Understanding cremation & funeral costs in Albuquerque, NM

Funeral costs are a concern for many families today.  Whether you choose not to spend unnecessarily on a funeral or cannot afford the cost of a funeral.

It can seem overwhelming to work out exactly what a funeral will cost in Albuquerque and work out your options, especially if you have just lost a loved one.

So, we have put together this guide to help you understand funeral costs in Albuquerque and, more importantly, how to save money by arranging a direct cremation for just $1,290.

How much does a funeral cost in Albuquerque?

This is a question that funeral directors often seem to sidestep answering! Instead, they like to regale you with stories of how many generations they have been in business or how excellent they are at providing ‘special’ ceremonies. I do not doubt this is true, BUT this still does not always justify their pricing. If a funeral director cannot simply answer a question about price…it should ring alarm bells!

The average funeral cost is around $9,000 (according to the National Association of Funeral Directors 2022), which does not include any cemetery costs. So, a traditional funeral will likely cost you somewhere in the region of $8,000 to $12,000.

Today, when most families live paycheck to paycheck, it is hardly surprising that paying this amount for a funeral can seem insurmountable.

So, how can you save money by arranging a cremation?

Choosing cremation will save you around 40 – 60% of the cost of a burial funeral. Cremation removes the need for several of the largest funeral expenditures – a casket, a grave liner, and cemetery plot and embalming.

To save money, it is possible to hold your own memorial service (with the cremated remains present) because you do not have to go ahead with a funeral ceremony immediately. This can allow families time to make decisions.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Albuquerque?

It is important to understand that cremation prices do differ considerably between different funeral homes in Albuquerque. For this reason, an ‘average’ cremation cost has to be put into the perspective of what kind of cremation services are being assessed.

The average cost of a cremation is around $3,200 for a cremation with a ceremony and a mid-range urn.   However, cheaper cremation options are available as outlined below, and you can arrange a cremation in Albuquerque for as little as $1,290 complete.

Choosing a Cremation Package

funeral-cost-new-mexicoA funeral home must have a general price list (GPL) outlining its service charges. Still, many funeral homes also offer cremation packages, where a price is offered for a complete cremation service. In comparing costs and services between funeral homes, it is important to ensure you are comparing like-for-like services, especially when it is a quoted cremation package price.

Not all cremation providers quote a fully inclusive price when quoting a cremation package. There are generally three main types of cremation options – a direct cremation (a basic minimal cremation), a cremation with a funeral service, or a cremation with a memorial service.

The difference is that with a direct cremation, the funeral provider has NO service or ceremony, although you can conduct your own memorial services afterward.

A cremation with a funeral service is generally where the deceased is present, and the cremation is conducted after the service. A cremation with a memorial service is where the cremation is conducted first, and a memorial service is held with the cremation urn present.

Read more information in our Complete Guide to Cremation article.

Arranging a direct cremation in Albuquerque

A direct cremation is the least expensive cremation option. It is sometimes called simple or basic cremation or an immediate cremation. It means that just a basic disposition service is offered. The deceased is collected and prepared for cremation, all the necessary documentation is completed, the cremation process goes ahead, and then the cremated remains are returned to the family (generally in a temporary urn).

How do I choose a cremation provider in Albuquerque?

cremation-service-new-mexicoChoosing a cremation provider can depend upon what kind of cremation services you require. Suppose you are looking for a cremation with a ceremony or interment committal.

In that case, you will need a funeral home that offers the facilities for a ceremony and is in a good location for your family.

Suppose you have decided upon a simple direct cremation at the most affordable price. In that case, you may consider the services of a provider offering a direct cremation at a low cost. The locale of the funeral home is not as essential if no services are being held. And many funeral homes have extended their service area for direct cremation services.

The DFS Memorials provider for Albuquerque is an established funeral home with facilities for ceremonies. DFS Memorials offers families a low-cost alternative in Albuquerque.

Call (505) 209-3359 now to arrange a direct cremation for just $1,290 in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.

How do cremation providers compare in Albuquerque?

It is always wise to shop around and compare services and costs. We do it in any other large purchase, so why not when purchasing end-of-life services? You will no doubt be surprised by how much the cost of funeral services can vary between funeral homes in Albuquerque.

At DFS Memorials, we researched the best cremation prices in Albuquerque to save you the task of phoning around to compare prices. This way, we can save you the hassle when you are emotionally fragile. We have included a selection of direct cremation prices from funeral homes in Albuquerque so you can see how much costs vary.

Disclaimer: This cremation cost information was obtained from providers in March 2023. Prices are posted to help families make informed decisions. However, periodically, providers change their prices. We try to ensure the prices are accurate, but prices must be verified directly with the listed funeral home.

Provider Direct cremation price
Cremation Society of New Mexico $1,430
Direct Funeral and Cremation Services $1,594.62
DFS Memorials Albuquerque $1,290

What if the deceased had no life insurance? Is there any help with funeral costs in Albuquerque?

An individual passing without insurance and family struggling to meet funeral costs is becoming more frequent. Public aid can be a little patchy depending on where you are, but you can consult your local county human services or social services to find out if any financial assistance is nearby.   The state will meet indigent burials for those that become the responsibility of the State, but there are generally eligibility requirements for any state funding for funeral expenses.

There is also the $255 Social Security lump sum death benefit for those who qualify, and various union, faith, and charitable organizations may offer some support to families to assist with covering funeral costs.

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