$850 Simple cremation in Lexington, KY

Whether planning ahead, or in need of immediate cremation services, DFS Memorials in Lexington can help you arrange affordable cremation services.

We have outlined some of the key information you need to know when making arrangements to cremate, including the legal requirement according to Kentucky state laws on cremation and what cremation costs to expect.

How much does a cremation cost in Lexington?

direct cremationThis is a question most families ask first. It is generally common knowledge now that cremation is significantly cheaper than a traditional burial. Many families considering cremation want to find out about costs to see how much they can save on the overall cost of a funeral.

A basic cremation with no services can be arranged in Lexington for $850 complete. A cremation with a memorial service can be arranged for around $2,000 – $3,000. With the average funeral costing $7.360 (NFDA) without cemetery expenses – this makes cremation a much more affordable alternative.

Another reason many families are now choosing cremation is that it offers greater flexibility. A memorial service does not have to go ahead immediately, but can be arranged at a later date that suits the family. This can also allow the family time to make arrangements without feeling emotionally fraught. With transplants living in Lexington, cremation is a simple, cost-effective, and efficient way to handle the disposition and have remains shipped.

Who can authorize a cremation according to Kentucky statures?

A cremation is such a permanent means of disposing of a body and destroys all DNA, that cremation can ONLY go ahead when certain legal requirements are met. The legal next of kin must sign a ‘Cremation Authorization Form’. (This can be self- signed by an individual when preplanning a cremation) If the authorized person has signed the cremation authorization form then a cremation permit can be issued by Fayette County Coroner. There is a mandatory waiting time for cremation in most states of 24-48 hours.

What care and preparation of the deceased needs to occur before cremation?

funeral-costsThe deceased does NOT need to be embalmed if you are opting for cremation, although it may be recommended if a viewing is required, or if the cremation cannot proceed in a timely fashion. If the deceased had a pacemaker this must be removed before the cremation.

A basic cremation container is used to cremate the deceased in so you do not need a casket. A casket can sometimes be rented if you wish to have a funeral service or viewing before the cremation.

To arrange a low-cost cremation in Lexington – Call now on (859) 568-3131 

We are happy to answer any questions you have.  We are here to serve your family – understanding your need for dignified and affordable services!

Affordable funerals: Cremation costs in Seattle?

The cremation trend is sweeping our nation and is already a popular disposition choice in Washington with 6 in 10 families opting for cremation for their end of life disposition choice.  Why is cremation the preferred choice for Seattle families?  Cremation offers a simple, affordable and flexible funeral option.  Read more to find out about cremation costs in Seattle.

Why choose cremation over burial?

Several reasons are cited for why families are now choosing cremation rather than burial.  Cost is by far the most common reason why a family will now opt for cremation.  A cremation generally costs at least one-third of the cost of a traditional funeral.  Traditionalism is also in decline as is religiosity, and we are now much more environmentally aware.  Cremation offers a cheaper, non-secular and eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial

cremation cost seattle-tacomaWhat are cremation costs in Seattle?

This is the ‘magic’ question that most families want to answer now before they proceed with making funeral arrangements.  We live in an era where price comparison is the norm, and finding a deal is an important aspect of how we purchase services and products.  A funeral can be a large purchase for many families and one that they do not want to spend unnecessarily on.

The popularity of simple cremation in Seattle has resulted in competitive cremation rates.  There is a demand for simple cremation services in Seattle, and it is possible to arrange a basic cremation for around $600.  A cremation with a memorial is likely to cost in the region of $1,299 and a full-service cremation starts at around $2,000.

A direct cremation is a term used for the simplest and most economical cremation service.  No services are offered with a direct cremation.

How do the cremation costs compare in the Seattle-Tacoma area?

The cost of a cremation service can vary considerably in the same area.  The cost of a cremation can vary between funeral service providers for the exact same service. A direct cremation service can cost from $600 to around $3,000.

DFS Memorial’s low-cost direct cremation package at $600 provides peace of mind at an affordable cost whilst dealing with a local independent funeral service provider. Advanced planning options are available.

What is included with a direct cremation in Seattle?

A direct cremation generally includes:

  • Collecting the deceased
  • Preparing all the necessary paperwork (death certificates, cremation authorization, cremation permit, etc)
  • Preparation of the body for cremation
  • Storage of the remains until the cremation can be performed*
  • A basic cremation container
  • The cremation fee
  • A temporary urn (to return the cremated remains to the family)

The fees for the death certificate and cremation permit are ‘cash advances’ and are an extra fee added to most direct cremation packages.

To arrange a low-cost cremation call us now on (206) 745-9744

Additional costs may be incurred or option for a residential removal, additional mileage (if outside a service area), extended storage (if cremation cannot be performed after a mandatory waiting period), oversize cremation fee (for individuals weighing over 300 lbs) and the selection of a cremation urn.

Life celebration and cremation

Today we are moving into an era where funerals are less somber events and more of a celebration of a life lived.  Cremation offers a great opportunity to be able to arrange a life celebration ceremony.  A memorial service does not have to be held immediately when family and friends are still in the midst of their immediate grief but can be scheduled at a later date.  A celebrant can work with the family to plan a Life Tribute almost equivalent to how a wedding planner would stage a grand wedding ceremony!

cremation-services-tacomaWhat can you do with the cremated remains?

