate (or imminent) assistance with a low-cost direct cremation.

Comparing the cost of cremation in vancouver

We compared the price for a direct cremation from a number of funeral service providers in Vancouver.  As you can see from the chart below, the costs do range considerably.  The most expensive direct cremation service we found was with Forest lawn Funeral Home at $4,120.

Compare direct cremation prices in Vancouver

Funeral Home or Cremation Service Provider Direct Cremation cost
DFS Memorials $845
A Basic Cremation $920
Affordable Cremation & Burial $1,067
Oliveiera Funeral Home $1,350
Koru Cremation $1,685
McKenzie Funeral Services $1,705
Vancouver Memorial Services & Crematorium $2,015
Mount Pleasant Universal Funeral Home $2,780

Understanding the laws for arranging a cremation in BC

Because cremation is such a final disposition of human remains, certain provincial laws dictate how and when a cremation can proceed.  B.C. law requires that at least 48-hours transpire after the death before a cremation can take place.

Who can authorize a cremation?

The legal next of kin must have all (if more than one) signed & notarized a document to authorize cremation.  If pre-arranging a cremation, you can sign and authorize your wishes ahead of time.

Cremation Memorial ServiceWho is responsible for paying for a cremation funeral?

The responsibility for funeral expenses rests with the legal next of kin unless the deceased had a pre-paid funeral plan.

Do you need a casket for a cremation service?

The body does need to be contained in a suitable, rigid, leak-proof container for sanitary purposes.  However, a casket is NOT required.  Generally, for cremation, a wooden or reinforced cardboard container is used.

What can you do with the cremated remains in Vancouver?

Cremated remains are sterile, organic matter and there are many versatile options on what you can do with the remains.  Cremation ashes can be interred in a cremation niche, or existing grave plot. Or you can choose to keep the cremation urn at home or scatter the remains in a place of your choosing.  Due to the versatility of cremation, and how cremated remains can be mingled into products, there is also a range of cremation artifacts you can purchase to memorialize a loved one.  Anything from jewellry, birdbaths, glassware, and paintings!

What if the deceased is in the care of the Coroner in Vancouver, BC?

If your loved one died unattended or was in an accident, the death will fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Chief Coroner.  Once the Coroner has signed off on the cause of death, the body will be released to a funeral home, and cremation can be arranged.

The Regional Director of the OCM is based at Metrotower II Suite 800, 4720 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2

I have no money for a funeral.  What can I do? Funeral assistance for families in Vancouver.

In British Columbia, there is some assistance to help families cover necessary funeral costs if there are no resources in the deceased’s estate or from any of the ‘responsible’ next of kin.  Co-funding may also be available if the resources from the deceased’s estate cannot meet the full funeral expenses.  There is not a requirement to be recipients of BC Employment and Assistance.  Full information about eligibility and claiming can be found here on the official website of the Government of British Columbia on Funeral Costs.  You may be able to claim the basic cost of a cremation in Vancouver.

Cremation UrnsMedical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) and cremation services

British Columbia permits medical assistance to end intolerable suffering for those patients who wish to go ahead with physician-assisted euthanasia. Vancouver Coastal Health Authority has a designated person to assist individuals and their families.  If cremation is requested, this can be pre-arranged in conjunction with arrangements with the health authority, to ensure your loved one is immediately transferred into the care of the funeral home.

A complete basic cremation package costs just $845

To ask any questions or to start making arrangements call now on (778) 608-2808

DFS Memorials complete cremation at $845 is available to all residents of the Greater Vancouver area including Abbotsford, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Delta, Kamloops, Kelowna, Langley, Maple Ridge, Nanaimo, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam Prince, George, Richmond, Saanich, Surrey, and Victoria.

Arbor Memorial is the largest corporate death company in Canada with several locations in and around the Greater Vancouver Metro area.  Arbor Memorial also operates some cremation brands, as does Service Corporation International with Cremation Direct Canada.

How to arrange a green burial in Atlanta, GA for $1,895

Green burial Atlanta GeorgiaAre you considering a greener alternative for your end-of-life wishes?  It seems more of us are now engaged with the environment and are looking for eco-friendlier options in many life choices.  This article can explain how to arrange a green burial in Atlanta.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), a recent survey indicated that 54% of Americans would consider a green funeral.  By all accounts, there has been a shift in funeral trends over the last decade.  A move away from expensive, traditional funerals and a move towards greener, simpler and more affordable funeral alternatives.

