No Body will be at this funeral – the death of the traditional funeral!

I came across this great little column to day, where a baby boomer had expressed her feelings and changing attitude towards death care and funeral rituals.

The trend in funeral care now is most certainly shifting towards cremation accompanied by a personalized memorial service.  This column from Linda Jo Scott succinctly highlights just how much peoples’ attitudes have changed.

It resonates with our shift to focus on a funeral as a ‘life celebration’ as opposed to a somber event.  It also suggests that the baby boomer generation, and indeed those that follow, will demand new, innovative and personalized memorial tributes.   Are we entering an era where the memorial service will take over from a traditional funeral service?

It is a wake-up call to the funeral industry, many of whom are still very slowly adapting to the huge cultural change within the death care industry.

What are your thoughts?  What kind of send-off do you envisage for yourself?  Do you think it is important to drive more acceptance of discussing final plans?


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