Cremated remains can be interred in a grave or columbarium, stored at home in a cremation urn, scattered or converted into a myriad of cremation artifacts.

Cremation memorialization

“Personalization” is the buzz phrase in the funeral industry today.  As funeral profits have declined with lower-cost cremation services, many funeral homes in Seattle have looked towards personalization and the many cremation memorialization industries to help make incremental revenue.  Many families want to do something unique with the cremation ashes, and these days the options are almost limitless!  You can have a cremation diamond made from around $3,000, have ashes embedded into a memorial reef for around $6,000 or have cremation ashes blast into space or tattooed into your body!

Ash scattering in Seattle

For those that want a simpler and less expensive memorialization option – ash scattering is proving to be a memorialization alternative.   Cremated remains can be scattered at sea in the Puget Sound or over land in a favorite spot of the deceased.  Read this guide on Ash Scattering for more information.

Preplanning a basic cremation in Seattle

Preplanning your funeral wishes can save a family from the decision-making process at a time of immense distress, and ensure your wishes are met.  You can set up a prepaid cremation plan where the funds are put in trust or take out an insurance that covers your cremation needs.

Alternatively, you can prearrange with a cremation provider and put the required funds aside in a payable on death (POD) account.  This ensures your money remains in your control and any interest accrued stays with you.  At the time of death, the named beneficiary can withdraw the funds and pay the funeral home.

Cremation is revolutionizing how we view death care, how much it costs and how we memorialize in the 21st century.  To find out more about cremation services in Seattle – call us now on (206) 745-9744

$600 low-cost cremation is available throughout King, Snohomish, and Kitsap counties and all of the Tacoma-Seattle area.

Direct cremation costs in Tucson, AZ

Arizona has one of the highest cremation rates in the U.S., with over 65% of families now choosing cremation for their final disposition.  This has made cremation much more competitive in the Tucson, and helped to bring the cost of a cremation down. This article runs through how arranging a cremation can save you money on your funeral costs, how arranging a direct cremation is a simple and affordable funeral care solution and compares some Tucson funeral homes direct cremation prices.

How can you save money by arranging a cremation?

The traditional funeral is dying, to be replaced by a modern life celebration and a lean towards cremation services.  Although changing attitudes in culture are acknowledged for this change, one of the biggest factors is COST.  A traditional funeral can cost in the region of $10,000 (when you include cemetery fees).  The National Funeral Directors Association’s survey of 2012 posited the average cost of a funeral in the U.S. at $7,045 (without any cemetery charges).  Yet a cremation service will cost in the region of $3,000 – $4,000.  It doesn’t take much to work out why our nation is turning to cremation!

Indeed direct cremation is becoming the new ‘vogue’ on the cremation scene.  Why? Because it presents the most cost-effective way to conduct a funeral and can put control of memorialization back in the realm of the family.  A direct cremation simply ensures the disposition element is taken care of by a professional.  Once the family has the cremated remains returned, they can conduct memorial services as, when and if they see fit.  For many families, it is a case of need – in tough financial times – they just need the most affordable funeral option.  For other families it has become a decision of choice and principle – why spend thousands of dollars when a funeral can be conducted for a fraction of that cost!

Low cost cremation in Tucson

Low cost cremation is available in Tucson for between $455 and $995.  Cremation prices do vary considerably between providers, so it is important to check around and ensure that the cremation price quoted for a low cost cremation equitably compares.  Check exactly what is included.  Death certificates and state filings are often an additional ‘cash advance’, but check that the cremation container and cremation fee are included in any low cost price advertised.  Too often we have found what appeared to be a low cost cremation option, only to discover that the hidden charges can bump the price up!

Cash Advance items: A death certificate in Tucson is $20.00 – Pima County Medical Examiners fee is $30.00

What does a cremation cost?How do I choose a cremation provider in Tucson?

Choosing a cremation services provider is not always easy.  As cremation becomes more popular, more funeral homes are installing their own crematories, so this can give a family an assurance about their loved one’s care.  If you are researching because you do not have a provider in mind, or because you need to find the most affordable cremation option in your area – then DFS Memorials can help direct you.  We do the research to help save families the stress and time, we ONLY work with reputable, local family-owned funeral homes.

Alternatively, you can check out this directory listing of all funeral homes in Tucson in zip code order.

How do cremation providers compare in Tucson?

The cost of a direct cremation varies considerably.  This can depend on the cremation services provider selected, and the type of cremation service chosen.  It is always wise to compare prices.  A basic direct cremation in Tucson can be conducted from around $585 with a local, family-owned funeral home.

Is there any help with cremation costs in Tucson?

Sadly we are asked this question all too often these days!  With more families struggling financially, it can be crippling to be faced with unexpected funeral expenses.  If qualifying, there is a $255 Social Security death benefit payment, and there are benefits for veterans.  Each state has its own budget and governance for dealing with indigent funerals, although much funding has been axed in recent years.  You can try contacting your local county Social or Human Services to inquire if any financial aid is available locally.  This article on ‘How to Pay for a Funeral’ also covers some of the other ways that you can gain support towards funeral costs.