A traditional funeral would cost (on average) around $7,365 (NFDA) without any cemetery costs included.  More families are struggling financially to meet funeral expenses in today’s economic climate, and cremation has gained popularity in the last 10 years.  Cremation was considered to offer a ‘greener’ alternative to traditional burial.  And it is way more affordable.  A typical direct cremation service costs between $995 and $3,000 in and around Atlanta.

Why opt for a green funeral or natural burial?

But why this changing shift towards natural burial options?  The environment and the climate crisis has been a growing concern in society, especially over the last few years.  The big shift towards cremation has, I believe, been positioned to us by the funeral industry as it still gave them some power and control over our death-care options.  We needed a cheaper alternative to expensive traditional funerals.

But now more Americans are considering the carbon footprint of a cremation.  And if there is a more natural, and less detrimental option for disposition, we are open to consider it.

In 2017, a study conducted at the request of the City of Paris found that traditional burials generate, on average, 833 kilograms (or almost 1 ton) of carbon dioxide, nearly the equivalent of a round-trip flight between Paris and New York. Cremation produces an average of 233 kilograms (500 pounds).  A natural ‘green’ burial can eliminate the majority of any emissions, and if combined with replanting trees and natural vegetation, can even help to reverse greenhouse gases.

Natural Green Funeral Options GAWhat is considered a green funeral or natural burial?

The concept of a natural burial is to lay the body to rest returning to the earth in a natural state of recomposing. No embalming fluids are used in preserving the body.  After death, the deceased can be kept on dry ice, or in refrigerated storage, until the burial can proceed.

The body is buried in a simple wicker casket that is bio-degradable, a simple pine box (with no metal) or even just a burial shroud.  There are no concrete vaults.  A burial plot is dug and the body laid to rest.

Some green burial sites are nature preserves where trees or local shrubs are planted to help regenerate and conserve.  The natural burial sites and conservation burial sites are offering the ‘true’ future of natural organic death-care.  Although, many existing traditional cemeteries in Georgia have added a green division to their grounds to appeal to the growing demand for green burial.  These are what are known as hybrid cemeteries.

To learn more about green burial sites and memorializing a natural burial, visit the guide to green funerals on US Funerals Online.

Natural burial vs. Cremation

Direct cremation will cost you around $1,000 and a green funeral starts at around $2,000.  If you employ the services of a funeral director, there will also be their professional service charge to add to the natural burial plot fee.  However, as Georgia allows families to conduct their own home funeral or DIY funeral care, you do not necessarily need to employ a funeral director.

Green Burial ContainerHow much does a green burial cost in Atlanta, GA?

A green burial can save you money on funeral costs.  Typically a green burial will save you 40% on the cost of a traditional burial.  Our affiliate green funeral provider in Atlanta charges $1,895 for a green burial service.  This does not include the burial container, but a range of biodegradable caskets and shrouds are available.

If you have questions about arranging a green burial,

please call us on (470) 206-0404 and we will be happy to assist you.

Where can I have a green burial in Atlanta?

There are two bespoke Natural Burial sites around Atlanta.  Milton Fields in Milton and Honey Creek Woodlands in Conyers.  There is also Eco-Eternity Forest north of Atlanta in Dahlonega but only cremated remains can be interred in the forest.

Milton Woods was established in 1984 by Jim Bell on 17 acres.  There is a capacity for 4,000 burial plots on the meadowland.  Burial plot prices start at around $1,695.

Honey Creek Woodlands is a 2,300-acre nature preserve in Conyers operated by a Monastery.  A burial plot here costs $2,500.

You can pre-purchase a burial plot at either green burial site with a small down-payment.

Arranging a simple cremation service for $945 – Tulsa, OK

Direct cremation Tulsa OKIf you need to arrange a simple and affordable funeral, you may be considering a cremation service.  More families today are choosing cremation as a funeral option.

You may have questions about cremation services and costs, so we have put together this short guide to give you an overview of cremation services in Tulsa.

If you have the immediate need for a low-cost direct cremation, call your local DFS Memorials provider now on (918) 205-2141.

Why choose cremation?

