Selecting Affordable Funeral & Cremation Services in the Bronx, NY

Today’s families are seeking more affordable funeral alternatives.  Not many families either can afford, or want to spend, over $10,000 on a funeral service.  Cremation offers a much less expensive funeral alternative.  In fact, you can now arrange a very simple, no-fuss cremation for just $475 (+crematory fee) in The Bronx.

How funeral care is changing and economic reasons for choosing cremation

Direct cremation in the Bronx NYDeciding whether to bury or cremate is a personal choice.  For some families the decision is dictated by the budget they have for a funeral and a cremation service will cost less than a traditional burial funeral.

On average a cremation service is going to save you at least 40% on  the cost of a burial, sometimes you can save as much as 60% on the cost of a burial service.  More families are choosing cremation as it does offer a greater flexibility. The funeral service does not have to go ahead immediately.  Instead a cremation can be performed and the immediate disposition of the body dealt with and then a service held at a later date convenient to the family.

The economy has definitely impacted on how we are changing our approach to death care today.  Many families simply cannot, or do not, want to spend unnecessarily on funeral costs.  A cremation provides a simple, efficient and economical means to conduct a disposition.

How much does a funeral cost in Bronx?

This is not a simple question to answer as funeral costs can range significantly depending on the type of services and products selected, and the funeral services provider used.  The average cost of a funeral in Bronx is $6,841.

How much does a cremation cost in Bronx?

Firstly, a cremation WILL save you on funeral costs.  There is no requirement for a casket, cemetery plot or burial vault, which alone saves thousands of dollars.  Generally embalming is not required when a cremation is performed, so all-in-all you can save on many funeral expenses, meaning that a cremation will cost at least half, if not less, than the full cost of a burial funeral.

It is important to state that cremation prices in Bronx DO vary quite considerably between funeral homes, and depending what type of cremation service you opt for.  Not all funeral homes have their own crematory but will use the services of a local crematory.  The average cost of a cremation memorial is $3,915*, however, it is possible to find much lower-priced cremation services in Bronx.

How much is a direct cremation in Bronx, NY?

A basic cremation can be conducted in Bronx for as little as $475.  This is what is known as a “direct cremation”.  No services are performed, the deceased is collected, transported to the funeral facility, prepared for cremation and the cremation is conducted.  The cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary plastic urn.  If desired the family can arrange a brief final goodbye viewing at the funeral home.

The crematory fee is a third party cost, as funeral home sin New York are not allowed to own a crematory.  The crematory fee is $180 and the NYC cremation permit is $40.00, so this means the total cost is $695.

Call DFS Memorials now on (718) 285-6565 to arrange a low cost cremation for $475

cheap cremation The BronxWhat type of cremation services are available?

You can select from a range of cremation services and packages.  These will start with a basic cremation without any additional services, which is the cheapest type of cremation package.  You can have a full service funeral that is followed by the cremation, a cremation followed by a memorial service, or just a viewing followed by a cremation.  Cremation does offer versatility in what options you have, and when and where any services can be held.

How to compare cremation costs in Bronx, NY

As mentioned the cost of a cremation can vary enormously – for the exact same service – but from different cremation service providers.   Ensure that you compare like-for-like services.  Some cremation service providers include crematory fees and cremation container costs in a direct cremation package, and others do not always include these fees.  Death certificate fees and cremation permits are often additional ‘cash advance’ items.

How do I know that the cremated remains I get back are my loved one’s remains?

This is probably the most common cremation question we are asked.  Strict laws govern the cremation of human remains and identity checks have to be made along the way.  The cremation retort has to be completely cleared following a cremation and only one cremation can be performed at a time.  The remains are cleared into a machine that filters out any metal parts (tooth fillings, hip replacements etc) and then ground into the fine ‘dust’ that is returned as cremation ashes.

Understanding the legal requirements for cremation in Bronx

cremation plan the bronx nycAs mentioned above, there are laws in place regarding the cremation of human remains.  A cremation cannot be performed until a cremation permit is issued by the medical examiner’s office.  The legal next of kin must sign a Cremation Authorization Form.  There is a mandatory wait period of 24 hours after death in New York before the cremation can proceed.

It is not necessary to embalm a body for cremation and refrigerated storage is used to preserve the body until the cremation is performed.  The funeral home will generally store the body for up to 5 days in refrigerated storage at no extra charge.  If the cremation does not go ahead within 5 days, an additional fee for storage may be incurred.

What can we do with the cremated remains?