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Understanding Direct Cremation: What is a direct cremation?

We are all becoming more familiar with cremation these days as the cremation rate increases in the U.S. and more people opt for cremation as a disposition alternative to a burial.  But people are not yet familiar with the term ‘direct cremation’.

What is a Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation sometimes referred to as an immediate cremation, is when a cremation is performed with minimal services from a funeral home and no service is conducted.  It is what is known in the funeral trade as a very basic cremation disposition.

The deceased is collected directly from the place of death and transported to the funeral home and/or crematory, the necessary documentation is completed, the mandatory waiting period passes and the deceased is cremated.  The cremated remains are returned to the family within 3-7 days.

Many funeral homes package a direct cremation offering and glamorize it with such names as A Simple Tribute, A Family Farewell, A Simple Goodbye, The Legacy Farewell, & Simply Farewell.  These names all symbolize a minimal service, minimal fuss disposition package – something many of us are opting for today!

Saving money on the cost of a casket

direct-cremation-costFor the purposes of the cremation, a basic cremation container is used to house the deceased’s body.  This is all that is legally required and a suitable “rigid, combustible” container is most often a sturdy cardboard container.  This means that no casket is required and eliminates the expense of purchasing a casket.  This alone saves around $1,000 – $4,000 in basic costs for the disposition.

If you did wish to have a brief family viewing before the cremation process, a funeral home can usually facilitate this using a rental casket or even a bed laid out in a viewing room.

The most affordable funeral option

A direct cremation can be considered one of the most inexpensive and affordable cremation options.  As only the minimal services of a funeral director are required and substitute funeral merchandise can be used, costs can be kept lower.  The cremated remains are generally returned to the family in a temporary cremation container, which can be a cardboard or plastic urn.  Of course, the family can opt to upgrade and select a wooden or ceramic urn if desired for an additional cost.   Some funeral homes serving families with direct cremations even offer to carry out an ash scattering or sea scattering these days for a small nominal fee.

What documentation must be completed legally before a cremation can be performed?

In order for any cremation to be performed a ‘Cremation Authorization Form‘ must be completed and signed by the legal next of kin.  A cremation permit must be obtained from the local county, and in some states, the coroner must sign the cremation permit.  This is largely to ensure there is no suspect reason why a body should not be cremated destroying all physical evidence.

There is a mandatory waiting period in all states before a cremation can be performed.  In most states this is 24-hours, but there are a number of states where a 48-hour mandatory waiting period must be observed.

Part 2 : How much does a direct cremation cost?

Arranging a direct cremation in Fort Smith for $790

Want to know how to arrange a dignified funeral at an affordable cost? We have put together this guide to help you understand how you can save thousands arranging a funeral.  In fact, you can arrange a simple, basic cremation for just $790.

Why choose cremation services?

Direct cremation service Fort SmithCremation offers an inexpensive and flexible alternative to a burial service.  Choosing cremation services can save you 40% to 60% (or sometimes more) on the cost of traditional burial services.  This is because a casket is not required, or embalming (unless required) and there is no immediate need for a cemetery plot or burial vault.  Eliminating these just these few products and services saves thousands of dollars alone.

A cremation can offer a more flexible alternative that can accommodate families who have moved from their home state, or when a funeral cannot be held straight away.  Cremation also offers a greater range of personalization options with a whole array of ash-scattering ceremony possibilities, and various cremation artifact products.

What different cremation alternatives do I have?

There are 3 main types of cremation service options.  A cremation funeral – where the funeral service is held with the deceased present and a cremation is conducted after the service.  A cremation memorial – where the cremation is conducted before a memorial service is held.  This can be with, or without, the cremated remains present and can often take the form of an ash scattering ceremony.  Or there is a direct cremation – this is where the deceased is cremated with no services, and the remains are given back to the family.  There are some variances around these 3 main options, such as a private viewing before the cremation, an observed cremation, or a graveside interment of a cremation urn.

How much does a cremation cost in Fort Smith?

The cost of a cremation can vary considerably.  This will depend upon the type of cremation service you opt for and the cremation services provider you select.  A full-service cremation with a service will cost in the region of $3,000 – $5,000, depending upon the length of service held and what kind of casket you purchase or rent.  Direct cremation will cost between $790 and $2,500 (depending on the funeral home used).

Direct cremation services in Fort Smith, AR

direct-cremation-servicesIf you are working on a budget for your funeral expenses, you may wish to consider a direct cremation.  A direct cremation is the cheapest cremation option.  The funeral services provider does everything to take care of the immediate disposition of the deceased but no viewing or services are held.  The deceased is cremated in a simple cremation container and then the cremated remains are made available for the family or collect (or if requested delivered/mailed).  A direct cremation can be arranged online or by phone without any need for you to visit a funeral home.  For your best price on a direct cremation contact your DFS Memorials provider in Fort Smith on (479) 259-2818 who offers a complete direct cremation package for just $790.

How do I choose a cremation services provider?

This can sometimes be a daunting task when there are several funeral homes to choose between.  It may help to set yourself some clear criteria to help you select the provider that best suits your needs.  Which funeral services provider you select can be influenced by what facilities and services they offer, or what budget you have.