We are hearing the phrase “we just want a simple cremation” so often today.  Simplicity is a key aspect.  The notion of traditional funeral rituals is diminishing.  Families are choosing cremation because it is much more affordable than a traditional burial service.  You can save thousands of dollars.  No cemetery plot, burial vault or casket is required.  There is no need (or requirement) for embalming.  So, eliminating these products and services saves you around $5,000.

Cremation can also offer more flexibility in arranging funeral services.  Instead of a funeral having to go ahead immediately, a cremation can be conducted, and a memorial service held at a later date (and place).

Also, as people have become more mobile, some family members can pass away from their home state, and it may be easier (and more affordable) to conduct a cremation service at the place of death.  Transportation can then be arranged for the cremated remains.

What do you need to know about the legal aspect of cremation?

If you choose cremation, there are some legal requirements that must be complied with. Before cremation can proceed, the legal next of kin must sign a ‘Cremation Authorization Form’.  If the deceased had made pre-arrangements he or she may have already authorized a cremation disposition.

If there is any disagreement between siblings or legal next of kin, this may prevent a cremation from going ahead.

You will also be asked to fill out a Personal Information Form for the deceased.  This provides the information for the death certificate.  It is important to double-check all the information is correct, as once issued, it is very difficult to have a death certificate amended.

The death certificate is obtained by the funeral director, and you can request additional copies if required.   Once all the authorizations are complete, the cremation permit will be issued by Tulsa County.

How much does a cremation cost?

Cremation costs in Tulsa OK


This is a question we are all asking now, but funeral directors will often avoid giving a definitive answer to it.  There are different types of cremation services.  A funeral cremation with a ceremony held at the funeral home is going to cost more than a simple direct cremation service.  The average price for a cremation memorial in Tulsa is priced at $2,855.  This is when the cremation is performed first and a memorial service held with the cremated remains.

A direct cremation is the least expensive, and simplest cremation option.  The cremation is carried out, but no ceremony or services are provided by the funeral home.  The deceased is collected, sheltered, the paperwork is completed and then the cremation is conducted.  The cremated remains are returned directly to the family.

A memorial service can be held by the family at a later date.  The best price for a direct cremation in Tulsa is $945.

Cremation LawsWhat if the deceased is at the Medical Examiners?

If your loved one was taken into the care of the Medical Examiner and you wish to arrange a cremation, you will still need to employ the services of a funeral director.

Only a licensed funeral director can collect a body from the coroner.  You may need to visit the ME’s office to identify the body.  Once the Medical Examiner has signed-off of the cause of death, the death certificate and cremation permit will be issued.

The Office of the Medical Examiner is located at 1115 W 17th Street, Tulsa, OK 74107.  Phone (918) 295-3400.

What if we have no money for a funeral?

Unfortunately, more families are finding themselves struggling with unexpected funeral expenses these days.  According to CNBC (July 2019) “many Americans can’t afford a $400 emergency” without going into debt (or further debt).  There is limited financial help for families.  Medicaid can offer some support, and Tulsa County Social Services has a program to assist with indigent burials.  The department can be reached on (918) 596-5560.

Tulsa County Social Services, 2401 Charles Page Blvd, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127

If you have further questions about cremation services in Tulsa, check out this Oklahoma Guide to Funeral Planning, or feel free to contact us.

3 Tips for Choosing a Cremation Service Provider

Choosing a cremation service provider can seem overwhelming if you have not had any prior experience handling cremation arrangements.  Trying to get pricing is not always simple.  Many funeral homes will not even provide their cremation pricing online, and it can even be difficult to extract a clear price when you phone them.

We have put together these 3 tips to help you best choose a cremation service provider to serve you.

#1  Price & value for money

Saving on cremation costsAlthough many funeral homes do not like the fact, most families today shop for cremation with cost as an important factor.  We are so used to price comparison as a means to shop today.  And why should that not apply to procure a service such as a cremation?  Cheapest is not always best, but value for money or ‘best value’ is a way to ensure we get good value for our money.

A direct cremation service package is a fixed package.  It should be pretty much the same from every funeral provider, but many will add additional items that are included in the ‘small print’.

So tip 1 is to ensure you are comparing like-for-like cremation services when choosing a cremation service provider.  You should ask what the price quoted includes, and what it does not include.  What can appear at a cheaper price online, can often be a ‘bait and switch’ tactic.  So ensure you clarify exactly what is included in the price before you contract any services.  A licensed funeral home must have a set General Price List (GPL) and according to funeral legislation MUST disclose prices to you when you make an inquiry.  Every GPL has a direct cremation service listed on it.