Cremation offers some greater flexibility in what you can do with the cremated remains once you have them returned.  You can, of course, inter them in a grave plot or niche.  However, you can choose to store them in an urn at home or scatter the cremated remains.  There are also options such as having cremation artifacts made from cremated remains such as cremation diamonds, glass jewelry, bird baths and paintings.

Preplanning an affordable cremation service

If you wish to preplan a simple cremation you can lock in a low cost cremation price.  This may depend upon your age at the time of setting up a prepaid cremation plan.  A cremation plan can be set up using an insurance policy where the funds are put into a trust.  You can also opt to preplan your cremation service without prepaying.  This ensures that your surviving family can proceed with arrangements at the time of need, without having to worry about completing the paperwork or making difficult decisions.  The money to pay for the cremation can be put aside in a POD account (Payable on Death) which your beneficiary can draw out upon death immediately without probate.

The deceased had no life insurance – is there any help with cremation costs?

It is sadly a reality that more folks are passing without leaving the means to pay for their funeral.  If you are faced with this situation, you need to explore what help may be available to you.  Social Security pay out a $255 lump sum death benefit (if you qualify) and your funeral director can assist you with this.

The support for indigent burials differs so much by state and county. Some counties do offer some financial assistance to low-income families, whereas in other counties only county indigent dispositions are conducted.  To find out what may be available you should contact Bronx County Social Services Department.

The deceased is at the Medical Examiner’s Office.  What do I do?

If the deceased was the victim of a crime, or there were unusual circumstances surrounding the death, the deceased’s body may be taken into the care of the coroner for an examination to determine the cause of death.  You will need to employ the services of a funeral director as soon as possible to coordinate the release of your loved one from the ME’s office.

A deceased person can only be released into the care of a licensed funeral director.  Many funeral homes are familiar with the process to liaise with the ME to have the body released as quickly as possible.  You may also find that a simple, direct cremation can be arranged at a very low cost when the deceased is in the Coroner’s morgue as all the paperwork can be expedited quickly and the process to transfer the deceased to the funeral facility is simplified.

Address of county coroner’s office: Bronx County Medical Examiner & Coroner 1600 Pelham Street Elmont NY 11003

We hope this short guide has helped answer some of your immediate questions, and provided some help to understanding how you can arrange an affordable funeral or cremation service in Bronx, NY.  If you need to research more information on funeral-planning, please visit the Library section on US Funerals Online.

*Funeral prices obtained from Parting funeral price comparison survey 2017

Low cost cremation in Tampa

low-cost-cremation-tampa-flCremation is now the preferred disposition choice for families in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  Not only is cremation the preferred choice, but also direct cremation is very popular in Tampa, making cremation options very affordable.  A direct cremation service is the lowest cost cremation option for a family.  In Tampa a direct cremation can be conducted for as little as $795.

Direct Cremation Providers in Tampa

Florida is one of only 2 states in the U.S. that licenses what are known as ‘Direct Disposers’.  This means that a company can deliver direct cremations in Tampa without being a licensed funeral home with a large facility.  Direct disposal companies are often viewed as ‘discount’ cremation providers and can appear to offer very cheap direct cremation services.

I would advise that you carefully check the inclusive terms of any cremation package. It has been known for direct disposers to offer a budget direct cremation package that does NOT include some services that a licensed funeral director will offer at a lower rate.  For example, if you required an out of hours collection or extended refrigeration storage.

What does a direct cremation package in Tampa generally include?

A direct cremation package typically includes the following (although this can vary by cremation services provider) :

  • Collecting the deceased from the place of death & transportation to the crematory
  • Minimum basic preparation of the deceased for the cremation
  • The cremation process/crematory fee
  • Refrigerated storage if necessary
  • Filing all the required state permits, medical documents and the death certificate
  • An alternative basic cremation container
  • A basic plastic urn or suitable receptacle for cremated remains
  • Making available the cremated remains for collection by the family

Note: the death certificate and cremation permit fee are sometimes at an additional cost to a direct cremation package.

What does a cremation cost in Tampa?

This is a question many families get online to find out today.  There is no simple or straight-forward answer as cremation costs can vary considerably, depending upon the type of cremation service you select and which cremation services provider you choose!

What IS important is to be aware that costs can vary and be sure to check around.  A basic direct cremation can cost anywhere between $795 and $3,000 for the exact same service.  You will typically find that full-service funeral homes may charge a higher fee for a direct cremation service.

