How to arrange a low cost cremation in Vancouver, BC

Direct cremation Vancouver BCDo you need to arrange a low-cost cremation in Vancouver?  Worried about the expense of arranging a funeral?  And looking for more alternative options?

At DFS Memorials we can help you save on funeral costs, whilst still ensuring you are dealing with a local, family-owned funeral business.  We offer an affordable ‘no-fuss’ direct cremation at one of the lowest prices in Vancouver.

How much should I expect to pay for a cremation?

More families are using the Internet to research cremation prices these days.  However, it can still be confusing as there is either a lack of pricing information from funeral homes or confusing information where prices seem different.

A direct cremation is the most simple and affordable cremation service.  This is cremation with no ceremony before cremation. The deceased is cremated and the cremation ashes returned directly to the family.  A direct cremation can be arranged for as little as $845 in VancouverCall now on (778) 608-2808 if you need immediate (or imminent) assistance with a low-cost direct cremation.

Comparing the cost of cremation in vancouver

We compared the price for a direct cremation from a number of funeral service providers in Vancouver.  As you can see from the chart below, the costs do range considerably.  The most expensive direct cremation service we found was with Forest lawn Funeral Home at $4,120.

Compare direct cremation prices in Vancouver

Funeral Home or Cremation Service Provider Direct Cremation cost
DFS Memorials $845
A Basic Cremation $920
Affordable Cremation & Burial $1,067
Oliveiera Funeral Home $1,350
Koru Cremation $1,685
McKenzie Funeral Services $1,705
Vancouver Memorial Services & Crematorium $2,015
Mount Pleasant Universal Funeral Home $2,780

Understanding the laws for arranging a cremation in BC

Because cremation is such a final disposition of human remains, certain provincial laws dictate how and when a cremation can proceed.  B.C. law requires that at least 48-hours transpire after the death before a cremation can take place.

Who can authorize a cremation?

The legal next of kin must have all (if more than one) signed & notarized a document to authorize cremation.  If pre-arranging a cremation, you can sign and authorize your wishes ahead of time.

Cremation Memorial ServiceWho is responsible for paying for a cremation funeral?

The responsibility for funeral expenses rests with the legal next of kin unless the deceased had a pre-paid funeral plan.

Do you need a casket for a cremation service?

The body does need to be contained in a suitable, rigid, leak-proof container for sanitary purposes.  However, a casket is NOT required.  Generally, for cremation, a wooden or reinforced cardboard container is used.

What can you do with the cremated remains in Vancouver?

Cremated remains are sterile, organic matter and there are many versatile options on what you can do with the remains.  Cremation ashes can be interred in a cremation niche, or existing grave plot. Or you can choose to keep the cremation urn at home or scatter the remains in a place of your choosing.  Due to the versatility of cremation, and how cremated remains can be mingled into products, there is also a range of cremation artifacts you can purchase to memorialize a loved one.  Anything from jewellry, birdbaths, glassware, and paintings!

What if the deceased is in the care of the Coroner in Vancouver, BC?

If your loved one died unattended or was in an accident, the death will fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Chief Coroner.  Once the Coroner has signed off on the cause of death, the body will be released to a funeral home, and cremation can be arranged.

The Regional Director of the OCM is based at Metrotower II Suite 800, 4720 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2

I have no money for a funeral.  What can I do? Funeral assistance for families in Vancouver.

In British Columbia, there is some assistance to help families cover necessary funeral costs if there are no resources in the deceased’s estate or from any of the ‘responsible’ next of kin.  Co-funding may also be available if the resources from the deceased’s estate cannot meet the full funeral expenses.  There is not a requirement to be recipients of BC Employment and Assistance.  Full information about eligibility and claiming can be found here on the official website of the Government of British Columbia on Funeral Costs.  You may be able to claim the basic cost of a cremation in Vancouver.

Cremation UrnsMedical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) and cremation services

British Columbia permits medical assistance to end intolerable suffering for those patients who wish to go ahead with physician-assisted euthanasia. Vancouver Coastal Health Authority has a designated person to assist individuals and their families.  If cremation is requested, this can be pre-arranged in conjunction with arrangements with the health authority, to ensure your loved one is immediately transferred into the care of the funeral home.

A complete basic cremation package costs just $845

To ask any questions or to start making arrangements call now on (778) 608-2808

DFS Memorials complete cremation at $845 is available to all residents of the Greater Vancouver area including Abbotsford, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Delta, Kamloops, Kelowna, Langley, Maple Ridge, Nanaimo, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam Prince, George, Richmond, Saanich, Surrey, and Victoria.

Arbor Memorial is the largest corporate death company in Canada with several locations in and around the Greater Vancouver Metro area.  Arbor Memorial also operates some cremation brands, as does Service Corporation International with Cremation Direct Canada.