Average cremation costs and funeral costs in Southeast Florida

Today’s funeral consumers are much more savvy about funeral costs. This is in part due to the fact that the economic downturn has forced many families to seek out more affordable death care alternatives, and also because we are more discerning consumers and prepared to shop around and compare prices…even for a funeral. The Internet has provided a great anonymous tool for families to check out what funeral costs to expect before ever entering a funeral establishment. Indeed, it is even possible to arrange a funeral or cremation today without even visiting a funeral home! Read on to find out more about funeral and cremation costs in Southeast Florida.

What is the average cost of a funeral in SE Florida?

The average cost of a traditional funeral is $7,848 (National Association of Funeral Directors NFDA 2021), however, it is possible to arrange a simple funeral service for in the region of $4,500 (including a casket but not including cemetery fees).

An immediate burial can be conducted for $2,000 (including a 20 gauge casket).

How can I save on funeral and cremation costs in Southeast Florida?

You can save money on the cost of a funeral by reducing the level of ancillary services. A casket is one of the large purchases associated with arranging a funeral. There is no law that states you must purchase a casket, although many cemeteries will require that you use an outer burial container or burial vault. You can purchase a casket from a third-party casket seller (sometimes cheaper than purchasing a casket from a funeral home) or you can make your own coffin. There is also no legal requirement in Florida that the deceased be embalmed if the burial takes place within several days. Refrigeration is an adequate preservative and can be much less expensive than embalming.

Another significant way to save on the cost of a funeral is to consider cremation as an alternative. Cremation eliminates the need for a casket, embalming, burial vault and cemetery plot. This alone can save thousands of dollars.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Southeast Florida?

casketAbout 6 in 10 families now choose cremation as the preferred disposition option in Florida.

As a retirement and snowbird destination, cremation has become popular as an easy means to conduct an immediate disposition and then ship the remains back to a home state.

Because cremation accounts for over 60% of all funerals, it is possible to arrange a cremation at a low price in SE Florida. Cremation costs start at $696 for a complete direct cremation package. A cremation with a 6-hour visitation can be arranged for $1,796.

What is a direct cremation?

A direct cremation is sometimes referred to as an immediate cremation or a basic cremation. It is where a cremation is performed but no services, visitation or ceremony is held. It is the simplest method of disposition available – and the cheapest cremation option.

Call the DFS Memorials provider for SE Florida for the best value direct cremation package. This complete package costs $696 and includes everything required to conduct the disposition, including 1 copy of the death certificate.

Call (305) 901-2403 now  [All staff are fully bilingual in Spanish and English]

DFS Memorials of SE Florida

The DFS Memorials provider for the SE Florida area serves the whole of the Atlantic coast area from the Florida Keys right up to Fort Pierce. The complete direct cremation price of $696 applies to Broward, Martin, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach & St Lucie counties. This cremation package prices includes everything to conduct the cremation, including cremation fees, permits and 1 copy of the death certificate. There is nothing extra to pay. Low cost cremation packages are available for cremation with a viewing starting at $1,196. Ken and his team of bilingual funeral directors answer calls 24 hours a day and aim to provide a compassionate yet affordable service to the families they serve.  Call (305) 901-2403 now

What is the difference between a direct disposer and a funeral home?

cremacion-miamiA direct disposer can ONLY perform a direct disposition and cannot offer many of the services that a fully licensed funeral home can. No viewing, services or ceremony can be conducted by the direct disposer. This does mean that a direct disposer can often offer very competitive direct cremation prices. However, it is not uncommon for a direct disposer to offer budget cremation prices that are NOT inclusive and charge additional fees for such things as a residential collection. It is wise to always fully check exactly what is included in any direct cremation package, and particularly to look for any ‘hidden’ fees!

What help is available for cremation costs in SE Florida?

There is rather limited financial assistance to help families pay for a funeral. The state provides some assistance for indigent dispositions but this will depend on eligibility. You can contact your local county human services to find out if you qualify for any public aid for funeral costs.

It is possible to arrange a no-cost cremation if you are struggling to pay for a funeral. A no cost cremation is when you opt to donate your body to science. The body donation organization will arrange a free cremation for you once the donation is complete, and return the cremated remains to the family within a few weeks.

Ken and his team can arrange a no cost cremation with a body donation via a local University medical school or a national donation program.