#2  Location & availability

Arrange a cremation onlineIf you require a meeting to make arrangements or wish to have a ceremony, then the location of your cremation service provider can be very important.

This will determine your selection process.  However, if you are out of the area where the death occurred and are making arrangements, or wish to conduct a direct cremation service, then location is not as relevant.  You may wish to select a provider who has a service area that covers the location of the deceased without additional transport fees.  But pretty much a direct cremation can all be handled with online or phone arrangements.

Although I personally like the idea of the functionality to make arrangements online through a web portal, this is not for everyone.  And, I think it is vitally important that you have already established the availability and responsiveness of the cremation company.  Leading on to tip #3.

#3  Trust

You must establish that you are working with a trustworthy cremation company.  How they deal with your inquiry can go a long way to reassuring you what type of company they are, and what their customer service is like.  Especially if you are using a funeral home that you have no experience with. If the person answering your call is not clear about answering your questions or providing a cremation price, this should probably ring an alarm bell!

Apart from speaking with a funeral director or funeral arranger, you can check out other sources to establish trust.  Reviews are the main source we use today to establish trust, but online reviews today can be very subjective.  Especially if there is not a substantial amount of reviews to qualify the level of service.  Also, reviewing something like a funeral service can be a difficult (and not popular) option for reviewing.

Cremation Memorial ServiceSpeaking on the phone, and having some specific questions to ask, can help you decide if the company appears professional and reassure you.

Checking how up-to-date the company’s website is, and what information is disclosed online, can also be another way to validate their reputation.

There are more funeral homes now operating a separate direct cremation brand online.  If you want a best-value direct cremation service, then you may need to be prepared to make arrangements online.  This is how some funeral homes are able to offer a value direct cremation package but keeping their overhead costs down for this service.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about choosing a cremation provider.  DFS Memorials has selected a network of funeral and cremation companies to work with that all offer a ‘best value’ cremation service to their communities.

Cremation costs in 2019: How much should you pay for a direct cremation service?

Over 55% of Americans now choose cremation as their ‘preferred’ disposition and death care option.  This shift from traditional burial to cremation is having a huge impact on the funeral industry.  Because, while cremation means that funerals are becoming more affordable for families, it means that funeral homes’ revenue is declining.  What we are starting to witness in 2019 is the impact of cremation in terms of pricing.

Cremation saves on funeral costs

Often families think of cremation as a way to save costs.  And, although there are different reasons why a family chooses cremation, the lower cost of a cremation funeral is by far the primary reason.  A cremation service is generally at least half the cost of a burial service, if not more.  But, direct cremation is what is revolutionizing the funeral industry at present.  A direct cremation is the most economical cremation option.  And, what the industry is not telling us, is that direct cremation is now accounting for around 70% of all cremations performed.

What does a cremation cost?What is a direct cremation?  And why is this challenging the funeral industry?

A direct cremation, is where a simple cremation is conducted, without any ceremony or services.  This means the funeral establishment (or crematory) simply handle the collection of the deceased, complete the required legal administration, and perform the cremation.  The cremated remains are then returned directly to the family.  What this means is that it can be delivered at a much-reduced cost.  The demand for direct cremation is challenging an industry that once did not even feel a need to provide up-front funeral pricing.  Now, cremation consumers are shopping around to compare cremation prices, and seeking out the most affordable direct cremation service they can find.  As within other consumer sectors, why would you opt to pay hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars more, for the exact same product or service?

How much should you expect to pay for a direct cremation?

A direct cremation ranges in cost in any one area.  If you conduct a simple comparison between 5 funeral homes and cremation providers, asking for the cost of a direct cremation from their General Price List, you will see a difference in price.  Especially if you select a range of different providers from the small funeral home to large corporate funeral home.  In most major cities, a direct cremation can be conducted for between $595 to $995.  Rural areas tend to be more expensive, as there is less competition for the cremation market.

Comparing cremation prices

The chart below highlights the comparison between a DFS Memorials independent low-cost cremation provider and the average cost for a direct cremation in a city.

