What does a cremation cost in Denver, CO?

Do you need to arrange an immediate cremation, or wish to preplan a simple, low-cost cremation – but want to find out what Denver cremation costs to expect?  The price for cremation can vary depending upon which cremation services provider you select in Denver, and what type of cremation service you opt for.

Cremation prices: what average cremation costs to expect

It will probably come as no surprise when I state that the cost of a cremation can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.  Every funeral home in Denver should have a general price list (GPL) and be prepared to disclose this with you when you make an inquiry.  Their GPL should provide an itemized breakdown of their service charges and merchandise prices.  Many funeral homes will also offer special cremation packages, where they offer an inclusive package of services from their GPL.  This can sometimes make it easier to arrange cremation services without running up a large funeral bill!

Funeral expenses are generally made up of components from the GPL.  There is a professional service fee (for the services of the funeral director and which generally includes a proportion of their overhead), fees for using the facilities, preparation of the body (cosmetology/embalming), transportation, memorial items (guest book/prayer items) and then additional ‘cash advance’ items which are payable to a third party and include such as permits, death certificates, obituaries, and flowers.

Different types of cremation packages 

Because there are so many variations of cremation services and packages, it can be quite difficult to quote general costs.  There are typically 3 main types of cremation services:

  • A basic cremation with no services – often referred to as a simple cremation
  • A full-service cremation – with a traditional funeral ceremony
  • A cremation memorial service – the cremation is performed and a service held later with or without the cremated remains present

A basic cremation can start at around $999, whereas a full-service cremation may cost in the region of $3,000.  According to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) the average cost of a cremation is $2,250.

funeral-costs-denverWhat is the lowest cost of cremation in Denver?

The lowest cost cremation option is a direct cremation, sometimes called an immediate cremation.   A direct cremation is the industry term for a basic cremation with minimal services.

To save on costs you could even opt for a direct cremation and hold your own memorial at home or a place of your choosing.

Understanding cremation laws in Denver

Funeral homes that operate a crematory have to adhere to a strict protocol that governs the cremation of human remains.  Before cremation can proceed, the next of kin must sign the cremation authorization form, and the deceased must be identified.  Throughout all steps of the cremation, procedure checks are in place to ensure the remains are identified.  A casket is not required for cremation, the law requires that just a rigid cremation container is required, and this can generally be a rigid cardboard container. There is usually a mandatory waiting period of between 24-48 hours before a cremation can be performed.

Comparing cremation prices in Denver

Because the cost of cremation services in Denver can differ so much, it is recommended that you do shop around and compare prices. However, it is important to ensure that you do compare like for like cremation services.  If a provider has a cremation package – check exactly what is included.  In some cases, a simple cremation package may appear cheap but may have some hidden costs.  Check that the cremation container is included and not an additional cost.  Also be aware that cash advances, such as the death certificate and cremation permit, may be added to a package price, although some providers do include them.

Our $999 direct cremation package includes a choice of cremation urn from our selection of 25 urns.

Arranging a low cost cremation in Boca Raton FL – $696

Cremation is a popular disposition choice in Florida, and the SE Florida area has one of the lowest cost cremation prices in the U.S. This is partly due to the fact that Florida is one of only 2 states where direct disposers are licensed.

A direct disposer does not have to operate a funeral establishment or an embalming facility to legally run a cremation-only business, and this can significantly cut down on overheads. However, be careful, as sometimes the seemingly cheap cremation price that a direct disposer offers will not include some services that a licensed funeral home includes.

Comparing the cost of cremation in Boca Raton, FL

We all like to price-compare these days and ensure we are getting value for money, and when finances can be tight, it can be just as important to make sure that you are not over-spending on a funeral. Prices for a cremation vary, different cremation service providers charge different prices, and the cost of a cremation service can depend upon what type of service you want.

It is possible to arrange a basic, simple cremation in Boca Raton FL for just under $700 complete. This is a direct cremation, where no service or ceremony is held before the deceased is cremated. Family can, however, choose to hold a memorial service once they have the cremated remains returned. A cremation with a viewing or service starts at around $1,295. A full-service cremation can cost anywhere between $1,595 and $3,500.

The $696 direct cremation offered by the DFS Memorials provider in Boca Raton is offered from an independent full-service funeral home.  This means that they do have the full facilities to offer additional services should you decide you require them.  However, their direct cremation package price remains extremely well-priced for those wanting a simple dignified cremation from a reputable local funeral home.

What is included in a direct cremation?

A simple direct cremation service includes:

  • Collection of the deceased from the place of death
  • Transfer to the funeral facility
  • Shelter of the deceased
  • Filing of death certificate and cremation permit
  • The cremation process
  • Return of the cremated remains in a temporary cremation urn
  • One copy of the death certificate

direct-cremationHow can you save money when arranging a cremation service?

A direct cremation is the most economical means of disposition there is. In Boca Raton a direct cremation can be conducted for $696 complete, making this very affordable funeral option.   If you need to keep funeral costs down, then a simple cremation arranged through a cremation provider, is your lowest cost cremation option. You can then arrange your own memorial services once you have the cremated remains returned. This significantly cuts down on funeral expenses.

What help is there with cremation costs in Boca Raton?

If qualifying for Social Security, you may be entitled to the lump sum death benefit payment of $255. The funeral director will generally assist you with submitting the claim to Social Security. Of course, many people use life insurance policies to off-set funeral costs, but with a direct cremation, the funeral provider will require payment upfront.

There is very limited public assistance support for funeral costs and this can vary by county.   Check out Palm Beach County Human Services Department.