As we have highlighted, costs can vary quite significantly between funeral homes for the exact same service.  For this reason, we would recommend you compare some costs before making a decision.

Comparing cremation costs in Fort Smith, AR

All funeral homes have a general price list (GPL) and this should itemize all services and charges.  Legally a funeral home must provide you with a copy of their GPL if you request cremation price information, either in person or by phone.

When comparing costs and services check what IS included, especially with a budget direct cremation package.  Is a copy of the death certificate included?  Is the cremation permit an additional cash advance item or included?  What about if an out-of-hours collection is required? Is there an additional daily refrigeration charge if the cremation does not proceed after 48-hours?  A death certificate costs $10.00 for the first and $8.00 for each additional copy.

What legally do I need to know about arranging a cremation in Fort Smith?

cremation-plan-fort-smithThere are a few legal requirements that you need to be aware of if you are considering cremation. Firstly, the legal next-of-kin must all sign the ‘Cremation Authorization Form’ before a cremation can proceed.

In Arkansas, there is a mandatory 24-hour wait period after death before the cremation can proceed, however, before a cremation can proceed the doctor must sign and fill out the cause of death, and the county health department must issue a permit to cremate.  The deceased will be refrigerated during this period, and longer if required, however, you should be aware that many cremation packages will only include refrigeration for up to 5 days and will charge you a daily rate thereon.

Death certificates cost $10.00 each.  This is often considered a ‘cash advance’ item and not included in a quoted cremation price.  The funeral director will generally obtain the death certificates on your behalf.

Can I preplan a cremation?

Yes, you can prearrange a cremation.  Advance planning can help to ensure you get the most appropriate services provider for your needs and can save the surviving family the financial and emotional burden at the time of death.  There are various options open to you to plan ahead so consult with your preferred services provider.

What can we do with the cremated remains?

cremation-costs-fort-smith-arAs I mentioned earlier there is a versatility on what you can do with cremated remains.  You can inter a cremation urn in a cemetery plot or niche, keep an urn at home, scatter the remains or create a cremation artifact such as a cremation diamond, glass paperweight, bird bath or memorial reef ball to name but a few!

The deceased had no life insurance – is there any help with cremation costs?

Sadly there is little financial aid that supports those families that find themselves struggling with funeral costs.  Most counties do have a budget for indigent funerals but this is generally for those individuals who truly are indigent.  Some counties do have limited funds to help low-income families with cremation costs but this can vary county by county.  You would need to make inquiries with the Sebastian County Human Services Department to find out if any assistance is available to you.  In these cases often the most basic of funeral services will be supported, with limited control over what happens.  A low-cost direct cremation from a budget provider can be arranged for $790.

What is “no-cost cremation”?

Some funeral homes now offer this option in Arkansas.  This is referring to whole body donation whereby after the donation is complete the remains are cremated (free of charge) and then returned to the family or scattered.   Generally, funeral homes can get a referral fee from the whole body donation organization, plus they sometimes charge a transportation fee.  So all-in-all they do still recoup their costs.  As we all know, there really is nothing that is truly free!

Average cremation costs in Boston, MA

As more and more families opt for cremation over a traditional burial, we find families are seeking out information to help them better understand their options.  This article provides a brief overview of cremation in Boston, how you can save money by arranging cremation services and helps you to compare cremation costs between funeral service providers in Boston.

How can you save money by arranging a cremation?

Direct cremation Boston MAA cremation is likely to save you 40 – 50% on the cost of a traditional burial funeral.  Why is this? It is largely because you can eliminate some of the largest outlays associated with a funeral.  With cremation, there is no need for a casket, embalming, a burial vault, cemetery plot or full-size grave marker.  Eliminating these funeral merchandise items/services can save you a few thousand dollars!  Another way that cremation can save money is that it is possible to hold a memorial service (with the cremated remains present) without having to go ahead with a funeral ceremony immediately.  This can allow families time to make decisions.  Often this can mean that money-savings options can be more thoroughly explored.  Some families even choose to conduct their own memorial service, which can save on venue and staff costs, plus it also makes a service so much more personalized.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Boston?

Cremation prices do differ quite considerably between different funeral homes in Boston.  For this reason an ‘average’ cremation cost has to be put into the perspective depending on what kind of cremation services are being assessed.  Nationally the average cost of a cremation funeral is $3,745 for a cremation with a ceremony and a mid-range urn.  Average cremation costs in Boston are on par with this price.  However, cheaper cremation options are available as mentioned below.

Cremation Packages

A funeral home must have a general price list (GPL) outlining their service charges but many funeral homes also offer cremation packages, where a price is offered for a complete cremation service.  In comparing costs and services between funeral homes, it is important to ensure you are comparing like-for-like services, especially when it is a quoted cremation package price.  Not all cremation providers quote a fully inclusive price when quoting a cremation package.

Cremation ServiceDirect cremation in Boston

Direct cremation, or immediate cremation, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for funeral consumers.  A direct cremation is the simplest, and least expensive, option.  It involves the funeral home collecting the deceased, transferring him/her into their care, completing all the necessary paperwork and conducting the cremation (after the legal waiting period of 48-hours).  A basic cremation container is used and the ashes are generally returned in a temporary urn.  Direct cremation in Boston can cost anywhere between $1,395 and $3,000.

