How to arrange an affordable cremation service in Lee’s Summit, MO – $845

This brief post should help you understand your cremation options and costs in Lee’s Summit.  We understand that many families today are seeking more affordable alternatives when it comes to death care.  The internet has provided a great way to research pricing and services for many sectors, yet still many funeral homes do not disclose their prices online.  Here, we inform you of what average costs are, and how to find the most affordable cremation option. You can arrange a direct cremation for just $845 in Lee’s Summit.

What is the average cost of a funeral in Lee’s Summit?

Funeral prices can vary considerably, for the exact same service package, from different cremation service providers.  For this reason, it is always advisable to compare prices from more than one funeral service provider.  To help you save time, we have compiled a brief overview of cremation pricing in Lee’s Summit.

The average cost of a traditional funeral service in Lee’s Summit, compiled from a list of local funeral homes indicates that the average price for a full-service funeral is $7,270*.  This does not include any cemetery fees.  The average cost of a simple, direct burial is $3,792*.

What are cremation costs in Lee’s Summit, MO?

The average cost of a Cremation Memorial service is $5,951*, with the lowest price available at around $3,455.  A Cremation Memorial service is where the deceased is first cremated and then a service held with the cremated remains present.

What is the cheapest cremation service?

The most affordable cremation option is a direct cremation.  This is where the deceased is collected, prepared and cremated with no services conducted by the funeral home.  The deceased is simple ‘directly’ cremated, and then the cremated remains are returned to the family.

The family, is they wish, can then hold their own memorial service at a place and time that suits them.  This can also save further costs on the overall cost of a funeral.

The average cost of a direct cremation in Lee’s Summit is $1,845*, although it is possible to arrange a direct cremation for as little as $845.  Therefore, a low-cost, no-fuss, direct cremation is the most affordable and simple disposition option for families with limited funds, or where no funeral services are required.

We have included below a small selection of more affordable direct cremation providers and their direct cremation cost.

Direct Cremation Service Providers:

Arrange a cremation onlineDFS Memorials Provider $845

Heartland Cremation & Burial $1,045

Assurance Cremation Society $1,170

Charter Funerals $1,195

Watkins Heritage Chapel $1,270

Chapel of Memories $1,695

Neptune Society $1,997

Newcomer $2,495

*Prices obtained from Funeralocity May 2022

If you would like to know more about arranging a low-cost direct cremation in Lee’s Summit, MO please call us on (816) 336-8889.  We are here to serve your family.