AREA DFS Provider direct cremation price Average direct cremation price*
New York City NY $485 $1,969
Los Angeles CA $625 $1,524
Houston TX $640 $2,173
Chicago IL $995 $1,949
Philadelphia PA $1,095 $1,798
Phoenix AZ $639 $1,337
San Antonio TX $595 $1,856
San Diego CA $600 $1,358
Jacksonville FL $695 $1,648
Dallas-Fort Worth TX $755 $1,944
Indianapolis IN $650 $2,261
Seattle WA $600 $1,519
Detroit MI $845 $1,199
Boston MA $1,395 $2,332
Memphis TN $995 $2,060
Oklahoma City OK $945 $1,914
Las Vegas NV $795 $1,526
Louisville KY $650 $1,880
Denver CO $995 $1,791

*Average direct cremation price 2019 obtained from Parting Funeral Home Comparison website

Are cremation prices likely to rise in 2019?

Cremation planningThe market for cremation services will continue to become more competitive.  Cremation has continued to disrupt the funeral industry in 2020 as this article explains.

Most funeral businesses need to increase their volume of cremation business to sustain their revenue.  This is already leading to cremation ‘price wars’ in some cities, where funeral homes are reducing their direct cremation price to increase their volume of cases.

However, at the same time, we are also witnessing an aggressive approach from corporate funeral entities, who need to acquire their own share of cremation business.  Corporate death care companies, such as Dignity Memorial and The Neptune Society, can afford to enlist the expertise of professional marketing services and ‘dominate’ in the domain of online advertising and direct mail.  Corporate and privately-owned funeral entities across the U.S. are acquiring successful independent cremation businesses to dominate a cremation market in a specific area.

We observed an example of this recently with Foundation Partners (a privately-owned funeral business with 80 locations in 17 states) acquiring a longstanding family business in Tucson.  The family business had offered the lowest cost direct cremation to families in Tucson and continues to operate under the existing funeral home name.  I would anticipate that once these large funeral entities position themselves to dominate a market, we are likely to see cremation prices rise again.

Pre-arranging cremation services

Taking out a pre-arrangement cremation plan today could potentially save you on the possibility of rising cremation costs.  A direct cremation plan can be funded by an insurance product or a trust and ensures you lock in today’s prices.  The terms will differ, depending on your state legislation on funeral plans, and your personal circumstances for making payment.

Pre-arrange cremation serviceAn important aspect of pre-arranging a cremation is to pre-authorize the cremation.  For a cremation to proceed, the legal next-of-kin must sign a Cremation Authorization Form.

But, when pre-arranging, you can pre-authorize your wish for cremation.  Saving the surviving family from the decision when the time comes.  Typically, a direct cremation that costs $650 today at-need, would cost approximately $1,200 to pre-plan and pre-pay over 24 months.

Alternatively, you can pre-plan by doing some research to determine an affordable cremation services provider near you, and put aside the required funds for an ‘at-need’ direct cremation in a POD (Payable on Death) account at your bank.  Many funeral service providers are happy to prepare the necessary paperwork for cremation and keep it on file for when the need arises.  This allows you to retain control of your funds for cremation, while having made the proper provision for your surviving family. Read more about pre-planning a cremation or funeral with a POD account.

So, the key ‘take-aways’ from this article are that you should ensure you compare cremation costs before deciding on a cremation service provider and be aware that the cremation market is likely to change over the coming years.

Affordable cremation services in Metairie

Direct Cremation in MetairieFunerals need not be as expensive as many of us have been led to believe.  If you are looking for an affordable cremation service, this guide can help you. surveyed the average cost of a funeral in Metairie at $9,191 in 2017, however, a direct cremation can be conducted for just $1,550.

The full cost of a traditional burial funeral is out of many families means these days. Below, we have provided an overview of local cremation costs and how you can save money on funeral expenses.

How much can I expect to pay for a funeral service in Metairie?

The cost of a funeral varies.  It will depend upon the type of funeral service you choose and the funeral service provider you select.  If you do any research with local funeral homes you will discover that the price for a funeral package will vary from different providers, even for the exact same services!  Whilst the NFDA can quote the average cost of a funeral at $9,191, it is possible to arrange a funeral for considerably less than this.

How much does a cremation cost in Metairie?

The average price of a direct cremation in Metairie is $2,728*, again depending on the type of cremation service chosen.  A full-service cremation costs more than a simple direct cremation.  A simple, direct cremation package price of $1,550 is offered by DFS Memorials.