How to locate an affordable cremation service provider in Tampa

cremation-tampaCremation services providers, cremation societies, funeral homes and direct disposers will all offer basic cremation services.  With over 30+ funeral service providers in Tampa, a simple, low-cost cremation can often be packaged under different names, such as an immediate cremation, a simple cremation, a basic cremation and a direct cremation. Locating an affordable cremation services provider can be the challenge, as not all providers who claim to be affordable are truly offering the lowest cost cremation services.

Comparing cremation services, prices & packages in Tampa

As I have mentioned above, it is imperative that you do consider comparing cremation services, prices and packages before making a decision.  With over 30 funeral homes in Tampa, there are plenty of offerings of full-service and more affordable  cremation alternatives.  Our DFS Memorials provider for the Tampa area is a local, family-owned funeral home serving the whole Tampa Bay area. Contact (813) 540-2344 to speak with them now.

Prepaid cremation plans in Tampa

You can prearrange a cremation plan in Tampa.  Most funeral homes and cremation providers will offer preneed cremation plans that can be funded through a trust fund or insurance policy.  If you wish to preplan low cost cremation services, you have to be prepared that the ‘at need’ low cost cremation price can not be held for a preneed plan. Although there ARE lower cost cremation plans, you can expect to pay over $1,000 for the equivalent low cost services on prearrangement.

The other alternative is to specify your wishes and put aside the appropriate funds in a Payable on Death (POD) account, so that your family can access the funds at the time of death and use the money to pay for a cremation.  This is considered by many a safe and easy means to preplan a funeral or cremation.

Low cost cremation services are available throughout the Tampa Bay area and Collier, Charlotte, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Pinellas, and Sarasota counties.


Need to find an inexpensive cremation option in NW Arkansas?

basic-cremation-costDFS Memorials offers the best value direct cremation package to residents of Northwestern Arkansas.  A simple direct cremation package covers everything to immediately take care of the disposition of the deceased.  Collection from the place of death, transportation to the funeral facility, completion of all required documentation (death certificate, cremation authorizations and cremation permits), a basic cremation container, the cremation and returning the cremated remains to the family in a temporary urn.  A wider service area can be served although an additional mileage fee may apply depending on location.

Simple, direct cremation for $790

  Call now on  (479) 259-2812 for immediate assistance and to ask any questions you may have

If you have limited resources and need to find the lowest cost funeral option available to you, then your local DFS Memorials member can offer you ‘quality service at a low price’, ensuring you can arrange dignified yet inexpensive funeral services.

Serving residents in the areas of Benton, Conway, Fayetteville, Forrest City, Ft. Smith, Hot Springs Jacksonville, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Rogers, Russellville & Searcy, and in Craighead, Faulkner, Garland, Lonoke, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, Sebastian, St. Francis, and Washington counties.

What is the cost of cremation in Des Moines, IA

Cremation is becoming a popular funeral disposition choice for families in Iowa today.  The cremation rate in Iowa has shot up in recent years to match the national rate at around 42%, although some cremation providers in Iowa report a much higher rate.  Gay and Ciha Funeral Home in Iowa City report that 60% of their funerals are now cremations and they expect this to reach 80% over the next couple of years!  Why is cremation becoming so popular? And what IS the cost of a cremation in Des Moines?

cremation-services-des-moinesLow Cost Cremation: a more affordable funeral alternative

The principle reason why more families are choosing cremation is cost!  A cremation is likely to cost half, if not a third, of the cost of a traditional burial.  Today many families simply do not have the spare thousands of dollars to pay for a funeral service. [The average cost of a funeral is $7,045 NFDA 2012 – without cemetery fees!]  A complete simple cremation can be conducted in Des Moines for $895 complete – so you can see why cremation offers such a lower cost alternative!

Some families make the decision for a more affordable cremation alternative simply because they see no reason in paying out thousands of dollars on death care.  There is a growing trend for simplicity and ‘no fuss’ funerals.  When a simple cremation in Des Moines can be arranged for $895, it is easy to understand why families are choosing cremation.  To find out more about arranging a basic cremation, contact our local provider.

Diminishing traditionalism: Let’s do something different

An associate of mine in the funeral profession recently stated that Americans are becoming less concerned with tradition.  I think this declining traditionalism is another reason why cremation is becoming more popular.  Baby boomers certainly want something different – whether it be simple or very unique and extraordinary!

Declining Religiosity 

The fact that religious affiliation is in decline in the U.S. has also contributed to a growing acceptance of cremation as an alternative to burial.  Cremation is now widely accepted by churches and faith groups.