How do I choose a cremation provider in Boston?

Choosing a cremation provider can depend upon what kind of services you require.  If you are looking for a cremation with a ceremony or interment committal, then you will need a funeral home that offers the facilities for a ceremony and that is in a good location for your family.

If you have decided upon a simple direct cremation at the most affordable price, then you may consider the services of a provider who specifically offers a direct cremation at a low cost.  The locale of the funeral home is not as essential if no services are being held.  And many funeral homes have extended their service area for direct cremation services.

The DFS Memorials provider for Boston is an established funeral home with facilities for ceremonies, yet covers a wide service area into all of Eastern Massachusetts.  DFS Memorials offers families a low-cost cremation in Boston.

DFS Memorials BOSTON  (617) 221-7778 – Call with any questions you may have

Direct Cremation $1,395

How do cremation providers compare in Boston?

It is always wise to shop around and compare services and costs.  We do it in any other large purchase we make – so why not when purchasing end of life services?  It can be quite a task trying to efficiently compare local funeral homes, so we have conducted a survey and provided a sample of the best prices we discovered for a basic direct cremation package in Boston.


Disclaimer: This cremation cost information was obtained from providers in November 2013. Prices are posted to help families make informed decisions. However, periodically providers change their prices. We make every effort to ensure the prices are accurate, but prices must be verified directly with the listed funeral home.

Hopefully, this can assist families in understanding the differences in cremation costs on a local level.

What about preplanning a simple, affordable cremation?

Most budget cremation packages offered are an ‘at need’ price.  If you wish to purchase a simple cremation plan, you can expect the cost to be higher.  How much a cremation plan will cost will depend upon how it is funded and your age at the time of purchasing a prepaid plan.  Do consider that an alternative is to document your funeral wishes and put aside the appropriate funds to cover a basic cremation in a POD account [Payable on Death or Totten Trust].  Your money is safe and accumulating interest for you, and your surviving family/beneficiary can access the funds when the need arises.

What if the deceased had no life insurance? Is there any help with cremation costs in Boston?

Sadly more families are finding themselves struggling to meet funeral costs.  Public aid can be a little patchy depending upon where you are.  In Boston, the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) will pay for part of the cost of a funeral for MassHealth (Medicaid) members and other low-income, financially qualifying individuals. The DTA will pay up to $1,100 for funeral expenses that do not exceed $1,500.  You must inform your chosen funeral director that you are claiming a Medicaid or MassHealth funeral and the funeral director will then bill the DTA.  The deceased’s family must pay the remaining $400 to the funeral home.

There is also the $255 Social Security lump sum death benefit for those that qualify, and various union, faith, and charitable organizations may offer some support to families to assist with covering funeral costs.

DFS Memorials Boston serves families throughout Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk & Worcester Counties and Allston/Brighton, Back Bay, Bay Village, Beacon Hill, Charlestown, Dorchester, East Boston, Fenway/Kenmore, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Mission Hill, North End, Roslindale, Roxbury, South Boston, South End, West End and West Roxbury.

Arranging a low cost cremation or funeral in Jacksonville, FL

Today we are all more discerning consumers, and this concern for saving money even extends to purchasing funeral services.  An average funeral can cost $8,755 (according to the National Funeral Directors Association 2017) and yet this cost does not even include cemetery fees.  When many families are struggling paycheck to paycheck, overspending on funeral expenses is just not an option!

In this article, we aim to give you an overview of arranging a low-cost cremation or an affordable burial service in Jacksonville.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Jacksonville?

cremation cost jacksonville flFlorida is the ‘sunshine state’, and a popular retirement destination has a higher than average cremation rate.  In many cases, the family finds it more convenient (and cheaper) to arrange for a simple cremation and then ship or transport the cremated remains.  It is possible to arrange a basic cremation with a licensed funeral home in Jacksonville for $695.

The cost of a basic cremation can vary between different funeral service providers in Jacksonville, therefore an average cremation cost is nearer to $2,200.  How much your cremation will cost will largely depend upon what type of cremation service you select, and which provider you opt to conduct the service.

Florida is one of only 2 states that DO license Direct Disposers.  These are businesses that can ONLY conduct direct dispositions.  They are NOT licensed funeral establishments and cannot offer the additional range of services that a funeral home can offer.  Although a Direct Disposer may appear to offer a very competitive direct cremation price, you do need to consider what ‘hidden’ extras you may pay for, and the limitations of the service package that can be offered.

How can you save money by arranging a cremation?

A cremation can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of a burial.  Choosing cremation removes the need for a burial plot, burial vault, a casket, and even embalming.  It is possible to have a funeral services provider conduct the cremation for you, and then arrange your own memorial service.  This is a key way to save money whilst also personalizing a life celebration memorial.

Cremation & Funeral Packages in Jacksonville

affordable-funeral-jacksonvilleMany funeral homes offer cremation and funeral packages to simplify the selection of services for the consumer.  It is important to carefully check exactly what is included in any funeral services package.  Generally, you have a ‘simple’ or low-priced option for a cremation or burial.  This is commonly referred to as immediate cremation or immediate burial.  This budget funeral option will not include any services or ceremonies.