How do I select a funeral services provider?

If you have no prior experience with a funeral services provider this can seem an overwhelming task. Consult with friends and associates and seek recommendations.  If you are using the Internet to research funeral services and prices in Metairie, be sure to check the ownership of who you are dealing with.  Some funeral companies have set up online budget cremation businesses, and some corporate groups also trade as low-cost cremation companies.  If you are in doubt, ask if they are independently-owned.  DFS Memorials only work with a reputable, licensed and independently-owned funeral home.

Green Burial ContainerHow can I save money when arranging a funeral or cremation?

These days many of us are concerned about having the necessary funds to conduct funeral services for a loved one if no provision was made.  Let’s face it…not many folks can just produce thousands of dollars at the drop of a hat!  There are ways that you can ensure you keep your funeral expenses to a minimum.

Generally, a cremation will work out less expensive than a burial, namely as no immediate cemetery fees are required for cremation.  However, a dignified burial can be achieved at a very affordable cost.

Opting for cremation means that there is no need for a casket, burial vault or cemetery plot.  And eliminating these costs alone can save you several thousand dollars.

What is ‘direct cremation’?

A direct cremation is where the deceased is cremated but no services or ceremony is held. Minimal services are offered by the funeral director to collect the deceased, prepare the body for cremation, and process all the required paperwork.  The deceased is cremated in a simple cremation container and the remains are made available for the family to collect or have delivered to them.  No funeral home visit is required for a direct cremation service.  In many cases, the funeral director will visit you at home to sign the paperwork and consult with you about arrangements.

A direct cremation is becoming very popular as a way in which the funeral home can assist in the immediate disposition of the deceased for an affordable fee but leaves the family with the opportunity to conduct their own memorial ceremony once they have the cremated remains back.

What can I do with the cremated remains?

You can inter cremated remains into a grave plot or niche at a cemetery, keep a cremation urn at home, or scatter the remains in a place of your choosing. There are many options for how we can memorialize a lost loved one and there is now a range of cremation artifacts that can be created to help us immortalize the memory of a loved one, from birdbaths made with concrete infused with cremation ashes to memorial diamonds!  Some families are choosing to scatter ashes in a memorable place for a loved one’s last resting place.  Read this section on Ash Scattering for more ideas.

What if the deceased is at the Medical Examiners?

If the deceased is at the Medical Examiner’s office, you need to appoint a funeral director to arrange the release of the body into their care. Only a licensed funeral director can collect a body from the county morgue.

What if the deceased had no life insurance?

More often these days family members are passing and we find out that they had no life insurance or funeral plan.  This can mean surviving families are burdened with a funeral bill that they cannot afford to pay.  There is very little financial support to assist families in this situation, and it varies significantly by state and county.  We would suggest you contact Jefferson Parish Public Information Office at 1221 Elmwood Park Boulevard, Suite 1002 Jefferson, LA 70123 Phone: (504) 736-6410

There is also a $255 lump-sum social security death benefit payment for those that qualify.  Your funeral director will assist you in claiming this.

We hope this short guide has answered some of your questions about how to save on funeral costs and will help you arrange a simple cremation at an affordable price. If you have any further questions about arranging a cremation in Metairie please call your DFS Memorials provider on (504) 215-8264.

Affordable cremation services in Staten Island, NY – $485 direct cremation

Americans are demanding more affordable death care options.  With the high cost of traditional funerals and especially burial plot costs in NYC, cremation is proving an alternative disposition choice that is more affordable.

Cremation cost Staten Island NYWhy is cremation more affordable?

In simple terms, a cremation eliminates several services and funeral products that usually have a high price-tag.  You do not need a casket for a cremation service.

Although some funeral homes offer rental caskets if you wish to have a funeral service prior to the cremation.  You do not need a burial vault or cemetery plot, and embalming is not required for cremation.  Eliminating these few things can reduce the cost by between $3,000 – $8,000.

Cemetery plots in NYC are expensive due to the shortage of space.  A typical plot can cost around $14,000.  This adds a huge cost to a funeral bill.

What does a cremation cost in Staten Island?

