What is the cost of a cremation in Milwaukee?

low-cost-cremation-milwaukee-wiAre you looking for the most affordable cremation option?  Do you want to know what a cremation costs in Milwaukee?  Then read on to find out more about cremation prices and options in Milwaukee.

This brief article can help you understand how to save money when arranging a cremation and ensure you are not overpaying for a funeral.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Milwaukee?

The average cost of a cremation is $3,725* for a cremation that includes a service and a standard cremation urn.  Now average prices for a cremation do not necessarily reflect the actual price you can obtain a cremation for, as cremation costs do vary between different funeral homes in Milwaukee.  You CAN obtain a basic cremation (without any services) for much less than this. A direct cremation can be conducted for just $1,195.

Comparing cremation costs in Milwaukee

It IS important to shop around and compare cremation prices between funeral homes today to ensure that you have obtained the best price cremation possible.  As I have just mentioned above, you will find that cremation costs can range in thousands of dollars from different providers.  Telephoning around, or conducting online research on cremation pricing can be time-consuming and quite an overwhelming task.  That is why we have conducted our own cremation cost research so you don’t have to!  A simple direct cremation can be arranged in Milwaukee for $1,195.00

cremation-milwaukeeDirect cremation in Milwaukee

A direct cremation is the lowest cost cremation option.  The deceased is cremated without any ceremony and/or services, and the cremated remains returned to the family in a temporary urn.  This enables the family to ensure that their loved one’s disposition is handled in a simple, dignified and timely way, whilst not overspending on funeral costs.  The family can gather for a memorial service at a later date if they so choose, or arrange a simple ash scattering ceremony.

Low cost cremation in Milwaukee

If funeral expenses are a concern to your family, a simple direct cremation is the lowest cost funeral option available.  There are several cremation service providers who specialize offering families simple and affordable cremation services in Milwaukee.

Unfortunately cremation permits can range significantly in price in Wisconsin.  Many funeral service providers add county fees such as cremation permits and death certificates as a ‘cash advance’ item to a package price.  Check this list of cremation permits fees in Wisconsin to check what fee is applicable in your county.  Prices range from $75 to $350.

I can’t afford a funeral: Is there any help with cremation costs in Milwaukee?

Unfortunately more families are finding themselves struggling to meet funeral expenses today.  Any financial assistance with cremation costs is managed at county level and differs by state and county.  If you are struggling to pay for a funeral, there is the Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program (WFCAP) operated by the Department of Health Services (DHS).  There are eligibility requirements and the WFCAP may reimburse cemetery and/or funeral expenses of a person who, on the date of death met the eligibility requirements. Up to $1,500 are reimbursed for funeral home costs and $1,000 for cemetery costs.  There is also a $255 death benefit from Social Security for those that qualify.  Some local organizations such as charitable groups and union groups sometimes offer financial support with the cost of a funeral.

You may also find this complete guide to arranging a funeral or cremation in Wisconsin useful, as it covers many more aspects of funeral laws in the state of Wisconsin, and how understanding these can help you save on the cost of a funeral.

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* efuneral October 2013

Need to find an inexpensive cremation option in NW Arkansas?

basic-cremation-costDFS Memorials offers the best value direct cremation package to residents of Northwestern Arkansas.  A simple direct cremation package covers everything to immediately take care of the disposition of the deceased.  Collection from the place of death, transportation to the funeral facility, completion of all required documentation (death certificate, cremation authorizations, and cremation permits), a basic cremation container, the cremation, and returning the cremated remains to the family in a temporary urn.  A wider service area can be served although an additional mileage fee may apply depending on location.

Simple, direct cremation for $790

  Call now on  (479) 259-2818 for immediate assistance and to ask any questions you may have

If you have limited resources and need to find the lowest cost funeral option available to you, then your local DFS Memorials member can offer you ‘quality service at a low price’, ensuring you can arrange dignified yet inexpensive funeral services.

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Funeral costs: Arrange a low cost cremation in New Orleans, LA

Are you worried about how to afford a funeral?  With more families financially struggling today, the sudden responsibility of a funeral, and the associated funeral costs in New Orleans, can be overwhelming.

A funeral can be one of the biggest expenses we have in our lifetime, and if a family are unprepared for it, it can be an overwhelming experience and cost.

That is why we have put together this brief guide to help you find a low cost alternative to an expensive funeral.

What are funeral costs in New Orleans?

This is the question in the forefront of many families’ minds today.  How much is this funeral going to cost me?  The problem is that funeral costs do vary so much between different providers, and for different types of funeral services, that it is difficult to quote a general cost.

funeral-pricesAccording to the National Association of Funeral Directors [2019] the average cost of a funeral is around $9,000, and this does NOT include any cemetery costs.  This puts the overall average cost for a funeral at around $10,000 – $12,000.  Now, of course, a funeral can be arranged for less than this but this means that you do need to shop around for funeral prices to ensure you get the best value funeral package to save on funeral costs in New Orleans.

