A Guide to Cremation Costs in Texas 2022

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What is the average cost of a funeral in Texas today?

Texans are turning to the internet to compare prices and get more fair deals.  So why not ensure we apply the same mentality to checking cremation costs?  Traditional funerals are expensive.  The average cost of a funeral service in Texas is $5,192*, and this does not include any cemetery fees.  Adding cemetery expenses is likely to bring the full cost up to $7,000 – $9,000 for a ‘standard’ funeral service.  More extravagant funerals can cost double this!

In reality, not many families can afford to pay out thousands for a funeral service these days.  A key reason why the cremation rate has increased so significantly in recent years. Choosing cremation reduces funeral expenses dramatically.  In fact, opting for a simple direct cremation can reduce your funeral expense to less than $1,000 in most cities in Texas.

What is the average cost of cremation in Texas?

Quoting the average cost of a cremation can depend on the type of cremation service.  It is fair to say that the average price for a cremation service is around $2,000 – $3,000 for a simple service.  You can pay more for an elaborate cremation funeral with a gathering.  Or you can pay less for just a basic cremation service.

As you can eliminate certain items from the funeral expenses, such as embalming, a casket, a grave liner, and a cemetery plot – this does save you money on the full cost of a funeral with burial.

What is the least expensive cremation service?

Direct cremation is the least expensive cremation option.  This is when just cremation is carried out, with no additional services or ceremony.  It is a simple, dignified cremation of the deceased with minimal ‘fuss’ and at a minimal cost.

The cremated remains are returned to the next of kin after everything has been taken care of.  A family can choose to hold a memorial service if they wish when they are ready.

Direct cremation cost comparison in the 16 top cities in Texas

To help you understand how cremation costs can (and do) vary considerably, we have compiled some data on cremation costs in the major cities across Texas.  The table below provides a breakdown of the average direct cremation price vs. a low-cost direct cremation.  As you can see, in most areas, a direct cremation service can be arranged for less than $1,000.


Average direct cremation cost*

Low cost direct cremation

Immediate help

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(512) 253-1110





College Station



(979) 314-3889

Corpus Christi



(361) 208-0765




(214) 380-4964

East Texas




El Paso



(915) 201-2446

Fort Worth



(817) 369-5240




(713) 309-6059













San Antonio



(210) 460-1911




(254) 221-6609

Are there extra fees added to a low-cost cremation service package?

The service charge for a direct cremation is listed on the funeral provider’s General Price List. This should include the basic services of the funeral director, collection and transfer of the deceased, completing the legal paperwork, and conducting the cremation.  It usually includes a simple cardboard cremation container and a temporary urn.

The funeral director will pay third-party fees to the local county to obtain the death certificate and pay for any permit charges.  These are third-party fees that are added to the direct cremation service fee.  Cremation permit fees vary by county but are generally between $10 – $40 (if a charge is made).

Death certificates cost $20.00 for the initial certificate and $3.00 for each additional copy ordered at the same time.

Other possible additional charges would be:

  • Residential collection
  • Removal of a pace-maker
  • Overweight surcharge (above 250 pounds)
  • Family arrangement consultation
  • Mailing of cremated remains

What Texas funeral legislation governs cremation arrangements?

Texas has a mandatory 48-hour wait period after death before a cremation can proceed. As cremation is such a final disposition and destroys all DNA, some strict codes and rules govern the cremation of human remains.  A ‘Cremation Authorization Form’ must be signed by the legal next of kin before the county coroner can issue a cremation permit.

Can you get a free cremation in Texas?

Unfortunately, very little in life or death is ‘free’!  What is sometimes referred to as a “free” cremation or “no-cost” cremation is actually a whole-body donation.  Once the donation is performed, the remains are cremated free of charge.  However, there are costs associated with transporting the deceased and obtaining death certificates in some cases.  Read more in this funeral planning guide.

Is there any financial assistance towards funeral expenses for families with no money?

Local Texas counties manage their own budgets to assist needy families and take care of the needs of indigents.  You should contact your local county’s social or human services department to inquire if any support is available.

Other organizations, charities, and church groups may offer some contribution to help families who are struggling with funeral expenses.  Arranging a basic direct cremation is the most economical option.

What happens if I cannot pay for a funeral?

The responsibility to pay the funeral bill falls to the immediate next of kin if the deceased had no pre-paid funeral plan or life insurance.  This can be very stressful if you lose a family member and become responsible for the funeral arrangements without any resources.  This resource on What to do if you cannot afford a funeral might help.