Growing environmental concerns: cremation vs. burial

Although one could argue that cremation still has an impact on the environment because of the emissions and energy consumption, it is often viewed as less detrimental than burying heaps of steel and concrete and chemically-altered corpses!  A cremation proves to be a relatively efficient means by which to conduct a disposition.  As it gains popularity improvements are being made to make cremation equipment more energy efficient and reduce emissions.

Basic cremation: What is the cost of a cremation in Des Moines?

A basic cremation can be conducted in Des Moines for $895.  This is the lowest cost cremation service available to families.  In the funeral trade it is referred to as a direct cremation or an immediate cremation.  It means that the minimal services of the funeral director are required, and a cremation is performed without any ceremony.  The deceased is collected, all the necessary paperwork and permits completed, the cremation proceeds using a basic cremation container and the cremated remains are given back to the family in a temporary urn (unless an upgraded cremation urn is selected at an additional cost).

The cost of a cremation can differ quite significantly between different funeral providers, so it is always wise to check around more than one funeral home and compare cremation prices. The chart below provides a small sample of affordable cremation options in Des Moines. This sample is aimed to demonstrate how families can find a simple, low cost funeral alternative.


Disclaimer: This cremation cost information was obtained from providers in December 2013. Prices are posted to help families make informed decisions. However, periodically providers change their prices. We make every effort to ensure the prices are accurate, but prices must be verified directly with the listed funeral home.

DFS Memorials Des Moines                           $895
Affordable Funerals & Cremation Services    $1,295
Cremation Society of Iowa                             $1,475
Hamiltons Funeral Home                               $1,565

Save money on a funeral by arranging your own memorial service

Who better to create a unique and personalized tribute than family themselves!  If you want to organize a cheap funeral that is special, then conduct your own home funeral.  It is legal in all but 7 states to make all your own funeral arrangements, you do not have to employ a funeral home.  By arranging a simple cremation, family can have the ‘mechanics’ of the disposition handled, and once the cremated remains are returned a memorial tribute gathering can be held if so desired.  This gives family the flexibility to arrange a service as, and when, suits and not incur too many costs by acting in haste and entrusting a funeral home to oversee all aspects of the memorialization process. This article has great tips for how to conduct your own memorialization.

Is there financial assistance to help with the cost of cremation in Des Moines?

The growing demand for financial assistance for funeral costs is also leading families to consider the lowest cost cremation option – direct cremation.   There is very limited public aid to help families when they cannot afford a funeral.  It is patchy at best, and can vary by county, depending upon budgets and available funds.  Call your local county Social Services or Human Services to find out what level of support may be available to you.  If you are struggling to put together the funds to pay for a funeral, then a simple cremation is your least expensive option.

DFS Memorials Des Moines serves Polk and Warren Counties and Adel, Altoona, Ankeny, Bondurant, Carlisle, Clive,  Hoover, East, Lincoln, Norwalk, Roosevelt, SE Polk, Van Meter, Waukee & West Des Moines.

Affordable Cremation Services in Pensacola, FL

Cremation is fast becoming the ‘preferred’ disposition choice for families in Pensacola.  The word is out that cremation offers such a more affordable funeral alternative, and when families either have not got thousands of dollars to spend on a funeral, or simply do not want spend unnecessarily, cremation offers a low cost alternative.

funeral-pricesHow much does a cremation cost in Pensacola?

This is the question that most families want to know.  As a nation of price-conscious consumers, we expect to check prices and compare deals.  The purchase of funeral services is no different.  Traditionally families felt it was inappropriate to make funeral price inquiries, but today this is changing.

A traditional funeral can cost $7,045 (NFDA 2012) and this does NOT include cemetery costs.  Many families today cannot afford an amount like $10,000 to pay for a funeral.  A cremation will cost at least half this amount, if not less, depending upon the type of cremation services selected and the crematory.

A basic cremation in Pensacola can cost anywhere between $1,295 and $4,000.  In order to help families arrange affordable cremation services we have selected a family-owned cremation services provider in Pensacola who can offer a basic cremation package for just $1,295.  Affordable cremation memorial and full-service cremation packages are also available.

cremation-plan-pensacolaCremation services in Pensacola

There are different types of cremation services so it is possible to arrange whatever type of funeral service you require – from simple cremation to a full traditional funeral or unique ‘life celebration’ events.  A great thing about cremation is that it opens up so many possibilities in memorialization.

Direct cremation services

Direct cremation is probably the fastest-growing type of cremation service.  A direct cremation is the industry term for a basic cremation with no services.  The deceased is collected, transported to the crematory/funeral home, the legal paperwork completed and the cremation performed.  The cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary urn.  Most funeral homes offering a direct cremation package offer an inclusive price, where only cash advance items such as the death certificate and cremation permit fee are additional to the direct cremation package cost.  Be sure to check this when consulting with a funeral home.

