Arranging a low-cost cremation or funeral in Jacksonville, FL

Today we are all more discerning consumers, and this concern for saving money even extends to purchasing funeral services.  An average funeral can cost around $9,000 (according to the National Funeral Directors Association 2019) and yet this cost does not even include cemetery fees.  When many families are struggling paycheck to paycheck, overspending on funeral expenses is just not an option! In this article, we aim to give you an overview of arranging a low-cost cremation or an affordable burial service in Jacksonville.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Jacksonville?

Florida is the ‘sunshine state’, and a popular retirement destination has a higher than average cremation rate.  In many cases, the family finds it more convenient (and cheaper) to arrange for a simple cremation and then ship or transport the cremated remains.  It is possible to arrange a basic cremation with a licensed funeral home in Jacksonville for $795.

The cost of a basic cremation can vary between different funeral service providers in Jacksonville, therefore an average cremation cost is nearer to $2,200.  How much your cremation will cost will largely depend upon what type of cremation service you select, and which provider you opt to conduct the service.

Florida is one of only 2 states that DO license Direct Disposers.  These are businesses that can ONLY conduct direct dispositions.  They are NOT licensed funeral establishments and cannot offer the additional range of services that a funeral home can offer.  Although a Direct Disposer may appear to offer a very competitive direct cremation price, you do need to consider what ‘hidden’ extras you may pay for, and the limitations of the service package that can be offered.

How can you save money by arranging a cremation?

A low-cost cremation can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of a burial in Jacksonville.  Choosing cremation removes the need for a burial plot, burial vault, a casket, and even embalming.  It is possible to have a funeral services provider conduct the cremation for you, and then arrange your own memorial service.  This is a key way to save money whilst also personalizing a life celebration memorial.

low-cost-cremation-funeral-jacksonvilleMany funeral homes offer cremation and funeral packages to simplify the selection of services for the consumer.  It is important to carefully check exactly what is included in any funeral services package.  Generally, you have a ‘simple’ or low-priced option for a cremation or burial.  This is commonly referred to as immediate cremation or immediate burial.  This budget funeral option will not include any services or ceremonies.

The mid-range cremation or funeral package will include a graveside service or memorial service.  A full traditional funeral package or Cremation Tribute will generally include all the trimmings of a full-service funeral ceremony.

How much will a traditional funeral cost in Jacksonville?

As mentioned above funeral prices can, and do, vary significantly.  A traditional funeral can cost anything up to around $10,000 when including in all fees and costs.  However, it is possible to arrange a traditional funeral on a budget and spend only a few thousand dollars for a dignified ceremony.

Direct cremation in Jacksonville

A direct cremation is a popular option in Jacksonville.  A direct cremation simply means that the funeral home handles the immediate cremation of the deceased without conducting any services or ceremony.  The deceased is collected, sheltered, and prepared for cremation.  A basic cremation container is used for the cremation and the cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary urn. A low-cost direct cremation can be arranged for just $795 in Jacksonville.

How do I choose a cremation provider?

It can be daunting knowing where to start if you need to arrange a funeral and do not have a preferred or recommended funeral home to contact.  It can help to make a list of questions and/or your criteria.  This can help you if you need to compare services and prices between funeral homes.  If the cost is an important factor and you need to arrange a low-cost funeral, then we would recommend you contact the DFS Memorials provider for Jacksonville.

DFS Memorials offers a complete direct cremation in Jacksonville for a low-cost of $795.

Call (904) 395-7939

Is there any help with cremation costs in Jacksonville?

There is very limited financial aid for funeral costs.  All states/counties have different rules and budgets for the level of public aid they have (if any).  If you are struggling financially and worried about how you can pay for a funeral, you may wish to try consulting your county social services or human services.   The state is responsible for dealing with indigent burials, but this is generally just for those individuals who become the responsibility of the state.

Social Security offers a lump sum death benefit of $255 to those that qualify and veterans are entitled to certain benefits.  There are also unions, church, and charity organizations that may assist a family with fund-raising to pay for funeral expenses.  If finances are a concern – the most important thing is to try and keep your funeral costs down as much as possible.

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