Affordable direct cremation in Alexandria, LA – $994

Direct cremation Alexandria LADo you need a low-cost funeral alternative? Funerals can be expensive, and more families are finding themselves unable to meet the high costs associated with traditional funeral services.

At DFS Memorials, we can help you save $$$ on the cost of a funeral or cremation.

We offer a simple and affordable direct cremation service package for just $994.  This is the best price direct cremation in Central Louisiana.

What is the average cost of a funeral in Alexandria?

According to online funeral price comparison resources, a traditional funeral service in Alexandria costs $6,228.*  This price does not include any cemetery fees.  DFS Memorials in Alexandria offer a funeral burial package for $2,800 (including a 20-gauge steel casket).

How much does a cremation service cost?

Families are turning to cremation services as cremation offers a more affordable and flexible alternative to a traditional burial service. No cemetery plot, burial vault, casket or embalming is required for a cremation service.  Eliminating these can save thousands of dollars.  Also, cremation can offer more flexibility for the family in making funeral arrangements.  A funeral service does not have to be held immediately, and can be arranged after a cremation has been conducted.

Compare funeral & cremation average costs

Credit: Parting 2019 – Average funeral & Cremation prices

Direct cremation is proving the preferred choice for families seeking simplicity and affordability.  Direct cremation is when the funeral home offer cremation only, with no ceremony or services at the funeral home.

After a direct cremation, the family can make their own arrangements to conduct a memorial service, when they feel it best works for them, and in a place of their choosing.  This, again, helps to save money on funeral expenses.

Cremation services will range in price, but the average cost for a cremation service is in the region of $2,000 – $3,000.  A direct cremation service can be arranged in Alexandria for as little as $994.

What do you need to understand when arranging a cremation?

Cremation is a very final disposition of human remains.  For this reason, there is legislation governing how a cremation must be conducted.  Before a cremation can proceed, the legal next of kin must all sign a Cremation Authorization Form.  The coroner will issue a permit to cremate once all legal requirements are met.

What if the deceased is at the coroner’s office?

If your loved one is held at the morgue, you will still need the services of a licensed funeral professional.  As he or she will need to liaise with the coroner to obtain permits, the body can generally be released into the care of the funeral director at the same time that the Parish permits are issued.

If you have further questions about a cremation, or need immediate assistance, please call Randy on (318) 431-3929.  He has 35 years’ experience in the funeral profession and is ready to serve your family at your time of need.