Florida is one state that licenses Direct Disposers.  A direct disposer can ONLY offer a direct cremation.  He has no traditional funeral premises and will not be able to offer those incremental services that many families realize they may require – such as a private goodbye viewing.  Be sure to consider this is you opt for a direct cremation service.

Why is cremation so much cheaper than a traditional funeral?

There are a number of significant funeral merchandise items that are not required for cremation.  No casket is required for a cremation – a suitable cremation container is all that is required by law.  No burial vault or cemetery plot is needed, and in most cases the body is not embalmed.  This eliminates thousands of dollars in funeral costs.  Many families are now opting for direct cremation (the cheapest cremation) because they can then arrange their own funeral service once they have the cremation ashes back.  With the decline in traditionalism and the rise in personalization, more families are opting to arrange something different as a life tribute.

cremation-services-pensacolaHow do I know that I am getting the remains of my loved one back?

This is one of the most frequent questions families ask about cremation.  Strict laws do govern the cremation of human remains and identity checks have to be made along the way.  The cremation retort has to be completely cleared following a cremation and only one cremation can be performed at a time.  The remains are cleared into a machine that filters out any metal parts (tooth fillings, hip replacements) and then ground into the fine ‘dust’ that is returned as cremation ashes.

Not all funeral homes have their own crematory and sub their cremations to a local crematory. If you do have concerns about the continuity of care offered throughout the cremation process, you may wish to choose a funeral home that has their own crematory, so your loved one’s remains never leave their care!

What if I am not sure about cremation or the family cannot agree about cremation?

Cremation is such a final disposition, you do need to ensure that you are completely sure that this is the ‘right’ disposition choice for you.  Certain laws are in place to ensure this final disposition can only proceed if the legal next of kin has authorized it.  A Cremation Authorization Form must be signed by the legal next of kin, and in the case of children, many funeral directors will prefer to have all children sign.

You can authorize an agent for your final disposition or sign the authorization when you preplan a cremation.

What can you do with the cremated remains?

The options of what you can do with the cremated remains of your loved one are one of the reasons cremation is becoming more popular.  You can, of course, just choose to inter the remains in a cemetery plot. You can inter the remains in a niche or columbarium, or you can keep the ashes at home.  Keepsake urns even enable you to disperse the ashes between several family members, or choose to scatter some and retain a ‘keepsake’ memorial.

Ash scattering is another option in Pensacola, especially scattering into the Gulf.  Read more about Ash Scattering

preplanning-funeral-pensacolaIs it possible to preplan a low cost cremation?

Yes, you can preplan a simple low cost cremation and lock in on today’s prices.  A low cost cremation plan is generally financed with an insurance policy or a trust fund.  Alternatively, you can set down your wishes and put aside the necessary amount [$1,295] in a Payable on Death POD account.  This keeps your money in your control and safe. When the time arises your beneficiary can withdraw the funds to pay for your funeral.

How quickly can a cremation be performed?

There is a mandatory 48-hour waiting period in Florida before a cremation can proceed.

What do I do if I cannot even afford a cremation?

Sadly this happens too often today!  Families experience the death and a loved one and simply do not have the money to pay for a funeral.  There is very limited financial support to assist families with funeral costs.  Social Security offer a $255 lump sum death benefit payment to those individuals who qualify. [Your funeral director can assist you in claiming this]

Some counties do offer indigent burial assistance but this varies so you need to consult your local county Human Services to find out what support may be available.

Veteran’s Funerals in Pensacola

If you wish to arrange an affordable funeral for a veteran in Pensacola, we do offer discounts for veterans, and all vets qualify for a free cemetery plot, grave marker and flag.

If you have further questions about cremation, check out our guide on Understanding cremation laws and Cremations in Florida.

How can I save money arranging a funeral in Cleveland, OH?

More families seek out money-saving options for a funeral today.  Funerals can be expensive and many families either do not want to spend thousands on an elaborate funeral, or simple cannot afford to!

This article aims to help you understand some options that you have to save money when arranging a funeral. Cremation is one way that you can save significantly on the cost of a funeral.

All funerals are NOT created equal!

Funeral costs in Cleveland vary significantly, depending upon the funeral provider you select, and the type of services you opt for.  The average cost of a funeral in Cleveland is $8,185*.  This is for a typical burial service including a viewing, ceremony, all associated professional services, and a standard casket.  This does not include any cemetery fees or cash advance items.