The price of cremation varies.  Firstly, it depends on what type of cremation service you select.  A cremation funeral is very like a traditional funeral, but the deceased is cremated after the service, so now the burial plot is required.  A cremation funeral will generally cost from around $3,600 depending on the type of ceremony, the purchase of a casket, and the funeral home selected.

A cremation memorial is where the deceased is cremated prior to holding a memorial service with the cremation urn.  This type of cremation service is usually less than a cremation funeral.

What is a direct cremation?

A direct cremation is the industry term for a simple cremation with no ceremony or services.  This is the least expensive cremation option.  The price for a direct cremation in Staten Island differs from different funeral homes, but you can arrange a direct cremation for as little as $485.

Why is the crematory fee added to a funeral home’s direct cremation service fee?

cremation servicesIn NY, a funeral home is not allowed to own and operate a crematory.  All crematories are not-for-profit operations.  This means that a funeral director has to pay the crematory fee as a ‘third-party’ fee and therefore must charge the fee separate to his basic service funeral charge.

There are several crematories operating throughout NYC and NJ that funeral homes use, and the prices vary for the crematory fee.  The best value crematory fee is $140, but the price can be as much as $408, depending on the crematory used.

What additional fees are there to pay for a direct cremation in Staten Island?

There is a $40 NYC cremation permit charge, and the cost for the death certificate at $15.  If the deceased passed away at home, there is an additional charge for a residential collection, as this requires an additional person.  The additional fee is $150.

The other additional fee can be the mailing of cremated remains.  The cost to mail the ashes is $40 to mail cremated remains within NYC and $75 to mail outside of the boroughs.

What are the legal requirements for a cremation to proceed?

As cremation is a very final disposition method, there are strict laws that govern the practice. The legal next of kin must sign a ‘Cremation Authorization Form’ before a cremation can proceed.  The funeral director will file for the death certificate and permit to cremate.  Once all this paperwork is in order, the cremation can be scheduled.

What can you do with the cremated remains after the direct cremation?

ash scatteringThe cremated remains are returned immediately to the family after a direct cremation.  The family can choose to hold their own memorial service, or ash-scattering service is so desired.  The ashes can be kept at home, or interred in a cremation niche, or family cemetery plot.

Scattering at sea in Staten Island can be added to a direct cremation package for an additional $290.

For more options about what to do with cremated remains and how to memorialize, check out our Memorialization and What to do with the Cremation Ashes section on the blog.

What if the deceased is at the Medical Examiners?

If the deceased was transferred to the ME, you need the services of a funeral director to collect the deceased and transfer them to the crematory.  This can sometimes be an expedited service as the FD can collect all the permits and paperwork as he or she collects the deceased.

Is there any help with cremation costs in Staten Island?

Unfortunately, more families are finding themselves struggling with funeral expenses these days.  NYC does offer a burial assistance program to NYC residents on low-income.  You can download the form from the link here.

There is also the $255 Social Security lump-sum death benefit payment (if the deceased qualified).

Arranging a low cost cremation or funeral in Jacksonville, FL

Today we are all more discerning consumers, and this concern for saving money even extends to purchasing funeral services.  An average funeral can cost $8,755 (according to the National Funeral Directors Association 2017) and yet this cost does not even include cemetery fees.  When many families are struggling paycheck to paycheck, overspending on funeral expenses is just not an option!

In this article, we aim to give you an overview of arranging a low-cost cremation or an affordable burial service in Jacksonville.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Jacksonville?

cremation cost jacksonville flFlorida is the ‘sunshine state’, and a popular retirement destination has a higher than average cremation rate.  In many cases, the family finds it more convenient (and cheaper) to arrange for a simple cremation and then ship or transport the cremated remains.  It is possible to arrange a basic cremation with a licensed funeral home in Jacksonville for $695.

The cost of a basic cremation can vary between different funeral service providers in Jacksonville, therefore an average cremation cost is nearer to $2,200.  How much your cremation will cost will largely depend upon what type of cremation service you select, and which provider you opt to conduct the service.

Florida is one of only 2 states that DO license Direct Disposers.  These are businesses that can ONLY conduct direct dispositions.  They are NOT licensed funeral establishments and cannot offer the additional range of services that a funeral home can offer.  Although a Direct Disposer may appear to offer a very competitive direct cremation price, you do need to consider what ‘hidden’ extras you may pay for, and the limitations of the service package that can be offered.

How can you save money by arranging a cremation?

