Low cost cremation in Huntsville, AL

Cremation Memorial Service Different Options

More families are choosing cremation as a low-cost alternative to a traditional burial in Huntsville.  A cremation can cost about half the cost of a burial service.  The cost of the cemetery plot and burial vault is eliminated, plus a casket and embalming are often not required.  All in all, this saves thousands of dollars.

Cremation Costs in Huntsville AL

More families have migrated and moved areas, which means cremation can be a preferable option. It allows families to keep loved ones’ cremated remains close, and there is no need for long trips back to cemeteries in home counties or states.

Cremation vs. burial in Huntsville


Sometimes the decision to choose between burial or cremation is dictated by finances. Cremation is a final disposition that involves subjecting extreme heat to the body and the bone fragment remains are then ground to leave an ash-like powder.

Generally, about 3 pounds of cremated remains are created from an adult cremation.  The cremated remains can be interred (similar to a traditional burial) or can be kept in a cremation urn, scattered, and used to produce memorial items such as cremation diamonds.  

Cremation is deemed an inexpensive alternative to a traditional burial, a more environmentally friendly option, and can offer greater flexibility. It can also eliminate the need to arrange a funeral service immediately.  

If a cremation is conducted, a memorial service can be held at a later time and location suiting the family, with the cremated remains present.

The DFS Memorials provider for Huntsville also offers affordable funeral packages.

What is the cost of a cremation in Huntsville, AL?

cremation prices Huntsville

The cost of a cremation can vary between different funeral homes, even in Huntsville. It will also depend upon what type of cremation service is selected. A full cremation service with a ceremony usually costs around $3,500.  

However a simple direct cremation without a ceremony can be conducted for as little as $1,095 complete.

How do I find a low-cost cremation in Huntsville?

More families are shopping around today to compare funeral home prices.  But it can be overwhelming to have to phone around numerous funeral homes to inquire about cremation costs.  We have tried to take that hassle away by conducting our own cremation price comparison in Huntsville and then selecting an affordable cremation and funeral provider to work with at DFS Memorials.

DFS Memorials Huntsville (256) 269-2255

Direct cremation $1,095 complete 

Call today with any questions you may have, and let DFS Memorials help your family arrange a simple, affordable, and dignified cremation for just $1,095.

Once a basic cremation is conducted, many families choose to hold their own memorial service (often in conjunction with their church).  This makes the funeral so much more personalized and can offer a significant saving on funeral costs.

$1,095 cremation available to families in Madison, Jackson, Marshall, Morgan, Limestone, and Lawrence Counties, and in Dallas Mills, Downtown, Five Points, Medical District, North Huntsville, Old Town, Twickenham, & West Huntsville

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