All funeral homes in New Orleans have a General Price List (GPL) that discloses all their prices for services and funeral merchandise.  Legally they should provide you with prices when you inquire, whether it is in person or by phone.

How much does a cremation cost in New Orleans?

A complete basic cremation can be arranged in New Orleans for $1,595.  This is an exceptional cremation price for the New Orleans area.  Generally cremation costs are nearer to $2,500 in New Orleans, and in fact the average cost of a cremation is $3,725.  This is the average cost of a cremation with a funeral service, including a standard cremation urn.

Direct cremation in New Orleans

A direct cremation is the industry term for an immediate cremation. It is a basic cremation with no services. A direct cremation is the cheapest cremation option, it is also the most minimal of funeral services provided by a funeral home or crematory.  The funeral home collect the deceased, make the preparations for the cremation, complete all the necessary paperwork and then return the cremated remains in a temporary urn. Arranging a direct cremation will significantly reduce your funeral costs in New Orleans.

Call DFS Memorials now on (504) 215-8264 to arrange a direct cremation for just $1,595

How can I save Money on a Funeral?

We are all more cost-conscious these days, and a funeral is no different.  There are many ways you can save money arranging a funeral.  Firstly, and most significantly, a cremation will be far cheaper than arranging a burial.  No casket is required, no embalming, and no cemetery fees.  This saves thousands of dollars.  A cremation also can take away the immediate need to coordinate funeral arrangements, as a cremation can be conducted and then a memorial service held at a later date, with the cremation urn present.

It is also possible to save costs on funeral costs in New Orleans by making other arrangements for a casket.  A wooden casket can work out less expensive than a steel casket.  Or conducting your own memorial services [which your church may assist with], and making your own memorial tributes.

Conducting your own memorial services

Once a cremation is performed you can arrange a memorial service, with or without the ashes present.  You can employ the services of your church or minister to lead a memorial service, or the family can hold their own service.

Preplanning a funeral service in New Orleans

Preplanning a funeral is a great way to save your surviving family the burden of making decisions.  You can preplan without prepaying, or you can take out a prepaid funeral contract.  You are able to make rational decisions if you preplan your own end of life requirements, and save your family making emotional decisions which might end up costing them more.

All funds prepaid for a funeral or cremation go into a trust until such times as the funds are required.  A funeral plan can also be funded by an insurance policy.  Another way to preplan is to document your wishes and set up a POD Payable on Death account with the required funds deposited.  The funds can be withdrawn by your named beneficiaries when the time comes, and any interest accrued is added to your account.

cremation-services-new-orleansPersonalize and make your own memorial tributes

‘Personalization’ is a large part of the memorialization process today.  Making your own memorial tributes can save you on the costs a funeral home may charge for tributes.  Guest books, prayer cards and memory boards can all be quite easily crafted with little expertise.  Read more about making your own memorial tributes.

A funeral does not have to cost a fortune.  There are more affordable funeral options available in New Orleans now.

The deceased had no life insurance: what help is there to pay for a funeral in Orleans Parish?

Sadly this is happening more frequently today, where a family member passes with no life insurance or funeral plan and the next of kin are left to make the funeral arrangements, and pay the funeral bill.  There is limited financial assistance for families to help with funeral costs, and this all depends upon your personal circumstances and the Parish in which you live.  You need to inquire at your Parish Human Services or Social Services department to find out about public aid for a funeral.  In some cases a fixed sum is available, but also only certain funeral homes may handle HRA funerals.

There is a $255 lump sum death benefit payment from Social Security if you qualify, and veterans are entitled to some benefits.  You may also wish to contact local charity, church and union groups who may assist you with fund-raising for a funeral.

What happens if the deceased is taken to the Coroner’s Office?

If there were circumstances surrounding the death that led to the deceased being taken to the Coroner’s office, you will need to employ the services of a funeral director as soon as possible to liaise with the Coroner to have the body released into their care.  Only a licensed funeral director can collect a body from Orleans Parish coroner’s morgue.

New Orleans Medical Examiner: 517 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70112  Phone (504) 658-9660

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Funeral Insurance: Legalities that can provide loop-holes!

LIfe-Insurance-PolicyThis story in the news today (USA Today: Funeral expenses leave mother’s body in limbo) highlights some potential risks with using life insurance to pay out for funeral expenses.

Dorothy Johnson believed she had been prudent and wise in taking out a life insurance policy for $50,000 which would cover her funeral expenses and hopefully leave a financial legacy for her children.

She did not foresee that she would die young (53 years) of a heart condition and having made her youngest son the beneficiary, that he would not legally at 16 years old, be able to access the funds.

We all know that insurance companies hate to pay out and will find any loop-hole, small print opportunity to void a policy or clause that you have transgressed to escape making full payment.