Do any cremation service providers offer discounts for hospice patients?

Yes, some cremation service providers do offer a discount to hospice patients seeking a direct cremation.  A discount is often based on the relationship with the hospice and the ease of arranging the collection and completing paperwork. This can reduce the time, and manpower the funeral director needs to allocate to a case, and therefore he can offset this in the means of a discount to a hospice cremation service.

How much does a cremation cost if the deceased is at the Medical Examiner’s morgue?

If the deceased is at the coroner’s office, you will need to make arrangements with a funeral service provider to collect the body when the coroner signs the release form.  You will need to give authorization to the funeral director to collect your loved one and transfer him or her into their care.

As most funeral directors deal with the coroner’s office on a regular basis, and the ME issues the authorization and permit to cremate, it can make the arrangements easier.  For this reason, some funeral homes can offer a budget direct cremation when handling remains from the Medical Examiner.

* Average direct cremation prices data gathered from Funeralocity 2022.  Low-cost direct cremation prices obtained from DFS Memorials providers in Texas.


Arranging a low cost cremation in Columbus, OH

If you are worried about how much a funeral is going to cost in Columbus, you may wish to find a low cost cremation instead. Many families today just want a simple and affordable alternative. This short guide we have put together should help you understand cremation costs in Columbus and what options are available to you.

How much does a basic cremation cost in Columbus?

low-cost-cremationThis is a key question many families use the Internet to try and find out.  It is not always easy checking and comparing cremation prices online, as not every funeral home has a website, or better still, puts their cremation prices on it.  So we have put together what information we can to assist you compare cremation costs from providers in Columbus and understand how to arrange a low cost and dignified cremation service.

The cost for a cremation in Columbus does vary between funeral homes, and even for the exact same service.  We have included a sample cremation price comparison chart below to give you an idea of how a few funeral homes who offer more affordable cremations compare.

A direct cremation in Columbus will cost anywhere between $695.00 and $4,150, depending on the cremation provider and the type of cremation package you select.  The standard cost of a cremation is $3,177 [based on average costs from providers in Columbus].

Cremation Services in Columbus

Cremation packages range from a full service cremation funeral to a simple immediate cremation service.  A full service cremation funeral is much the same as a traditional funeral, only the deceased is cremated after the service instead of buried.  A cremation with a memorial service is usually where a service is held after the cremation with the cremated remains present.  There are also simple cremation services where minimal services or ceremony is held, and these are the least expensive cremation options.  A basic cremation is sometimes referred to as a simple cremation or an immediate cremation.  The trade term for a basic cremation is a direct cremation service.

Direct cremation in Columbus

You can conduct a direct cremation in Columbus for around $895  However, you can pay over 5 times this fee if you do not shop around and compare direct cremation costs.  As I have already mentioned, the cost for a direct cremation can vary quite significantly between different funeral service providers.  The majority of funeral homes in Columbus charge between $1,099 and $2,405 for a basic direct cremation.  The average cost for a basic cremation in Columbus is $1,880.  To give families an overview of pricing, I have listed a selection below.  The funeral homes that offer a more affordable cremation option are compared in a chart in the next section of this article.

Funeral Services Provider                                             Direct Cremation Price

Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Services                 $2,405
Egan-Ryan Funeral Services                                          $2,295
Rutherford Funeral Homes & Crematories                   $1,995
Weir-Arend Funeral Home                                              $1,795
Moreland Funeral Home                                                 $1,570
Novak Funeral Home                                                      $1,500
Deyo-Davis Funeral Home                                             $1,495
Newcomer Funeral Homes & Crematories                   $1,295
Long Funeral Home                                                        $1,150
Quint John & Sons Funeral Home                                 $1,099

How do low cost cremation providers compare in Columbus

There are a number of funeral homes that do offer a basic cremation for under $1,000 in Columbus:

D W Cremation [Diehl Whittaker]              $1,295
Ohio Cremation & Memorial Society         $1,195
Leaf Cremation                                            $895
Caliman Funeral Services                           $795
Heritage Cremation Society                       $795

Disclaimer: This cremation cost information was obtained from providers in December 2017. Prices are posted to help families make informed decisions. However, periodically providers change their prices. We make every effort to ensure the prices are accurate, but prices must be verified directly with the listed funeral home.

Choosing a cremation provider in Columbus?