The mid-range cremation or funeral package will include a graveside service or memorial service.  A full traditional funeral package or Cremation Tribute will generally include all the trimmings of a full-service funeral ceremony.

How much will a traditional funeral cost in Jacksonville?

As mentioned above funeral prices can, and do, vary significantly.  A traditional funeral can cost anything up to around $10,000 when including in all fees and costs.  However, it is possible to arrange a traditional funeral on a budget and spend only a few thousand dollars for a dignified ceremony.

Direct cremation in Jacksonville

A direct cremation is a popular option in Jacksonville.  A direct cremation simply means that the funeral home handles the immediate cremation of the deceased without conducting any services or ceremony.  The deceased is collected, sheltered, and prepared for cremation.  A basic cremation container is used for the cremation and the cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary urn.

How do I choose a cremation provider in Jacksonville?

It can be daunting knowing where to start if you need to arrange a funeral and do not have a preferred or recommended funeral home to contact.  It can help to make a list of questions and/or your criteria.  This can help you if you need to compare services and prices between funeral homes.  If the cost is an important factor and you need to arrange a low-cost funeral, then we would recommend you contact the DFS Memorials provider for Jacksonville.

Low-cost cremation in Jacksonville

DFS Memorials offers a complete direct cremation in Jacksonville for $695.

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Is there any help with cremation costs in Jacksonville?

There is very limited financial aid for funeral costs.  All states/counties have different rules and budgets for the level of public aid they have (if any).  If you are struggling financially and worried about how you can pay for a funeral, you may wish to try consulting your county social services or human services.   The state is responsible for dealing with indigent burials, but this is generally just for those individuals who become the responsibility of the state.

Social Security offers a lump sum death benefit of $255 to those that qualify and veterans are entitled to certain benefits.  There are also unions, church, and charity organizations that may assist a family with fund-raising to pay for funeral expenses.  If finances are a concern – the most important thing is to try and keep your funeral costs down as much as possible.

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$675: Lowest cost cremation in Austin, TX

The market for low-cost direct cremation is competitive in Austin, and to help families understand the cremation options available to them and the costs involved, we have compiled this short guide to arranging a low-cost cremation in Austin, TX.

Until recent years the cremation rate was low in Austin but the poor economic climate of recent years has resulted in a trend towards cremation as a lower-cost funeral alternative.

How can you save money by arranging a cremation?

Opting for a cremation service removes the need for a number of expensive funeral items.  Embalming is not necessary, nor is a casket, and cemetery fees can be eliminated altogether if the cremated remains are not interred in a plot or are scattered.  Even if the decision is made to inter cremated remains in a cremation niche, this can work out much cheaper than full burial and cemetery expenses.

All-in-all, you can save at least 40-50% of the cost of an average traditional funeral by opting for a cremation service instead.  The average cost of a funeral (according to the National Funeral Directors Association 2019 is $7,640 and this does NOT include any cemetery costs.

What is the cost of a cremation in Austin?

The average cost of a cremation in Austin is around $3,500.  This is for a service replacing the traditional funeral and includes the full services of the funeral home to prepare the deceased, conduct a funeral ceremony, and the selection of a mid-range cremation urn.

Low-cost cremation in Austin

If you require a funeral on a budget, or simply want a no-fuss cremation disposition, then a direct cremation is the least expensive cremation option.  A direct cremation can be arranged in Austin for just $675.00.  A direct cremation involves the funeral home or crematory collecting the deceased, sheltering him/her for the required 48-hour waiting period, and then conducting the cremation.  There are no services or viewing, and a basic cremation container is used for the purpose of the cremation.  The cremated remains are generally returned in a temporary container.

cremation servicesComparing cremation costs and providers in Austin

Cremation costs do vary considerably between funeral homes in Austin, even for the very same service.  It is important to shop around and compare prices to ensure you are getting value for money.  Do make sure you compare like for like cremation packages.  Ensure you check EXACTLY what is included in any direct cremation package.  Often what appears cheap can work out more when you add in those hidden extras.  Is a copy of the death certificate included?  Is the cremation container included in the price? What fee would be charged for refrigerated storage if the cremation cannot proceed after 48 hours?  Are there any hidden fees for collecting out of hours or from a residential address?

Hopefully, this information can assist you to make an informed decision about which cremation service provider offers the best value cremation service in Austin.

The DFS Memorials provider in Austin offers the most competitive direct cremation price for the Greater Austin area.

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Is there any help with cremation costs in Austin?

Financial assistance for funeral expenses is not widely available.  Each state/county has its own budget to deal with indigent burials (those that become the responsibility of the state) but any other assistance can be limited.  You need to contact your local Social or Human Services if you are in need of aid and find out if you qualify for any support.

There is the $255 Social Security death benefit for those that qualify, and of course, veterans are entitled to a free cemetery plot/cremation niche and grave marker.

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Cremation costs in Richmond, VA – $1,550

The cremation trend is sweeping across the United States and changing the way we think about arranging a funeral. Although the cremation rate in Virginia was recorded at just over 34% in 2011 – it is increasingly becoming a preferred option for many families and the cremation rate in Richmond is exponentially increasing.

