What is a direct burial? Your most inexpensive burial option

There is a lot of talk around the death-care industry about direct cremation.  More families are seeking out direct cremation services when they want a simple and affordable funeral alternative.  But what about the option for a direct burial?  A direct burial is similarly a simple and affordable burial alternative.

A direct cremation service offering is on every funeral home’s General Price List (GPL), but usually towards the end of their listing of services.  It is the most minimal cremation offering available, and therefore also their least expensive funeral service option.  It is possible (in most metro areas) to be able to arrange a direct cremation for around $1,000. [The price range varies between $695 to $1,395].

However, although some families are searching for affordability and simplicity, cremation is not the choice for everyone.  There are still around 46% of Americans choosing burial services.  A funeral home also has, as standard, a direct burial service package offering.  This is also often located at the bottom of their GPL.

What if you want something, simple and inexpensive but still want a burial service?

Then a direct burial might be the solution.

What does a direct burial entail?

Direct burial serviceA direct burial is a similar direct disposition to a direct cremation.  There is no formal funeral service conducted at the funeral home, and many of the traditional products and services associated with the cost of a traditional burial are eliminated.

The deceased is taken directly to the cemetery for burial in the days following the death, once the legal paperwork has been completed.  Often a simple wooden casket is used to help to keep the costs down and keep the whole service simple and affordable.

As there is no viewing, visitation or funeral ceremony, the deceased does not need to be embalmed.

There is the option to hold a simple graveside interment service, if so wished, for an additional cost. Or a memorial service can be conducted at a later date. But we should be clear that a direct burial service is generally different to a graveside burial service on a GPL.

How is a direct burial service different to a green burial service?

In many cases a direct burial can be the same as a green burial.  If there is no embalming and a simple eco-friendly casket, such as wood, reinforced cardboard or wicker, this is a natural or green burial.  It will then depend upon the cemetery, whether a green burial plot is chosen.

How much does a direct burial cost?

A direct burial is the funeral director’s least expensive burial option.  The cost will range depending on the funeral home, but it is fair to say that a direct burial can be arranged for in the region of $1,200 to $1,600.  The cost of the casket can make a difference to the final cost of the funeral.  This does not include the cemetery fees either.

A direct burial can be an inexpensive funeral option, and suitable if the deceased already has a cemetery plot purchased or a family plot for burial.