It can be mind-blowing deciding which funeral home to select.  Just these few cremation companies I have outlined here demonstrate the choices put before families.  We are moving away from ‘tradition’ and the notion of just choosing the nearest funeral home to conduct services.  Several funeral companies in Columbus now offer basic cremation services throughout the whole state of Ohio – so the whole notion of the local is not once it was!  It is important to have a clear idea of what you want from a cremation provider.  If price is king, then check you are dealing with a reputable company.  Several funeral providers in Columbus that offer low cost cremations are actually long established local funeral homes that offer a budget cremation arm.

Is there any help with cremation costs in Columbus?

We are asked this question frequently these days and the honest answer is that there is some help available (should you qualify) but it is so patchy what level is available by area.  Our best advice is that you contact your local county Social Services or Human Services and inquire about public assistance funerals or financial aid for a funeral.  Each state does have an obligation to deal with indigent burials but this is generally only for those unfortunate individuals who become the responsibility of the state.

There is $255 from Social Security as a lump sum death benefit if you qualify and a funeral director can generally help you with claiming this.  If you are purchasing a basic cremation most funeral homes will require payment upfront.  However, there are payment plans and even finance that can help you spread the cost of funeral expenses.  Special rates and discounts are offered by some funeral homes to certain union groups or in special circumstances.

What happens if the deceased is taken to the Coroner’s Office?

If there were circumstances surrounding the death that led to the deceased being taken to the County Coroner’s office, you will need to employ the services of a funeral director as soon as possible to liaise with the Coroner to have the body released into their care.  Only a licensed funeral director can collect a body from the Coroner’s morgue.

As funeral directors are familiar with the process, and the body is released with death certificate & cremation permit, it is generally easy to maintain a low cost to offer a direct cremation service for an individual that has been in the care of the Medical Examiner

DFS Memorials Columbus service area includes –

Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Madison and Pickaway Counties and all of the Greater Columbus area. Outside of this area – please call to check additional mileage charge.

What is a direct cremation service? A simple and affordable alternative

direct-cremation-servicesIt is common knowledge that we are experiencing a cremation trend in the United States but maybe not as readily acknowledged that there has also been a growing demand for direct cremation services.

A direct cremation is a simple cremation without any ceremony or additional services being offered by the funeral services provider.

Some funeral service providers refer to it as a “direct cremation with no ceremonial services”.  The deceased is collected from the place of death, transferred to a crematory and/or funeral home, all the legal documentation is completed and then the deceased is cremated and the cremated remains returned directly to the family.

The growing demand for this type of cremation service is largely due to the need for more affordable and simple disposition services.  More families either cannot afford an expensive funeral service, or simply do not want to spend unnecessarily on funeral costs.  Aside from the cost factor, more families do not want fussy traditional funeral rituals and more families are dispersed than living together in a state or city, so a simple cremation can provide an effective and efficient means to take care of the remains of a loved one.

Which funeral service providers offer direct cremation services?

I believe it is fair to say that nearly all funeral service locations offer a “direct cremation” service on their General Price List.  It is often towards the bottom of the price list.  It can be the lowest cost cremation service on a price list as it involves the most minimal services from the funeral location.  Historically it has not been promoted as a service offering as many funeral directors feel it does not reflect the level of service they would prefer to offer a family.  And, of course, there is not the same level of profit in a direct cremation!

The funeral profession, in the main, still feel that we need the ritual of a funeral service in order to have closure on a death.  Although I can acknowledge that this is very important to some individuals, some families today do not feel that an immediate ritual is necessary.

Some funeral providers have opted to focus on cremation, and sometimes indeed direct cremation, as the core of their funeral businesses.  These providers will clearly promote their direct cremation packages and prices.

Independent Cremation Societies have emerged offering a variety of cremation services, including direct cremation.  Service Corporation International has its cremation brands with National Cremation and Neptune Society.  A number of online cremation networks or portals have emerged that help you arrange a direct cremation online at a lower cost.  These vary between networks of independent funeral homes such as DFS Memorials, Parting.com and Cremation.com who all openly disclose the funeral homes that participate in their network and direct you immediately to the local funeral home.

In difference to these networks there are also online portals trying to capitalize on the opportunity to resell cremation services into funeral businesses at a cost and not disclosing which funeral company you would be dealing with.  Heritage Cremation Provider, Legacy Cremation Services and Simple Cremation Online are examples of such portals.

Direct cremation is going to provide the simplest and most economical disposition method for those who either do not want any services, or cannot afford services.   As this market grows there will be more and more competition between funeral service providers, and it will be imperative to ensure you compare prices and inclusive services and check exactly WHO you are dealing with.