Low cost cremation in Tampa – $1,095

Cremation is now the preferred disposition choice for families in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  Not only is cremation the preferred choice, but also direct cremation is very popular in Tampa, making cremation options very affordable.

A direct cremation service is the lowest-cost cremation option for a family.  In Tampa, a direct cremation can cost as little as $1,095.

Direct Cremation Providers in Tampa

Florida is one of only two states in the U.S. that licenses what are known as ‘Direct Disposers’. This means that a company can deliver direct cremations in Tampa without being a licensed funeral home with a large facility.

Direct disposal companies are often viewed as ‘discount’ cremation providers, but this is because they do not have to maintain the overhead of a full funeral facility and can pass these savings on to their customers by offering a low-cost direct cremation service package.

This does mean that a direct disposal establishment cannot offer any incremental services, such as a viewing, ceremony, or other ancillary funeral services.

The DFS Memorials provider, Mortuary Services of Florida, is a licensed Direct Disposer Establishment as licensed by the Florida State Board F438949.  Licensed to conduct direct cremations only.

What does a direct cremation package generally include?

A direct cremation package typically includes the following (although this can vary by cremation services provider) :

  • Collecting the deceased from the place of death & transportation to the crematory
  • Minimum basic preparation of the deceased for the cremation
  • The cremation process/crematory fee
  • Refrigerated storage, if necessary
  • Filing all the required state permits, medical documents, and the death certificate
  • An alternative basic cremation container
  • A basic plastic urn or suitable receptacle for cremated remains
  • Making available the cremated remains for collection by the family

Note: the death certificate and cremation permit fee are sometimes at an additional cost to a direct cremation package.

What does a cremation cost in Tampa?

This is a question many families get online to find out today.  There is no simple or straightforward answer as cremation costs can vary considerably, depending upon the type of cremation service you select and which cremation services provider you choose!

What IS important is to be aware that costs can vary and be sure to check around.  A basic direct cremation can cost between $1,095 and $3,000 for the same service.  You will typically find that full-service funeral homes may charge a higher fee for a direct cremation service.

How to locate an affordable cremation service provider in Tampa

Cremation services providers, cremation societies, funeral homes, and direct disposers will all offer basic cremation services.  With over 30+ funeral service providers in Tampa, a simple, low-cost cremation can often be packaged under different names, such as an immediate cremation, a simple cremation, a basic cremation, and a direct cremation.

Locating an affordable cremation services provider can be challenging, as not all providers claiming to be affordable are truly offering the lowest cost cremation services.

Comparing cremation services, prices & packages in Tampa

As I have mentioned above, it is imperative that you do consider comparing cremation services, prices, and packages before making a decision.  With over 30 funeral homes in Tampa, there are plenty of offerings of full-service and more affordable cremation alternatives.

Our DFS Memorials provider for the Tampa area is a local, family-owned direct disposer serving the whole Tampa Bay area. Contact (813) 540-2344 to speak with them now.

What about Prepaid cremation plans?

You can prearrange a cremation plan in Tampa.  Most funeral homes and cremation providers will offer pre-need cremation plans that can be funded through a trust fund or insurance policy.  If you wish to preplan low-cost cremation services, you must be prepared that the ‘at need’ low-cost cremation price can not be held for a pre-need plan.

The other alternative is to specify your wishes and put aside the appropriate funds in a Payable on Death (POD) account so that your family can access the funds at the time of death and use the money to pay for a cremation.  This is considered by many a safe and easy means to preplan a funeral or cremation.

What can we do with the Cremated Remains?

Cremation offers so many more options for memorialization.  You can inter a cremation urn in an existing grave plot or cremation columbarium (niche). Or choose to have a cremation ash artifact made.  Some families opt to have cremation ash blown into glass or cement and have jewelry, glasses, or garden ornaments made.

Check out our Memorialization Section for more ideas.

Having an Ash Scattering Memorial Tribute has become more popular. Especially in Florida, where tributes can be held on a quiet beach or at sea.

Visit our Complete Guide to Scattering Cremated Remains to learn more.

For further reading about arranging a cremation, the laws, pros and cons, and other FQAs – Check out this Ultimate Guide to Cremation 2023 on US Funerals Online.

Low-cost cremation services are available throughout the Tampa Bay area and Collier, Charlotte, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Pinellas, and Sarasota counties.