Death away from home – a direct cremation & shipping cremated remains

As a more mobile population, deaths occurring away from home can present a challenge for bereaved families.  Arranging to transport a loved ones’ body back home, either across state lines by land, or over international borders by air, can seem a mammoth task to coordinate.  Mortuary shipping can be an expensive additional cost to a funeral, and many families are shocked when they find out just how much it is going to cost to transport a body.

A solution to the high costs of transporting a body

A growing solution is to conduct a direct cremation at the place of death, and then arrange to have the cremated remains shipped home.  This can negate the high cost associated with preparing the body for shipping, an approved shipping container/airline tray, mortuary shipping administration & consulate paperwork and expensive airline or gas transportation costs.

A direct cremation can be arranged in most locations for between $500 to $1,500 and shipping of cremated remains can be generally be achieved for around $60.00 domestically or around $200 – $300 internationally.

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