3 Tips for Choosing a Cremation Service Provider

Saving on cremation costs

Choosing a cremation service provider can seem overwhelming if you have no experience handling cremation arrangements. Getting pricing is not always simple. Many funeral homes will not even provide their cremation pricing online; it can be difficult to extract a clear price when you phone them.

We have put together these 3 tips to help you best choose a cremation service provider to serve you.

DFS Memorials locations all offer a ‘best value’ direct cremation service package. Use our Local Provider Search to find a cremation price near you.

#1  Price & value for money

Saving on cremation costs

Although many funeral homes do not like the fact, most families today shop for cremation with cost as an important factor.  We are so used to price comparison as a means to shop today.  And why should that not apply to procure a service such as a cremation?  Cheapest is not always best, but value for money or ‘best value’ is a way to ensure we get good value for our money.

A direct cremation service package is a fixed package.  It should be pretty much the same from every funeral provider, but many will add additional items that are included in the ‘small print’.

So, tip 1 is to ensure you are comparing like-for-like cremation services when choosing a cremation service provider.  You should ask what the quoted price includes and does not include.  What can appear at a cheaper price online can often be a ‘bait and switch’ tactic. 

Ensure you clarify exactly what is included in the price before you contract any services.  A licensed funeral home must have a set General Price List (GPL) and, according to funeral legislation, MUST disclose prices to you when you make an inquiry.  Every GPL has a direct cremation service listed on it.

#2  Location & availability of cremation provider

Arrange a cremation online

If you require a meeting to make arrangements or wish to have a ceremony, then the location of your cremation service provider can be very important.

This will determine your selection process.  However, if you are out of the area where the death occurred and are making arrangements or wish to conduct a direct cremation service, then location is not as relevant. 

You may wish to select a provider with a service area that covers the location of the deceased without additional transport fees.  But a direct cremation can be handled online or by phone.

Although I personally like the idea of the functionality of making arrangements online through a web portal, this is not for everyone.  And I think it is vitally important that you have already established the availability and responsiveness of the cremation company.  Leading on to tip #3.

#3  Trust & reputation

You must establish that you are working with a trustworthy cremation company. How they deal with your inquiry can go a long way to reassuring you of their type and customer service, especially if you are using a funeral home that you have no experience with. If the person answering your call is unclear about answering your questions or providing a cremation price, this should probably ring an alarm bell!

Apart from speaking with a funeral director or funeral arranger, you can check out other sources to establish trust.  Reviews are the main source we use today to establish trust, but online reviews today can be very subjective.  Especially if there is not a substantial amount of reviews to qualify the level of service.  Also, reviewing something like a funeral service can be a difficult (and not popular) option for reviewing.

Cremation Memorial Service

Speaking on the phone and asking specific questions can help you decide if the company appears professional and reassure you.

Another way to validate a company’s reputation is to check its website is up-to-date and what information is disclosed online.

There are more funeral homes now operating a separate direct cremation brand online. If you want the best value direct cremation service, you may need to be prepared to make arrangements online. This is how some funeral homes are able to offer a value direct cremation package while keeping their overhead costs down.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about choosing a cremation provider.  DFS Memorials has selected a network of funeral and cremation companies to work with that all offer a ‘best value’ cremation service to their communities.

Sara Marsden

I have been researching and writing about the death care industry for the last fifteen years. End of life services and experiences are something most of us choose not to reflect upon until we are suddenly faced with dealing with it. I have been contributing comprehensive and independent resources for families that explain how the funeral industry operates, and the laws that govern funeral practices. Sara writes for US Funerals Online and DFS Memorials LLC, as well as contributing to other forums and publications for the death care industry. I have a BA in Cultural Studies. This helps my analysis of cultural death care rituals, alongside a career background in Business Management. The death care industry is undergoing an epoch of change and this fascinates me.

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