National Cremation Society

National Cremation is owned by Service Corporation International (SCI).  It operates as a low-cost cremation brand for SCI, offering families simple and affordable cremation services.  National Cremation operates out of 29 locations in 15 states.

The National Cremation Society was established in 1973 and touts itself as the “oldest and largest” cremation service provider in the nation. Having been established long before cremation became as popular as it is today, it is certainly accurate to consider it has longevity. The National Cremation Society is also owned by SCI, a global death care business, so it is encompassed within a corporate behemoth.

I think it is fair to say that National Cremation is the most ‘budget’ brand that SCI operates, and their direct cremation prices can be fairly comparable to the local market price for a low-cost direct cremation.

They also offer prepayment options where the cost for a direct cremation can be prepaid over a given period.  There may be incremental costs for this.

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