Traditionalism and economic reasons for choosing cremation

Deciding whether to bury or cremate is very much a personal choice. For some families the decision is dictated by the budget they have for a funeral. A cremation service will cost much less than a traditional burial funeral. On average a cremation service is going to save you at least 40% on the cost of a burial, sometimes you can save as much as 60% on the cost of a burial service. More families are leaning towards cremation as it does offer a greater flexibility. The funeral service does not have to go ahead immediately. A cremation can be performed and then a service held at a later date convenient to the family.

The economy has certainly impacted on how we manage death care today. Many families simply cannot, or do not, want to spend unnecessarily on funeral costs. A cremation provides a simple, efficient and economical means to conduct a disposition.

How much does a cremation cost in Richmond?

Firstly it is important to state that cremation prices in Richmond DO vary quite considerably between funeral homes, and depending what type of cremation service you opt for. Not all funeral homes have their own crematory but will use the services of a local crematory. A cremation costs in Richmond are still fairly expensive compared to many other cities and a simple cremation in Richmond can cost anywhere between $1,550 and $4,000 for the exact same service.

A basic cremation can be conducted in Richmond for $1,550 complete*. This is what is known as a “direct cremation”. No services are performed, the deceased is collected, transported to the funeral facility, prepared for cremation and the cremation is conducted. The cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary plastic urn. If desired the family can arrange a brief final goodbye viewing at the funeral home.

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What type of cremation services are available?

You can select from a range of cremation services and packages. These will start with a basic cremation without any additional services, which is the cheapest type of cremation package. You can have a full service funeral that is followed by the cremation, a cremation followed by a memorial service, or just a viewing followed by a cremation. The change in the funeral industry today is the move towards ‘personalization’ and making a funeral service that fits the needs of the family, whatever they are. If you have any special requirements, these will always be met if possible, and feel free to call us on (804) 213-2899 to discuss your cremation requirements.

How do I know that the cremated remains I get back are my loved one’s remains?

cremation-richmondThis is probably the most common cremation question we are asked. Strict laws govern the cremation of human remains and identity checks have to be made along the way. The cremation retort has to be completely cleared following a cremation and only one cremation can be performed at a time. The remains are cleared into a machine that filters out any metal parts (tooth fillings, hip replacements etc) and then ground into the fine ‘dust’ that is returned as cremation ashes.

Understand the legal requirements for cremation in Richmond

As mentioned above, there are laws in place regarding the cremation of human remains. A cremation cannot be performed until a cremation permit is issued by the medical examiner’s office. The legal next of kin must sign a Cremation Authorization Form, and there is a mandatory legal waiting period in Virginia of 24 hours before a cremation can go ahead.

It is not necessary to embalm a body for cremation and refrigerated storage is used to preserve the body until the cremation is performed. The funeral home will generally store the body for up to 5 days in refrigerated storage at no extra charge. If the cremation does not go ahead within 5 days, an additional fee for storage may be incurred.

What can we do with the cremated remains?

Cremation offers some greater flexibility in what you can do with the cremated remains once you have them returned. You can, of course, inter them in a grave plot or niche. However, you can choose to store them in an urn at home or scatter the cremated remains. There are also options such as having cremation artifacts made from cremated remains such as cremation diamonds, glass jewelry, bird baths and paintings.

Preplanning an affordable cremation service

funeral-costs-richmond-vaIf you wish to preplan a simple cremation you can lock in a low cost cremation price of $1,495. This may depend upon your age at the time of setting up a prepaid cremation plan. A cremation plan can be set up using an insurance policy where the funds are put into a trust. You can also opt to preplan your cremation service without prepaying. This ensures that your surviving family can proceed with arrangements at the time of need, without having to worry about completing the paperwork or make difficult decisions. The money to pay for the cremation can be put aside in a POD account (Payable on Death) which your beneficiary can draw out upon death immediately without probate.

Veteran Funerals in Richmond

There are certain discounts and benefits that are available to Veterans. A Veteran is entitled to a free cemetery plot and grave marker and a US Flag. There are also sometimes reductions on the cost of a death certificate for a Veteran.

Overweight body cremation in Richmond

A standard cremation at the inclusive cremation cost of $1,550 is for a person who weighed up to 300 pounds. Over this weight there is an additional charge as additional work is required to prepare the body, reinforce the cremation container and extra gas usage. The additional amount will depend upon the weight of the deceased. The crematory in Richmond can cremate a body up to 800 pounds.

No life insurance – what help is there with cremation costs?

It is sadly a reality that more folks are passing without leaving the means to pay for their funeral. If you are faced with this situation, you need to explore what help may be available to you. Social Security pay out a $255 lump sum death benefit (if you qualify) and your funeral director can assist you with this.

The support for indigent burials differs so much by state and county. To find out what may be available you should contact Leon County or your local County Human Services Departments.

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*death certificates not included in basic direct cremation package

$895 simple cremation service in Cape Coral, FL

This brief guide aims to help you arrange a simple cremation in Cape Coral for the cost of $895.  If you are concerned about the cost of a funeral in Cape Coral, or merely do not want to spend unnecessarily on death care costs, then we can help you arrange everything for one low cost. Cremation is already a popular option in Florida, and yet the cost of a cremation service can vary considerably!