In the Johnson’s case, their mother’s body remains deteriorating at the funeral home whilst the insurance company claims that a legal guardian has to petition the court to access the funds.  This could take weeks, if not months, and all the Johnson’s want is to be able to hold a dignified funeral for their mother and say their final goodbyes!

The surviving family does not have sufficient money to be able to hold a funeral service without the life insurance funds.  They have approached 7 Social Service organizations for help, but as of yet no help has been offered.

This is a sad but true story of how ordinary families across America are affected by funeral costs today.  Preplanning is an excellent idea and is meant to save your surviving family the anguish of this sort of situation.  However, as this story exemplifies, you MUST ensure that all your ‘ducks are in row’ with any kind of insurance policy you take out to cover final expenses.

In the Johnson’s case it looks like they will not be able to have the funeral they wanted for their mother – a home-going funeral befitting for a woman who did nothing but care for others.  The family will have no option but to hold a simple and low cost cremation in order to handle the disposition of their mother.

If you hold life insurance, or are considering taking out a funeral insurance policy, do ensure you carefully check ALL the terms about how the funds can be accessed by your designated beneficiary.

What is a public assistance funeral?

The poor economy has taken its toll on many American families, and as many struggle just to put food on the table, a death can be but an additional financial strain.  Less and less people are investing in funeral plans or burial insurance, simply because savings and insurance policies are some of the first things to go when there is a financial crisis.

help-with-funeral-costsMore often today at DFS Memorials we are encountering distraught families who have found that a sudden bereavement has tipped them over the edge!  We are witnessing an increase in the number of folks seeking out financial help with funeral expenses, and answering questions about what help there is to pay funeral costs.

What kind of financial help there is varies considerably depending on where you live, what your personal circumstances are, and the circumstances of the deceased.  Some states/counties do still offer some public assistance with funeral costs, however, this is very limited these days.  A ‘public assistance’ funeral is where the state will contribute a fixed sum towards the cost of a funeral.  It is sometimes called a ‘welfare funeral’.

The state will pay a fixed amount, generally direct to the funeral director, that will enable a basic burial or cremation to be conducted.  In some cases the family can supplement the contribution.

If you are concerned about how you are going to pay for a funeral, you need to seek some guidance.  You may wish to consult your local county Human Services or Social Services department.  Sometimes they will have a list of funeral homes who will handle public assistance funerals.   The funeral director will complete the necessary forms with you and submit his fees to the county for payment.


Do be aware, that if for any reason the application for support is declined, you would be liable for the funeral costs your funeral home has incurred concerning the funeral contract you have signed.  You MUST ensure that you can raise the sufficient funds to cover the expenses you are arranging.

Due to the rise in bad debt for funeral expenses, and the reduction in county support, some funeral homes are less willing to accept deceased family members where it is apparent the family may lack funds.  However, there are still funeral homes who do their utmost to help families care for their lost loved ones, no matter the unfortunate circumstances.  It IS important to ensure you are dealing with reputable, funeral professionals who care about helping your family.

There are various financial support funds for deceased veterans and certain dependents, as well as victims of crime.

— Remember: If you have concerns about affording a funeral, try and keep your funeral costs to a minimum.  You can arrange a simple, dignified cremation and conduct your own family memorial, which can reduce your outlay to under $1,000 in many areas of the United States.

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Funeral Financing – Options on how to pay for funeral costs

Losing a loved one is traumatic enough but these days more families are struggling with the dilemma of how to pay for a funeral.  If the death was unexpected and no funeral provision had been made, you need to quickly assess your options for how you can pay for a funeral.

Firstly, you need to get a perspective on how to manage the overall costs of a funeral.  If you have concerns about how you are going to pay, then it should be a priority to keep costs as low as possible.  Cremation will work out much cheaper than a burial.  You do not need an expensive casket, embalming or a burial plot. You can still have a dignified service if that is what you wish, or you can have a very simple and minimal fuss cremation.  If for personal or religious reasons, you require a burial, then you need to keep ancillary services as simple as possible.

However simple your choices are, you are still going to need a budget to cover your funeral expenses.  There are a variety of options that may help you to cover the costs.  You can read in detail about these options on Funeral Financing – A Breakdown of your Options.  One option that you can consider is taking out a funeral loan.

Although credit has historically not been made readily available to customers purchasing funeral products and services, this seems to be changing in our credit-driven culture today.  There are a number of credit products on the market today to assist with meeting funeral expenses.   However, as with any other financing, a level of credit-rating is required.  Some funeral homes are now working with funeral financing organizations to help meet their families needs.  Before entering into any type of credit agreement for funeral finance, be sure that this is the right option for how you choose to manage your funeral payments.   Consider all your other options  – such as life assurance assignment, pension funds, liquidating assets, charity, church and service organization contributions, even fund-raising.  It is never a wise move to incur debt to cover funeral payments.

Locate your nearest DFS Memorials provider to find your best value funeral or cremation service.