Simple and low-cost cremation in Gulfport, MS: $995 direct cremation service

Cremation is becoming the increasingly popular choice for more Americans.  We are demanding more affordable, no-fuss and less traditional funeral services.  If you are in need of a simple cremation service in Gulfport, then DFS Memorials can help you arrange a direct cremation service for $995.

Simple cremation Gulfport MSWhat is the average cost for a cremation in Gulfport?

Funeral costs can vary tremendously!  In the same city, the cost of a funeral differs depending on the funeral home you choose, even for the exact same service.  With other products or services we purchase, we generally shop-around and compare prices.  This should be no different for funeral services and products.

However, for a long time it was ‘taboo’ to ask about pricing when arranging a funeral.  Today that is changing.  The Internet has provided a new tool to price-shop for funeral services.  But trying to wade through funeral home websites can be time-consuming and overwhelming, so DFS Memorials did that comparison for you, and selected a reputable and independent funeral services provider who is offering an affordable cremation service.

The average cost of a cremation memorial is $3,016*, but a simple direct cremation can be arranged for $995.

Why arrange a direct cremation?

A direct cremation is the most affordable disposition option available.  It is where the funeral home take care of everything to cremate the deceased but no ceremony or services are held at the funeral home.  This means your funeral bill can be kept to a minimum.  Once the cremated remains are returned to the family, a memorial service can be arranged at a later date, or the ashes can be scattered.

More families are finding that a simple alternative like direct cremation offers a more flexible approach to death care.  There is no immediate need to rush and conduct a funeral service.  Family and friends, if they wish, can gather together and create a personal memorial tribute as and when they feel ready.

Are there additional costs when arranging a direct cremation?

The direct cremation service package covers the basic services of the funeral director and the cremation.  Additional costs may include:

  • Additional mileage fees (outside of core service area)
  • County fees – death certificates/cremation permit
  • Barometric crematory fee (oversize individual)
  • Residential collection
  • Selection of cremation urn

cremation servicesWhat do you need to know about cremation?

Cremation is the incineration of a deceased body at extreme heat in a crematory, also known as a cremation retort.  Each human body is cremated individually, and the retort thoroughly cleaned before the next cremation takes place.

The remains from the cremation process still contain bone fragments, so the remains are then transferred to a machine that pulverizes the bones and ashes into what we know as the cremated remains ashes.

This process is regulated by the funeral industry and a crematory operative is trained to manage the process.  Embalming is NOT required for cremation.  There is a strict ID process that occurs throughout the cremation process that must be cross-checked at every point, so you can be sure the remains you receive back, are those of your loved one.  Generally, a rigid cardboard cremation container is used for cremation purposes.

Cremation planA Cremation Authorization Form must be signed by ALL surviving immediate next of kin for a cremation to go ahead.  This means if there are siblings, all siblings must agree on, and sign the authorization form.  If not, a funeral director will not proceed with the cremation.  The funeral home has to obtain a cremation permit from Harrison county to permit the cremation to proceed.  There is generally a mandatory wait period after the death before the cremation can take place.  This is 24-48 hours.  However, it usually takes at least that time to complete all the required paperwork.

Can I preplan a cremation service?

Yes, preplanning is a good way to ensure your wishes are met and your surviving family are not left with the burden of funeral expenses and decisions.  A cremation plan can be arranged in advance and the funds put into trust.

What help is there with funeral expenses?

Unfortunately, there is very little (and limited) financial support for families who are struggling with funeral expenses.  Harrison county social services would be the department that can advise you about any assistance locally.  There is a $255 Social Security lump-sum death benefit payment, if the deceased qualified, and the funeral home can generally help with claiming this.

A direct cremation can be the most inexpensive means to arrange a disposition if you are struggling with funds.

What if the deceased is at the Medical Examiner’s Office?

Only a licensed funeral director can collect and transport a body from the ME’s office.  As the county also provide all the required permits and paperwork to accompany the deceased, this can mean that the process to release your loved one into the funeral home’s care can often be expedited.

How do I find a cremation service provider?

Most funeral homes in Gulfport will offer a cremation service, even if they do not have their own crematory.  They will use the services of a crematory to conduct the cremation.  The important consideration is to compare what service and pricing you are being offered by service providers.  If you do require a simple and affordable direct cremation service, then DFS Memorials can assist you at a cost of $995.

For more information, call Wayne on (228) 206-6607.

*Prices from online funeral price comparison Parting 2018

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