What DO people want to spend money on for a funeral or cremation?

Interesting question is it not?  Most people we speak with today quite clearly state that they DO NOT want an elaborate send-off.  They want a simple and affordable service.  No fuss, no frills…simplicity and save the money so that family can benefit.

The media continues to reinforce to us that Baby Boomers are “doing it their way”, and bringing their lifelong legacy of revolution and change to the death care industry.  The baby boomers certainly seem to be leading the slipstream of the ‘Life Celebration’ movement.

A recent survey conducted by Une Belle Vie Urns reports that 2 out of 3 respondents stated that they would choose cremation, and a staggering 62% stated that they would prefer NOT to spend money on any aspect of a funeral.

It seems LESS really is MORE these days, and as consumers we are demanding simple and inexpensive choices when it comes to funerals.

When the National Association of Funeral Directors can quote the “average” cost of a funeral at around $7,300, and we can view General Price Lists (GPL) from some funeral homes that can quote prices between $3,000 and $30,000…….it is little wonder that there is a kind of movement going on.  A simple direct cremation can be purchased for around $1,000 across much of the United States.  Yes, there are some areas where you can find a direct cremation cheaper, and there are still some areas where you will have to pay more.

If you want a simple, low cost option for your funeral – be sure to bookmark DFS Memorials for when the need arises!

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