Cremation options: choosing a cremation ceremony

This infographic from Skylawn Memorial Park gives a great and simple overview of the various cremation ceremony and cremation memorial options you can choose from.

8 thoughts on “Cremation options: choosing a cremation ceremony

  1. I like the infographic and how it says that sharing urns is a viable option for the division of cremated remains. I think that working with a cremation service is a great way to honor the pass of a loved one and to cherish memories forever. My great-aunt is going to pass soon, and she’s thinking about cremation. I’ll be sure to find the best cremation services in her area if that’s what she desires.

  2. My grandpa recently passed away and before he died he told us that he wanted to be cremated, but we don’t know much about it, so I am glad that I found this article. You make an interesting point that there are many different options for cremation memorials and this will give us a lot of ways to choose from to remember grandpa. I think it could be great to scatter the remains in different areas that my grandma loved because this would be a good way to remember him and spend time as a family scattering the ashes.

  3. I liked how you went through the different processes for cremation services. My grandpa has been thinking about what he wants for his ceremony when he passes. I know that most of the family will want some thing more along the lines of a traditional burial, but I think that he will end up with the ceremonial cremation. I’ll show him this graphic and maybe it will help him to decide what he would like.

  4. I like the details you left in this info-graphic and how you went through the cremation options and procedures. I’m currently writing a paper on cremation and the process and what most people typically do with the ashes afterwards. Often people have their ashes spread over a place where some special event had taken place in their life. Thanks for the information regarding this process!

  5. Thank you for mentioning how you can still have a burial even though you decide to cremate your loved one after they pass away. We are trying to decide how to send our deceased mother off and want to make sure we choose the best way to honor her memory. It is important to remember that doing some research and understanding how cremations and traditional burials work can help you find the best one to bury your loved one.

  6. That infographic was really helpful, I found it very interesting that they can still have memorials out there for them. My wife and I have been figuring out what we’ll do when we pass away and how we’ll want our bodies to be handled. Knowing that you can still have a memorial in a number of ways, we’ll have to start looking around for a cremation service that will be able to handle this for us.

  7. I like that you mention how the ashes can be scattered in special locations. My dad is looking to hire professional cremation services but needs tips. I’ll be sure to talk to him about how he can scatter the ashes in a special location.

  8. My husband’s mother has just passed away and I wanted to make her funeral really special for the family even if we’re short budgeted at the moment. I agree that choosing a cremation of a traditional burial is the best option that we have. Thanks for these great tips!

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