How much does a cremation cost in Cape Coral?

Cremation service Cape Coral FLAlthough the funeral industry is being dragged into the 21st century screaming and kicking, it is still pretty much resisting open price disclosure.

The FTC funeral rule means that a funeral home MUST have a General Price List (GPL) which must clearly outline their fees and that they should openly provide you with a GPL if you make an inquiry (by phone or in person).

However, the reality is that many funeral homes still do not put prices on their website and may even not be open about revealing full and complete costs when you call.  For this reason we have put together this guide to give you an idea of what costs to expect.

A full cremation service can amount to around $3,000, but a simple cremation can be performed for a fraction of the price.  If you opt to employ the services of a local, family-owned funeral home that understands the need for simple and affordable funeral services, and is not looking to nickel and dime families, you can conduct a basic cremation for as little as $895.

More families are choosing cremation as a disposition option as it is so much more affordable than a burial.  A cremation will cost you at least half of the cost of a traditional burial, if not more.  This is largely because you remove the need for several of the expensive purchases required for a burial – casket, grave liner and cemetery plot, plus also the cost to embalm.

Save money by arranging a direct cremation in Cape Coral

The most affordable cremation option is called a direct cremation.  This is where the deceased is collected, transferred to the crematory and cremated in a simple cremation container, and then the cremated remains returned directly to the family without any viewing or service.   A memorial service can be arranged at a later date if the family so desire, and the family can even arrange their own memorial service, which can be another way to save on the cost of a funeral.

cremation-service-cape-coralHow do I know that the cremated remains I get back are my loved one’s remains?

This is a question that many families ask.  Be assured that strict legislation governs how human cremations can be conducted and only one person can be cremated at once.

What do I legally need to know about arranging a cremation in Cape Coral?

As a cremation is so final there are laws that govern how a cremation can proceed. All crematory operators are certified and a ‘Cremation Authorization Form’ must be signed by the legal next of kin, or authorizing agent, before a cremation can be conducted.  A cremation container is required but this need not be a casket and can be a simple reinforced cardboard box, and embalming is not required prior to cremation.  This all helps to keep the costs down.  There is a mandatory waiting period of 48 hours before a cremation can proceed after the death.

The cost of Cremation Permit fees and death certificates in Lee County

The only additional fees to be paid with a simple cremation are the fees that Lee County charge.  This is the fee for issuing a death certificate, and the Medical Examiner’s fee for issuing the cremation permit.   A death certificate costs $10.00 and Lee County Medical Examiner’s office charge $45.00

What can we do with the cremated remains?

This is another question that is frequently asked.  Cremation opens up more possibilities about how to conduct the final disposition of remains.  Arranging a simple low cost cremation can save you money, and there is no reason why you cannot conduct your own memorial service once you have the cremated remains returned.  There is no reason why a memorial service needs to be held at a funeral home.  It can be held outdoors, at a community venue, golf clubhouse or your place of worship.

ash-scattering-cape-coralYou can inter cremated remains in an existing grave plot or a cremation niche, or choose to scatter in a designated memorial garden.  However, there will still be a charge for interment or scattering in a designated cemetery.  You can keep the cremated remains at home in a cremation urn or you can choose to conduct your own ash scattering ceremony.  If you choose to scatter on private land you need the landowners consent.  You can scatter cremated remains on public land but you do need to observe some ‘common-sense’ ash scattering guidelines.  You may need to check whether a permit is required for municipal or state owned public spaces.  Of course, you can scatter of the coast into the Gulf of Mexico if you wish and there are numerous boat charters in the Southwest Florida area that offer this service.

cremation-plan-cape-coralCan I pre-arrange a simple cremation plan?

Even a basic low cost cremation can be preplanned and prepaid.  This is all carefully legislated and an insurance product can be used to fund a cremation plan.  You can even preplan a basic cremation for $895 by completing all the necessary documentation ahead of time and making payments on a payment plan.

Arranging a Veteran Funerals in Cape Coral

Certain benefits are available to Veterans.  A Veteran is entitled to a free cemetery plot and grave marker. In some cases a funeral home will offer a discount on services to a Veteran.

What does it cost to cremate an overweight person?

The cremation cost advertised by funeral homes is generally for a body weight of up to 300 pounds.  For a body over this weight, an extra charge may be levied, but this will depend on how large the deceased was.

The deceased had no life insurance – is there any help with cremation costs in Cape Coral?

It can be distressing enough to deal with a death, but even more upsetting if there are no funds to cover the cost of a cremation.  Sadly this is happening more often for families today.  If the deceased had no life insurance, it is likely that the funeral home will need full payment for a direct cremation when you sign the funeral contract. There is a $255 lump sum death benefit payment form Social Security (if the deceased qualified) and the funeral director can help submit your claim for this.  If you have concerns about how you are going to pay for a funeral – visit this guide on ‘Options for paying for a Funeral’.

If you have any further questions about arranging a funeral or cremation in Cape Coral, whether you are preplanning, or a death has just occurred – Call (239) 244-2418  Our funeral director is on hand 24/7 to answer any questions you have.