A cremation can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of a burial.  Choosing cremation removes the need for a burial plot, burial vault, a casket, and even embalming.  It is possible to have a funeral services provider conduct the cremation for you, and then arrange your own memorial service.  This is a key way to save money whilst also personalizing a life celebration memorial.

Cremation & Funeral Packages in Jacksonville

affordable-funeral-jacksonvilleMany funeral homes offer cremation and funeral packages to simplify the selection of services for the consumer.  It is important to carefully check exactly what is included in any funeral services package.  Generally, you have a ‘simple’ or low-priced option for a cremation or burial.  This is commonly referred to as immediate cremation or immediate burial.  This budget funeral option will not include any services or ceremonies.

The mid-range cremation or funeral package will include a graveside service or memorial service.  A full traditional funeral package or Cremation Tribute will generally include all the trimmings of a full-service funeral ceremony.

How much will a traditional funeral cost in Jacksonville?

As mentioned above funeral prices can, and do, vary significantly.  A traditional funeral can cost anything up to around $10,000 when including in all fees and costs.  However, it is possible to arrange a traditional funeral on a budget and spend only a few thousand dollars for a dignified ceremony.

Direct cremation in Jacksonville

A direct cremation is a popular option in Jacksonville.  A direct cremation simply means that the funeral home handles the immediate cremation of the deceased without conducting any services or ceremony.  The deceased is collected, sheltered, and prepared for cremation.  A basic cremation container is used for the cremation and the cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary urn.

How do I choose a cremation provider in Jacksonville?

It can be daunting knowing where to start if you need to arrange a funeral and do not have a preferred or recommended funeral home to contact.  It can help to make a list of questions and/or your criteria.  This can help you if you need to compare services and prices between funeral homes.  If the cost is an important factor and you need to arrange a low-cost funeral, then we would recommend you contact the DFS Memorials provider for Jacksonville.

Low-cost cremation in Jacksonville

DFS Memorials offers a complete direct cremation in Jacksonville for $695.

Call (904) 395-7939

Is there any help with cremation costs in Jacksonville?

There is very limited financial aid for funeral costs.  All states/counties have different rules and budgets for the level of public aid they have (if any).  If you are struggling financially and worried about how you can pay for a funeral, you may wish to try consulting your county social services or human services.   The state is responsible for dealing with indigent burials, but this is generally just for those individuals who become the responsibility of the state.

Social Security offers a lump sum death benefit of $255 to those that qualify and veterans are entitled to certain benefits.  There are also unions, church, and charity organizations that may assist a family with fund-raising to pay for funeral expenses.  If finances are a concern – the most important thing is to try and keep your funeral costs down as much as possible.

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Understanding cremation costs in Connecticut

cremation cost ConnecticutThe cremation rate continues to rise, with more families considering a cremation service as an alternative to a burial service.  So how much does a cremation cost in Connecticut?  And how can you save money on funeral expenses by arranging a cremation service?

The national average cost for a cremation funeral service in 2017 was $6,260 [NFDA: 2018 Cremation & Burial Report].  This is for a cremation funeral where the deceased is cremated following a funeral service.  A cremation memorial service is usually less expensive, as cremation is conducted before the funeral service.

So, let’s have a look at what you can expect for cremation memorial costs across Connecticut.

What can you expect to pay for cremation in Hartford?

The cost of funerals is a little above average in Connecticut.  Funeral service providers report that gas prices are higher than average, making cremation prices higher than in other parts of the country.

The average price for a cremation memorial service in Hartford is $3,863*, with the average price for a simple, direct cremation service coming in at just under $3,000.  This does not account for the fact that there are several funeral homes offering a direct cremation for around $2,000.

Cremation Memorial ServicesThe price of cremation in New Haven, CT

The average cremation memorial in New Haven costs $3,718*, with surveys reporting the average price of direct cremation at $2,692*.

Cremation costs in Bridgeport, CT

The average price for a cremation memorial service in Bridgeport is $3,409*, with the average cost for a cremation reported at $2,370.  However, the lowest cost for a direct cremation service is $2,000.  This makes a direct cremation the most affordable funeral option in Fairfield county.

There are around 200 funeral homes across Connecticut with annual revenue of around $200M.

CT Funeral Market

* Prices obtained from online funeral survey 2018 – Parting