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Do you need to know how to arrange a dignified funeral at an affordable cost? We have put together this short guide to help you understand how you can save thousands of dollars in arranging a funeral.  In fact, you can arrange a simple, basic cremation for just $1,175.

A funeral can be expensive. Indeed, the average cost of a traditional funeral in Owensboro is $7,451*. This does not include cemetery costs. So it is understandable that many families today are looking for more affordable alternatives.  Cremation is fast becoming the preferred, more affordable option to conduct a dignified yet simple funeral service at a fraction of the full cost of a traditional funeral.

Why choose cremation services?


Cremation can be a personal choice.  Or the only choice if finances for a disposition are very limited. Opting for cremation WILL save you $$$.  A cremation is likely to cost at least half the cost of a full-service burial. A direct cremation is the most economical cremation option.  In most areas, a simple direct cremation can be conducted for just $1,175.


Arranging an immediate cremation can alleviate the need to rush to try and arrange a funeral service.  If families are dispersed, a direct cremation can be conducted without the next of kin having to travel to make arrangements.  Memorial services can be held at any date after the death.

What different cremation alternatives do I have?

There are 3 basic types of cremation options.  Cremation funeral – where the funeral service is held with the deceased present, and a cremation is conducted after the service.  Cremation memorial – the cremation is conducted before a memorial service is held.  This can be with or without the cremated remains present.

Or direct cremation – this is where the deceased is cremated with no services, and the remains are given back to the family.  There are some variances around these 3 main options, such as a private viewing before the cremation, an observed cremation, or a graveside interment of a cremation urn.

How much does a cremation cost in Owensboro?

The cost of a cremation can vary considerably.  This will depend upon the type of cremation service you opt for and the cremation services provider you select.  The average cost of a cremation memorial service is $4,325, depending upon the length of service held and what kind of casket you purchase or rent.

The average cost of a direct cremation is $2,410*, although a direct cremation package can be conducted for just $1,175 with DFS Memorials.

Cremation Service

How do I choose a cremation services provider?

This can sometimes be a daunting task when there are several funeral homes to choose between.  It may help to set yourself some clear criteria to help you select the provider that best suits your needs.  Which funeral services provider you select can be influenced by what facilities and services they offer or what budget you have.

As we have highlighted, costs can vary quite significantly between funeral homes for the exact same service.  For this reason, we would recommend you compare some costs before making a decision.

Comparing cremation costs in Owensboro, KY

All funeral homes have a general price list (GPL), and this should itemize all services and charges.  Legally, a funeral home must provide you with a copy of their GPL if you request cremation price information, either in person or by phone.

If comparing costs and services, check what IS included, especially with a budget direct cremation package.  Is a copy of the death certificate included?  Is the cremation permit an additional cash advance item or included?  What about if an out-of-hours collection is required? Is there an additional daily refrigeration charge if the cremation does not proceed after 48 hours?

Death certificates cost $6.00 for the first certificate and $6 for each additional death certificate required.  You should also note that the county coroner may charge a fee if they are required to sign the death certificate.

What legally do I need to know about arranging a cremation in Owensboro?

There are a few legal requirements that you need to be aware of if you are considering cremation. Firstly, the legal next-of-kin must all sign the ‘Cremation Authorization Form’ before a cremation can proceed.

In Kentucky, there is a mandatory 48-hour wait period after death before the cremation can proceed. Before a cremation can go ahead, the doctor must sign and fill out the cause of death, and the county health department must issue a permit to cremate.

The deceased will be refrigerated during this period, and longer if required, however, you should be aware that many cremation packages will only include refrigeration for up to 5 days and will charge you a daily rate thereon.

Death certificates and permits are considered ‘cash advance’ items and not generally included in a quoted cremation price.  The funeral director will generally obtain the death certificates on your behalf.

Cremation planningCan I preplan a cremation?

Yes, you can prearrange a cremation.  Advance planning can help to ensure you get the most appropriate services provider for your needs and can save the surviving family the financial and emotional burden at the time of death.

There are various options open to you to plan ahead, so consult with your preferred services provider.  A pre-arranged direct cremation plan can be preplanned at a low cost to ensure your family does not have the burden of worrying about funeral costs.

What can we do with the cremated remains?

As I mentioned earlier, there is versatility in what you can do with cremated remains.  You can inter a cremation urn in a cemetery plot or niche, keep an urn at home, scatter the remains, or create a cremation artifact such as a cremation diamond, glass paperweight, bird bath, or memorial reef ball, to name but a few!

The deceased had no life insurance – is there any help with cremation costs?

Sadly, there is little financial aid that supports those families who find themselves struggling with funeral costs.  Most counties do have a budget for indigent funerals, but this is generally for those individuals who truly are indigent.  Some counties do have limited funds to help low-income families with cremation costs, but this can vary county by county.

You would need to make inquiries with the Daviess County Human Services Department at (270) 685-8424 to find out if any assistance is available to you.  In these cases often the most basic of funeral services will be supported, with limited control over what happens.

How do I obtain a copy of a death certificate?

You can obtain copies of a death certificate from the Vital Records office at 212 St. Ann Street, Rm 105 Owensboro, KY 42302-0389 (270) 685-8434

What happens if the deceased is taken to the Coroner’s Office?

If there were circumstances surrounding the death that led to the deceased being taken to the County Coroner’s office, you will need to employ the services of a funeral director as soon as possible to liaise with the Coroner to have the body released into their care.  Only a licensed funeral director can collect a body from the Coroner’s morgue.

Daviess County Coroner, 212 St Ann St # 204, Owensboro, KY 42303 Phone: 270-685-8428

Hopefully, this short guide to arranging an affordable cremation service in Owensboro has answered some of your questions and helped you understand how to save costs on a cremation.  If you would like to read more extensively about cremation planning, please visit the Resouce Section on US Funerals Online.

*Prices obtained from online funeral price comparison survey 2024

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