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The cremation trend is changing how we think about funeral arrangements today.  Cremation is fast becoming the preferred option over burial, with more than 60% of families now choosing cremation services.

Cremation offers a more affordable and flexible alternative to traditional burial services.  With a growing transient and transplanted population, cremation can prove a more efficient and simpler way to arrange death care services when families may be dispersed across states or even countries.

How funeral care is changing and the economic reasons for choosing cremation

Firstly, deciding whether to bury or cremate is a personal choice.  For some families, this decision is dictated by their budget for a funeral. As a cremation service will cost less than a traditional burial, this becomes a more affordable funeral option.

On average, a cremation service will save you at least 40% on the cost of a burial. Sometimes, you can save as much as 60% on the cost of a burial service.  More families are choosing cremation as it does offer greater flexibility.

The funeral service does not have to go ahead immediately.  Instead, a cremation can be performed, and the immediate disposition of the body dealt with, and then a service held at a later date convenient to the family.

The economy has definitely impacted how we change our approach to death care today.  Many families simply cannot, or do not, want to spend unnecessarily on funeral costs. 

A cremation provides a simple, efficient, and economical means to conduct a disposition.

So, how much is a traditional funeral in Augusta, GA

The average cost of a traditional funeral service in Augusta is $7,005*.  This does not include any cemetery costs, though, so the full cost of a funeral burial will likely be nearer to $9,000.

How much does a cremation cost in Augusta, GA?

Cremation prices in Augusta DO vary quite considerably between funeral homes and depending on what type of cremation service you opt for.  Not all funeral homes have their own crematory but will use the services of a local crematory.

So, it can be quite confusing to assess how much a cremation service will cost you. But, you can certainly be sure that opting for cremation will save you on the expense of arranging a full traditional funeral service.

The average cost of a cremation memorial service in Augusta is $3,946, but a basic cremation can be conducted for much less. 

A simple, direct cremation can be conducted for as little as $1,095, although the average cost for a direct cremation was surveyed at $1,311.

With direct cremation, no services are performed; the deceased is collected, transported to the funeral facility, prepared for cremation, and the cremation is conducted.  The cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary plastic urn.  The family can arrange a brief final goodbye viewing at the funeral home if desired.

To read more about cremation, the process, the options, costs, and laws, visit our guide to What Happens During the Cremation Process? From the Funeral Home Collecting the Deceased to the Family Receiving the Cremated Remains.

How to compare cremation costs in Augusta?

The cremation cost can vary enormously – for the same service – and from different cremation service providers in Augusta.    So ensure that you compare like-for-like services.  Some cremation service providers include crematory fees and cremation container costs in a direct cremation package; others do not always include these fees.  Death certificate fees and disposition permits are often additional ‘cash advance’ items.

What are the additional fees that may be added to a cremation cost?

The death certificates are generally an additional fee as these are third-party costs that the funeral home must pay to Richmond County.  A death certificate costs $25 for the first certificate and $5 for each additional copy ordered.  It is usually advisable to have several copies for closing the deceased estate.

Disposition permits are issued to allow the cremation to proceed.  At present, there is no charge for disposition permits in Georgia.

How do I know that the cremated remains I get back are my loved ones remains?

This is probably the most common cremation question we are asked.  Strict laws govern the cremation of human remains, and identity checks must be made along the way.

The cremation retort must be completely cleared following a cremation, and only one can be performed at a time.  The remains are cleared into a machine that filters out any metal parts (tooth fillings, hip replacements, etc) and then ground into the fine ‘dust’ that is returned as cremation ashes.

There are stringent laws and operating practices governing the cremation of human remains.  A cremation cannot be performed until the medical examiner’s office issues a disposition permit.  The legal next of kin must sign a Cremation Authorization Form.

There is a mandatory 24-hour wait period after the death in Georgia before the cremation can be done.  It is not necessary to embalm a body for cremation, and refrigerated storage is used to preserve the body until the cremation is performed. 

The funeral home will generally store the body for up to 5 days in refrigerated storage at no extra charge.  An additional storage fee may be incurred if the cremation does not go ahead within 5 days.

What if I am not sure about cremation or the family cannot agree about cremation?

Cremation is such a final disposition. You do need to ensure that you are completely sure that this IS the ‘right’ disposition choice for you.  Certain laws are in place to ensure this final disposition can only proceed if the legal next of kin has authorized it.  A Cremation Authorization Form must be signed by the legal next of kin, and in the case of children, many funeral directors will insist all children sign.

You can authorize an agent for your final disposition or sign the authorization when you preplan a cremation.

Cremation can offer greater flexibility in what you can do with the remains.  You can, of course, inter them in a grave plot or niche.  However, you can store them in an urn at home or scatter the cremated remains.  There are also options, such as having cremation artifacts made from cremated remains, such as cremation diamonds, glass jewelry, bird baths, and paintings.

Preplanning an affordable cremation service

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If you wish to preplan a simple cremation, you can lock in a low-cost cremation price.  This may depend upon your age when setting up a prepaid cremation plan.  A cremation plan can be set up using an insurance policy where the funds are put into a trust.

You can also opt to preplan your cremation service without prepaying.  This ensures that your surviving family can proceed with arrangements at the time of need without worrying about completing the paperwork or making difficult decisions.

The money to pay for the cremation can be put aside in a POD account (Payable on Death), which your beneficiary can draw out upon death immediately without probate.

The deceased had no life insurance – is there any help with cremation costs?

Sadly, more folks are passing without leaving the means to pay for their funeral.  If you are faced with this situation, you must explore what help may be available.  Social Security pays out a $255 lump sum death benefit (if you qualify), and your funeral director can assist you with this.

The support for indigent burials differs so much by state and county.  To find out what may be available, you should contact Richmond County Human Services Department to inquire at:

Richmond County DFCS
520 Fenwick Street
Augusta, Georgia 30903-2277
Phone Number (706) 721-3000  

The deceased is being held at the County Morgue.  How do I claim the body from the Medical Examiner?

In cases where the deceased has been transferred into the care of the Coroner or Medical Examiner, you still need to employ the services of a funeral home, as only a licensed funeral director can collect the deceased from the county morgue.

Most funeral homes are familiar with the process and can work with the ME to get the body released as soon as possible.  You can also arrange a simple, low-cost cremation with your selected funeral services provider, as costs can often be low when the deceased is at the Medical Examiner’s office at 912 8th Street, Augusta, GA 30060.

Hopefully, this brief article has helped answer your questions about arranging affordable cremation services.  Please visit our resource section for more information.

*Prices obtained in 2024 from an online funeral price comparison website.

Sara Marsden

I have been researching and writing about the death care industry for the last fifteen years. End of life services and experiences are something most of us choose not to reflect upon until we are suddenly faced with dealing with it. I have been contributing comprehensive and independent resources for families that explain how the funeral industry operates, and the laws that govern funeral practices. Sara writes for US Funerals Online and DFS Memorials LLC, as well as contributing to other forums and publications for the death care industry. I have a BA in Cultural Studies. This helps my analysis of cultural death care rituals, alongside a career background in Business Management. The death care industry is undergoing an epoch of change and this fascinates me.

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