$850 Simple cremation in Lexington, KY

Whether planning ahead or needing immediate cremation services, this guide will help you understand how to find affordable cremation services with a simple cremation in Lexington.

We have outlined some key information you need to know when making arrangements to cremate, including the legal requirement according to Kentucky state laws on cremation and what cremation costs to expect.

With around 16 funeral service providers in Lexington, it can be challenging to know where to start. This guide aims to give you a better understanding of cremation services and options in Lexington.  Click the image to call if you need to speak to a funeral director immediately.

How much does a cremation cost in Lexington?

This is a question most families ask first. It is generally common knowledge now that cremation is significantly cheaper than a traditional burial. Many families considering cremation want to learn about costs to see how much they can save on the overall cost of a funeral.

A basic cremation with no services can be arranged in Lexington for $850 complete. A cremation with a memorial service can be arranged for around $2,000 – $3,000. With the average funeral costing around $9,000 (NFDA 2021) without cemetery expenses – this makes cremation a much more affordable alternative.

Another reason many families are now choosing cremation is because it offers greater flexibility. A memorial service does not have to go ahead immediately but can be arranged at a later date that suits the family. This can also allow the family time to make arrangements without feeling emotionally fraught. With transplants living in Lexington, cremation is a simple, cost-effective, and efficient way to handle the disposition and have remains shipped.

Choosing a Cremation Package

cremation-cedar-rapids-iowaA funeral home must have a general price list (GPL) outlining their service charges, but many funeral homes also offer cremation packages, where a price is offered for a complete cremation service.

In comparing costs and services between funeral homes, it is important to ensure you are comparing like-for-like services, especially when it is a quoted cremation package price.  Not all cremation providers quote a fully inclusive price when quoting a cremation package.

There are generally 3 main types of cremation options – a direct cremation (a basic minimal cremation), a cremation with a funeral service, or a cremation with a memorial service.  The difference is that with a direct cremation, there is NO service or ceremony conducted by the funeral provider, although you can conduct your own memorial services afterward.

A cremation with a funeral service is generally where the deceased is present, and the cremation is conducted after the service.  A cremation with a memorial service is where the cremation is conducted first, and a memorial service is held with the cremation urn present.

Arranging a direct cremation in Lexington

A direct cremation is the least expensive cremation option.  It is sometimes referred to as a simple or basic cremation or an immediate cremation.  It means that just a basic disposition service is offered.  The deceased is collected, prepared for cremation, all the necessary documentation completed, the cremation process goes ahead, and then the cremated remains are returned to the family (generally in a temporary urn).

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Who can authorize a cremation according to Kentucky statures?

A cremation is such a permanent means of disposing of a body and destroys all DNA, so cremation can ONLY go ahead when certain legal requirements are met. The legal next of kin must sign a ‘Cremation Authorization Form’.  (This can be self-signed by an individual when preplanning a cremation) If the authorized person has signed the cremation authorization form, then a cremation permit can be issued by Fayette County Coroner. There is a mandatory waiting time for cremation in most states of 24-48 hours.

What care and preparation of the deceased needs to occur before cremation?

funeral-costsThe deceased does NOT need to be embalmed if you opt for cremation, although it may be recommended if a viewing is required or if the cremation cannot proceed in a timely fashion. If the deceased had a pacemaker, this must be removed before the cremation.

A basic cremation container is used to cremate the deceased in so you do not need a casket. A casket can sometimes be rented if you wish to have a funeral service or viewing before the cremation.

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