However, it is possible to arrange a traditional burial for half this cost by selecting a provider who offers more affordable funeral alternatives.  A complete traditional funeral can be conducted in Cleveland for $4,995 including a casket, but not including cemetery costs.  Immediately this means that you can save thousands just by shopping around and choosing a more affordable funeral home in Cleveland.

cleveland-cremation-servicesConsider cremation as a low cost funeral option.

Cremation is fast becoming a preferred choice for many families.  There are various reasons why we are now choosing cremation as a disposition option, but by far the most common reason is cost!  A cremation will cost you a fraction of the cost of a traditional burial.  In fact, in Cleveland, typically you can save up to 75% of what it would cost you for a traditional burial funeral.  Cremation removes the need for cemetery expenses, as well as the need for embalming and a casket.  It can also offer families more time to prepare a memorial service.  Instead of having to proceed with a funeral, a cremation can go ahead and a memorial service arranged at a later date with the cremation urn present.  This can be another way to save money and also make the tribute so much more personal.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Cleveland?

According to the Cremation Association of North America CANA the average cost of a cremation is $2,250.  This is, of course, a national average cost and the average cost of a cremation also depends, not only upon where you live, but also exactly what services are included with any cremation package.

The average cost of a typical cremation in Cleveland is priced at $3,521 for a cremation service including a ceremony and with a mid-range cremation urn.  It is possible to arrange a much cheaper cremation in Cleveland though.

How to arrange a low cost cremation in Cleveland, OH?

If you are worried about funeral costs a simple cremation is the lowest cost cremation alternative.  It offers a simple and affordable solution for families seeking to arrange a disposition on a budget.  A direct cremation is the term used by a funeral home to refer to their basic cremation service.  This is a cremation without any services.  The deceased is collected, prepared for cremation, all the necessary documentation is gathered/completed and the cremation proceeds.  A basic cremation container is used and the ashes are generally returned in a temporary box.  You can, if you so choose, purchase a cremation urn from the funeral home.  You can arrange a direct cremation in Cleveland for just $995 complete.

Comparing cremation costs in Cleveland

Cremation prices do vary by provider, even within Cleveland, so it is important to shop around and compare cremation prices between funeral homes today to ensure that you have obtained the best price cremation possible.  Telephoning around, or conducting online research on cremation pricing can be time-consuming and quite an overwhelming task.  That is why we have conducted our own cremation cost research so you don’t have to!  The provider we work with in Cleveland offers an exceptional value cremation package.

The DFS Memorials provider offers a direct cremation for $995 and a complete traditional funeral for just $3,950.  Providing affordable funeral options for families in Cleveland.


Direct cremation services in Cleveland

As mentioned a direct cremation is the lowest cost cremation option.  Most funeral homes offer a direct cremation on the General Price List (GPL).  It is a simple process that manages the ‘mechanics’ of the disposition.  With the cremated remains returned the family can than arrange to conduct the memorialization aspect of the funeral.  This enables the family to ensure that their loved one’s disposition is handled in a simple, dignified and timely way, whilst not overspending on funeral costs.  The family can gather for a memorial service at a later date if they so choose, or arrange a simple ash scattering ceremony.

I can’t afford a funeral: Is there any help with funeral costs in Cleveland?

Unfortunately more families are finding themselves struggling to meet funeral expenses today.  Any financial assistance with funeral or cremation costs is managed at county level and the funding varies by state/county.  To find out what may be available near you, and if you qualify, contact your Local County human or social services.  Here is some useful information about financial assistance for funerals in Cleveland.

There is also the $255 Social Security death benefit if you qualify and certain benefits for veterans.  Other than that, you can try local charitable organizations, unions and faith groups who may be able to assist you in raising funds for a funeral.

Serving families in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina & Summit Countie

Average cremation costs in Cedar Rapids, IA

As more families opt for cremation over a traditional burial, we find families are seeking out information to help them better understand their options.  This article gives a brief overview of cremation in Cedar Rapids, how you can save money by arranging cremation services and helps you to compare cremation costs between funeral service providers in Cedar Rapids.

How can you save money by arranging a cremation?

cremation-costs-cedar-rapidsA cremation is likely to cost you about half the cost of a traditional burial funeral.  Why? Because you can eliminate some of the largest outlays associated with a funeral.  With cremation there is no need for a casket, embalming, a burial vault, cemetery plot or full-size grave marker.  Eliminating these funeral items and services will save a few thousand dollars! Opting for a cremation can also help save money as it is possible to hold a memorial service (with the cremated remains present) without having to go ahead with a funeral ceremony immediately.  This can allow families time to make decisions.  Often this can mean that money-savings options can be more thoroughly explored.  Some families even choose to conduct their own memorial service, which can save on venue and staff costs, plus it also makes a service so much more personalized.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Cedar Rapids?

