What is the cost of a cremation in Milwaukee?

Are you looking for the most affordable cremation option?  Do you want to know what a cremation costs in Milwaukee?  Then read on to find out more about cremation prices and options in Milwaukee.

This brief article can help you understand how to save money when arranging a cremation and ensure you are not overpaying for a funeral.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Milwaukee?

The average cost of a cremation is $3,725* for cremation, which includes a service and a standard cremation urn.  Now average prices for cremation do not necessarily reflect the actual price you can obtain a cremation for, as cremation costs do vary between different funeral homes in Milwaukee.  You CAN obtain a basic cremation (without any services) for much less than this. A direct cremation can be conducted for just $1,395.

Comparing cremation costs in Milwaukee

It IS important to shop around and compare cremation prices between funeral homes today to ensure that you have obtained the best price cremation possible.  As I have just mentioned above, you will find that cremation costs can range in thousands of dollars from different providers.  Telephoning around or conducting online research on cremation pricing can be time-consuming and quite an overwhelming task.  That is why we have conducted our own cremation cost research, so you don’t have to!  A simple direct cremation can be arranged in Milwaukee for $1,395.00

cremation-milwaukeeDirect cremation in Milwaukee

A direct cremation is the lowest cost cremation option.  The deceased is cremated without any ceremony and/or services, and the cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary urn.  This enables the family to ensure that their loved one’s disposition is handled in a simple, dignified, and timely way whilst not overspending on funeral costs.  The family can gather for a memorial service at a later date if they so choose or arrange a simple ash scattering ceremony.

Low-cost cremation in Milwaukee

If funeral expenses are a concern to your family, a simple direct cremation is the lowest-cost funeral option available.  Several cremation service providers specialize in offering families simple and affordable cremation services in Milwaukee.

Unfortunately, cremation permits can range significantly in price in Wisconsin.  Many funeral service providers add county fees such as cremation permits and death certificates as a ‘cash advance’ item to a package price.  Check this list of cremation permit fees in Wisconsin to check what fee is applicable in your county.  Prices range from $75 to $350.

I can’t afford a funeral: Is there any help with cremation costs in Milwaukee?

More families are finding themselves struggling to meet funeral expenses today.  Any financial assistance with cremation costs is managed at the county level and differs by state and county.  If you are struggling to pay for a funeral, there is the Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program (WFCAP), operated by the Department of Health Services (DHS).  There are eligibility requirements, and the WFCAP may reimburse the cemetery and/or funeral expenses of a person who, on the date of death, met the eligibility requirements. Up to $1,500 are reimbursed for funeral home costs and $1,000 for cemetery costs.  There is also a $255 death benefit from Social Security for those that qualify.  Some local organizations, such as charitable groups and union groups, sometimes offer financial support for the cost of a funeral.

You may also find this complete guide to arranging a funeral or cremation in Wisconsin useful, as it covers many more aspects of funeral laws in the state of Wisconsin and how understanding these can help you save on the cost of a funeral.

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