What does a direct cremation cost in Deltona, FL – $995

Why direct cremation?

Today, more and more families are deciding they want a simple and more affordable funeral option.  Be it that they cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a funeral or simply want a ‘no fuss’ alternative.  Direct cremation is the cheapest funeral alternative in Deltona.

For those families in Deltona who do not want to overspend on a funeral or cannot afford a costly funeral, cremation is a low-cost alternative.

What is the average cost of a funeral in Deltona?

These days, we are discerning consumers, very mindful of costs, and people are now realizing they can price-shop for funeral services.  Why should we not ask how much it costs?  The Internet offers a great tool to research funeral costs from the comfort of your own home.

The average cost of a traditional funeral in Deltona is $5,985*.

So, how do cremation costs compare in Deltona?

Cremation offers a cheaper and more flexible alternative to a traditional burial and can, therefore, reduce funeral costs.

No casket, cemetery plot, or burial vault is required, immediately reducing some of the most expensive purchases related to funeral expenses.

The average price for a cremation funeral service in Deltona is $2,940*.

Direct cremation services in Deltona, FL

Cheap cremation Deltona FL

Direct cremation is the funeral industry term for a ‘simple cremation’.  The funeral home provides only the cremation service.  The funeral home provides no ceremony or funeral services.  The deceased is collected and cremated, and the remains are returned to the family in a basic urn.

Direct cremation offers families in Deltona lower-cost funeral services and more control over the time and type of memorial ceremonial services they desire.

A memorial service can be held in a place of worship, a community venue, or even outdoors.  The service can be conducted with or without the cremation urn present. It can even take the form of an ash-scattering ceremony, interment in a cremation niche, or scattering garden. A basic direct cremation is available in Deltona for $995.

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For a cremation to be conducted, the county must issue a ‘disposition permit’.  At present, there is no charge for this.  Death certificates are an additional cost, as these are issued by the county and are a third-party expense.  Death certificates cost $5 for the first certificate and $4 for each additional copy issued.

Visit our Guide to Cremation Services – What you need to know about service options, the cremation process, and the legalities to consider when opting for a cremation.

How do I know that I am getting the remains of my loved one back?

This is one of the most frequent questions families ask about cremation.  Strict laws govern the cremation of human remains, and identity checks must be made all along the way.  The cremation retort must be completely cleared following a cremation, and only one cremation can be performed at a time.  The remains are cleared into a machine that filters out any metal parts (tooth fillings, hip replacements) and then ground into the fine ‘dust’ that is returned as cremation ashes.

What if I am unsure about cremation or the family cannot agree?

Cremation is such a final disposition, and you do need to ensure that you are completely sure that this IS the ‘right’ disposition choice for you.  Certain laws are in place to ensure this final disposition can only proceed if the legal next of kin has authorized it.  A Cremation Authorization Form must be signed by the legal next of kin, and in the case of children, many funeral directors will require all children to sign.

ash scattering detona

You can authorize an agent for your final disposition or sign the authorization when you preplan a cremation.

What can you do with the cremated remains?

The options of what you can do with the cremated remains of your loved one are one of the reasons cremation is becoming more popular.  You can, of course, choose to inter the remains in a cemetery plot. You can inter the remains in a niche or columbarium, or you can keep the ashes at home.  Keepsake urns enable you to disperse the ashes between several family members or scatter some and retain a ‘keepsake’ memorial.

Ash scattering is also more common these days, and there are many options for how you can create a befitting ash scattering ceremony.

Can I preplan a direct cremation at an affordable cost in Deltona?

Yes.  You can preplan a simple direct cremation service.  This is generally funded through an insurance product that will cover this cost when the need arises.  All monies are secured in a trust fund.

How quickly can a cremation be performed?

It generally takes a few days to make the necessary arrangements, complete all the legal paperwork and schedule the cremation.  However, expedited services can be arranged if required.

In Florida, there is a mandatory 24-hour wait period after death before a cremation can be conducted.

What do I do if I cannot even afford a cremation?

There is very little ‘free’ money to help families with funeral costs.   What is available is constantly changing due to budget constraints and varies by county.  Some counties do have a provision to assist needy or low-income families.  Contact Volusia county DFCS to find out what may be available to you locally: Volusia County DFCS, 107 Canal St, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 Phone: (386) 423-3309

There is also a $255 lump sum social security death benefit payment if the deceased qualifies, and your funeral director can help you claim this.  So you may find that a low-cost cremation at $995 with DFS Memorials is a dignified yet affordable disposition alternative if your family is struggling financially.

What is the service area around Deltona?

The $995 direct cremation package is in Deltona and surrounding counties.

If you have further questions about cremation, feel free to call us at (386) 319-0779, and we will be happy to try and help you.

*funeral prices obtained from online funeral price survey website 2024

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