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A direct cremation is a simple and affordable disposition.  No ceremony is provided by the cremation service provider at the time of passing.  Your loved one is collected, sheltered, prepared for cremation, the cremation is performed and the cremated remains returned to the family.Find cremation cost in Tacoma WA

Why choose direct cremation?

More families are choosing cremation instead of burial.  It is a simple, flexible, and more affordable alternative to a traditional funeral.  But what is not always disclosed by the funeral industry is that more families are opting for a direct cremation instead of a cremation funeral.

It is hard for the funeral industry to accept that cremation is now the preferred disposition option for the majority of families.

For families who need to budget for funeral costs or simply want a ‘no-fuss’ affordable alternative – direct cremation can be the solution.

Can we still have a funeral or memorial service?

Yes.  A direct cremation service simply means the funeral service provider merely handles all the disposition arrangements.  Once the cremated remains are returned to the family, a memorial service can be arranged.  This can be held at a time and place that best suits family and friends.  It can also save money on overall funeral costs when the family makes their own arrangements for conducting a memorial service.

Can we view the deceased prior to the cremation?

If the family wishes, it may be possible to view your loved one prior to the cremation being conducted.  This is often referred to as a ‘private family goodbye’.  The availability of a viewing (and any additional charge for it) can vary depending on circumstances and availability of location and staff.

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Are there any additional costs to the $695 cremation service cost?

The direct cremation service covers everything to collecting the deceased, transporting him/her into the care of the funeral home, preparing all the required paperwork, a cremation container, the cremation process, and returning the ashes in a temporary cremation urn.

Additional costs are county costs. i.e. payment for copies of the death certificate and permit to cremate.  You may also choose a cremation urn to add to your direct cremation package.

Other potential additional fees can be:

  • To remove a pacemaker
  • Cremating a person over 300 pounds
  • Collection from a residential address

What if the deceased is at the Medical Examiners?

If the death occurred under accidental or suspicious circumstances or at a residential address, the ME may be called in to determine the cause of death and investigate.  The deceased will be taken into the care of the Coroner.

Once the cause of death is determined and a death certificate issued, the deceased can be transferred into the care of a licensed funeral service provider for funeral arrangements.

Tacoma is under the jurisdiction of Pierce County, and the Medical Examiner’s office is at 3619 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98418. Phone (253) 798-6494

Is there any assistance to help with the cost of a funeral?

There is very little budget in the state and Pierce County to help families with funeral expenses. You can try contacting Pierce County Social Services to determine if you would qualify for any assistance.

If the deceased qualified for SS, there is a lump-sum death benefit payment of $255, that the funeral director will help you claim.

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