Low cost cremation in Sarasota, FL

If you want to arrange a simple cremation at an affordable cost, then DFS Memorials can help you arrange a low-cost cremation for just $1,095. Call us today, and we can help you arrange a cremation without breaking the bank.

Cremations Services in Sarasota


Cremation is a popular choice for many Florida residents and retirees.  It offers a simple, no-fuss, and low-cost alternative to a traditional funeral.  Cremated remains can be interred, scattered, or mailed to another state.

If you have an immediate need or an imminent need for a basic cremation service in Sarasota,  – call your local DFS Memorials provider now at (941) 202-2575, and we can help you.

The DFS Memorials provider, Mortuary Services of Florida, is a licensed Direct Disposer Establishment as licensed by the Florida State Board F438949.  Licensed to conduct direct cremations only.

What is included in a simple cremation?

Our low-cost direct cremation package in Sarasota includes the following:

  • Arrangement of the cremation and completion of all required documentation
  • Refrigeration of the deceased for the mandatory 48 hours as required by law.
  • Transportation of the Deceased to the Crematory
  • Crematory Fee
  • Cremation Permit
  • Returning the Cremated Remains to the family either by delivery or certified mail.

Direct cremation in Sarasota

Direct cremation is fast becoming the most popular cremation choice today.  Why? Because it offers the cheapest and most flexible disposition option for families concerned about funeral costs and wanting a ‘simple’ solution.  Many Florida families choose a direct cremation and then arrange their own memorial services.

This helps them save a lot of money on cremation costs in Sarasota and puts the family firmly in control of the funeral service. Often, the price quoted for a direct cremation does NOT include transport and service fees. Some funeral homes advertise a lower price which isn’t the complete price with all fees included.

A low-cost direct cremation can be arranged in Sarasota for $1,095 complete.

Call (941) 202-2575  now!

If you want to learn more about cremation, what the process entails from when the deceased is collected to when the family receives the cremated remains, what cremation service options are available, and more about the legal aspects of conducting a cremation disposition, visit our Complete Guide to Cremation.

What laws govern cremation arrangements in Sarasota?

funeral-pricesFlorida law requires that there is a mandatory 48-hour waiting period from the time of death to when a cremation can be performed.

A cremation authorization form must be signed by the immediate next of kin. [You can pre-sign a cremation authorization form if you are preplanning cremation for yourself or an immediate relative.]

The Medical Examiner must issue a cremation permit to permit the cremation to go ahead.

What help is there towards cremation costs?

Families have very limited financial assistance to help them with funeral costs.  With many families struggling financially these days, a death can result in a crisis about how to pay for the funeral.  A cremation is a lower-cost option, and direct cremation is the cheapest option.

Some counties do have some funding to assist low-income families with funeral expenses.  You would need to contact your local county human services department to inquire whether there is any funding and whether you qualify.

Check here to see see what county-level assistance may be available to you.

There is also the $255 Social Security death benefit if you qualify.  The funeral director can assist you with notifying Social Security.

For further reading on Cremation Services and other FAQs about Arranging a Cremation – Check out this Ultimate Guide to Cremation 2023.

If you are considering scattering the ashes following a direct cremation, this Complete Guide to Ash Scattering can help you research options and understand how to scatter cremated remains safely.

*Plus county fees which are subject to change: death certificate $10 and Medical Examiner fees which vary by county.  Collier County – no fee, Lee County $45, Charlotte County – no fee, Hillsborough County $25