Cremation prices do differ between different funeral homes in Cedar Rapids.  This means that quoting an ‘average’ does not always reflect what cheaper cremation prices are available. The average cost of a cremation funeral in the U.S.  is $3,745 for a cremation with a ceremony and a mid-range urn.  Average cremation costs in Cedar Rapids are on par with this price.  We have identified below how to arrange a low cost cremation in Cedar Rapids for just $1,105

Cremation Packages

A funeral home must have a general price list (GPL) outlining their service charges but many funeral homes also offer cremation packages, where a price is offered for a complete cremation service.  In comparing costs and services between funeral homes, it is important to ensure you are comparing like-for-like services, especially when it is a quoted cremation package price.  Not all cremation providers quote a fully inclusive price when quoting a cremation package.

cremation-cedar-rapids-iowaA basic cremation: Direct cremation in Cedar Rapids

Direct cremation, or immediate cremation, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for funeral consumers.  A direct cremation is the simplest, and least expensive, cremation option.  It involves the funeral home collecting the deceased, transferring him/her into their care, completing all the necessary paperwork and conducting the cremation. A basic cremation container is used and the ashes are generally returned in a temporary urn.  A direct cremation in Cedar Rapids can cost anywhere between $1,105 and $3,000.

How do I choose a cremation provider in Cedar Rapids?

Choosing a cremation provider can depend upon what kind of cremation services you require.  If you are looking for a cremation with a ceremony or interment committal, then you will need funeral home that offers the facilities for a ceremony and that is in a good location for your family.

If you have decided upon a simple direct cremation at the most affordable price, then you may consider the services of a provider who specifically offers a direct cremation at a low cost.  The locale of the funeral home is not as essential if no services are being held.  And many funeral homes have extended their service area for direct cremation services.

The DFS Memorials provider for Cedar Rapids is an established funeral home with facilities for ceremonies, yet covers a wide service area throughout Central Iowa.

DFS Memorials CEDAR RAPIDS  (319) 208-6119 – Call with any questions 

Direct Cremation $1,105

How do cremation providers compare in Cedar Rapids

It is always wide to shop around and compare services and costs.  We do it in any other large purchase we make – so why not when purchasing end of life services?  However, it can be quite a task trying to efficiently compare local funeral homes, especially when you are feeling emotionally fraught.  This is why at DFS Memorials we find the best cremation price – so you don’t have to!  We do the research and then select a local funeral home that offers the most affordable cremation package.

What if the deceased had no life insurance? Is there any help with cremation costs in Cedar Rapids?

Sadly more families are finding themselves struggling to meet funeral costs.  Public aid can be a little patchy depending upon where you are.  You need to contact your local county human services or social services to inquire if anything is available in your area.  There is also the $255 Social Security lump sum death benefit for those that qualify, and various union, faith and charitable organizations may offer some support to families to assist with covering funeral costs.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand a little more about your options to be cremated, how you can arrange a basic cremation and save on funeral costs!

DFS Memorials Cedar Rapids serves families throughout all of Greater Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Hiawatha, Bertram, Vernon View, and the counties of Benton, Black Hawk, Cedar, Iowa, Johnson, Jones and Linn.

Cremated remains held until funeral costs paid in full

The funeral industry is experiencing significant change at present as the shift towards cremation destabilizes a business that has been ‘traditional’ for some decades.  Families are leading this change as they demand lower cost funeral services.  Price and cost are now driving purchasing decisions, largely because families are struggling financially, and paying out thousands of dollars for a funeral is just NOT an option anymore!

unclaimed-cremated-remainsIn September 2012 we published a post about how local county social security departments had a rising issue with families failing to collect cremated remains.  The financial hardship that many families are suffering has resulted in an increase in state, or public, funerals.  County Social Services are dealing with more unclaimed bodies of indigents or low income families.

This story from Illinois highlights how the issue of paying for cremation services continues to plague funeral directors.  In this case the funeral director decided to withhold returning the cremated remains to the family until all payments were made in full.  He is effectively ‘ransoming’ the ashes!  Was he wrong to do this?  If you purchase any other consumer item and fail to make the required payments, the item would be re-possessed.  Today if you purchase funeral products you must pay in full when you purchase these items.  Walmart will not dispatch your $995 casket unless you have paid in full.

As we turn to cremation as a nation, the issue of what to do with cremated remains will continue to present challenges.  I often hear individuals claim that they just wish for family to scatter their mortal remains.   But often families either end up with remains sat in the back of a closet undecided about what to do with their loved ones ashes.

Funeral homes are also reporting a growing issue with unclaimed cremated remains, and the problem this presents for them in storing a growing number of cremation urns.  Some funeral homes have combated this by adding a clause to their cremation contract to allow for them to dispose of the cremated remains if they are not claimed within 60 days.

Low cost cremation services adds to this dilemma.  When a family has managed to arrange an inexpensive disposition for just a few hundred dollars, they are less likely to want to incur further funeral costs on elaborate cremation urns.

Inexpensive cremation options generally need to be paid for IN FULL before the direct cremation is conducted.  A budget direct cremation will usually include a temporary cremation urn/container.  This can be a small plastic urn or a cardboard container.

If you are concerned about funeral costs, then a simple direct cremation is the most affordable option.  A direct cremation can be performed in most areas of the United States for between $495 and $1,395 (depending on where you live).


How to save money on a cremation or funeral in Michigan

low-cost-cremation-detroitDFS Memorials can assist you with locating a low cost funeral or cremation in Michigan.  Depending on your location, we will identify your nearest family-owned funeral home that can provide you with a basic cremation for between $495 and $1,395.  Typically cremation costs in Michigan range between $600 and $895.

Our providers for Detroit & SE Michigan can offer some of the best cremation prices and traditional funeral prices in Michigan.  Quality service at a low cost – from family-owned funeral companies that care!

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Low cost cremations in Los Angeles

If you are looking for a simple and low cost cremation in the Greater Los Angeles area, our DFS Memorials provider Cedar Hill Mortuary can provide you with a basic direct cremation for only $625.  You will find it hard to beat this price in the Los Angeles area.  Cedar Hill provides an exceptional service at a low cost price – serving all Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties.

Cremation is now a popular end-of-life disposition choice, especially on the West coast, and over half of all funerals in Los Angeles are cremations.  Prices for a cremation do vary considerably, and the market for low cost and affordable cremations is competitive.  DFS Memorials only works with licensed and family-owned funeral and cremation providers.  Our aim is to help you find a local, ‘Mom & Pop’ funeral business that will serve you with integrity, whilst keeping funeral costs affordable.

When comparing cremation prices between cremation providers in Los Angeles do ensure you are comparing like for like.  Some cremation providers quote a price for a direct cremation but may exclude certain fees.  The chart below gives you an overview of how the prices for a low cost direct cremation can vary between funeral providers in Los Angeles.

Prices are based upon actual telephone comparisons conducted in Sept 2012, and the prices quoted include: collecting the deceased from the place of death & transportation to the crematory, filing of death certificate & cremation permit*, basic cremation container, plastic urn & release of cremated remains to the family and assistance with any social security financial aid claim. [*The cremation permit fee & death certificate charges are additional and can vary depending upon county.]

The additional charges you could incur, or opt for, when arranging a low cost cremation in Los Angeles are listed below, and the charges for these will vary between providers:

  • An ID viewing or ‘private goodbye’
  • Witnessing the cremation
  • Removing medical implants prior to cremation
  • Cremation surcharge if deceased weighs over 250 lbs

A death certificate in Los Angeles is obtained from the registrar for a fee of $14.00.  Your cremation provider will usually do this as part of their professional service.  Additional copies of the death certificate can be obtained from the local Office of Vital Records at 12400 Imperial Highway, Room 1002, Norwalk, CA 90650.   Cremation permits can vary by county, in Los Angeles county the permit fee is $11.00. The state of California cremation registration fee charged by the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau for every cremation is $8.50.

If the coroner has collected the body from the place of death, you will need to pay the transportation fee.  These fees vary depending upon which county you are in.  This fee can significantly add to your overall basic cremation cost, so you need to be aware of this. Your funeral director will need to pay this fee to collect the body from the coroner’s facility.  These fees are:

Los Angeles County $200 – Riverside County $320 – San Bernardino County $250  -Orange County $318 – Ventura County CALL

Before a cremation can be performed the authorizing agent, or next of kin, must complete a ‘Declaration for Disposition of Cremated Remains form’. Your cremation provider will help you do this, or you can download the form at the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Cemetery and Funeral Bureau.

Call David Estephan on (323) 798-9055 at Cedar Hill Mortuary with any questions you may have about cremation services in Los Angeles.                                    License #FDR-1500 FD-1770

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