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Understanding Cremation Costs in Dallas, TX.

More families are choosing cremation services in Dallas these days.  There are several reasons for this, but it cannot be denied that the primary reason is cost.  A cremation will cost significantly less than a traditional funeral you can reduce the overall funeral expenses by as much as 50%…if not more!  With that in mind, we have put together this guide on cremation costs in Dallas to help you better understand what is included in the price and what to look for in a cremation service provider.

How much does a cremation cost in Dallas, TX?

This is a crucial question to answer, especially if you are considering cremation as an alternative.  The immediate issue is that there are different types of cremation services, so simply stating an average cremation cost in Dallas would require considering whether it is a full-service cremation or direct cremation.

A direct cremation is the least expensive cremation option available.  A direct cremation is where the funeral home collects the deceased, shelters him/her for the required 48-hour wait, and then conducts the cremation.  A basic cremation container is used, and the cremated remains are returned in a temporary urn.

A direct cremation in Dallas costs $795. Call (214) 380-4964 for assistance.

A cremation with a service will typically cost around $3,500. This type of service replaces the traditional funeral. It includes the full services of the funeral home to prepare the deceased, conduct a funeral ceremony, and select a mid-range cremation urn.

A cremation memorial service is most typically when the cremation is performed before the service, and the service may be held with the cremation remains present in an urn.  The cost for a cremation memorial will depend on where you hold the service and the type of cremation urn selected.

If a service is conducted at the funeral home, the costs are likely to be around $3,500. However, you can reduce this cost if you opt to perform the memorial service elsewhere (for example, at your local church).

A cremation with a private family viewing occurs when a cremation goes ahead without any services or ceremony but the funeral home arranges a private viewing for family members before the cremation. As the funeral home does not provide facilities, services, or staff to coordinate ceremonies, a cremation with a viewing typically costs around $1,500.

Why does a cremation funeral service cost less?

The main reason cremation is a cheaper funeral alternative is that it removes some of the critical expenses of a funeral. The cemetery fees can be eliminated altogether (if you keep the cremation urn at home or scatter the ashes) or substantially reduced when opting for a small cremation niche or interring cremains within an existing family plot.

Purchasing an elaborate casket is unnecessary; a basic cremation container is required. You can rent a casket for a viewing or service with the deceased in repose. Similarly, embalming is unnecessary if the cremation is conducted on time (after the legal 48-hour waiting period).

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Comparing cremation costs in Dallas, TX

Not all cremation service providers are equal!  What does this statement mean?  Simply put, you will find that different funeral homes in Dallas can have different prices for their cremation services.  It can be pretty difficult to compare cremation costs, so it is vital to ensure you are comparing the same type of cremation package or services.

Carefully check what IS included, especially with a budget direct cremation package.  Is a copy of the death certificate included?  Is the cremation permit an additional cash advance item or included?  What about if an out-of-hours collection is required? Is there an additional daily refrigeration charge if the cremation does not proceed after 48 hours? 

In Dallas, a death certificate costs $20.00, with each additional copy charged at $3.00, and a cremation permit from the Dallas County Medical Examiner costs $25.00.

All funeral homes have a general price list (GPL) that itemizes all services and charges. A funeral home must legally provide a copy of its GPL if you request cremation price information, either in person or by phone.

Hopefully, this information can assist you in making an informed decision about which cremation service provider offers the best price cremation service in Dallas.

Finding a reputable low-cost cremation provider in Dallas, TX

Many funeral homes in Dallas are now operating their own crematory, and therefore, you can rest assured that your loved one never leaves their care.  There are several funeral homes now offering discount direct cremation packages.  Again, ensure you check EXACTLY what is ‘inclusive’.  What can seem like a cheap cremation at first can be more costly if hidden fees exist!

The DFS Memorials provider for the Dallas area completely understands the importance of keeping cremation affordable for your family. The direct cremation package includes one copy of the death certificate and all state permits/filings. Also offered is a 10% discount on an upgraded urn of your choice.

DFS Memorials – Dallas (214) 380-4964 – Call with any questions.

Direct Cremation Service $795

Direct Cremation costs

Can I preplan a simple cremation in Dallas?

Yes, you can purchase a prepaid cremation plan for a direct cremation. This will cost more than an at-need, low-cost cremation. It will depend upon your circumstances, such as age, how you fund the plan, and additional elements you may wish to include, such as travel protection/repatriation cover.

What financial assistance is available in Dallas to help with cremation costs?

You can claim the $255 Social Security death benefit, and veterans qualify for a free cemetery plot/niche and marker.  Other than that, financial assistance can be pretty limited.  The state does have some budget to deal with indigent burials or cremations, but this is limited to those individuals for whom the state becomes responsible.

If you are on welfare or have a low income, you may wish to inquire at Dallas County Social or Human Services to find out what assistance may be available. Sometimes, there are some funds available.

Fund-raising is also another means by which families manage to cover funeral costs.  Arranging a basic direct cremation is the cheapest option for those with limited means.

What if the deceased is at the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office?

If there was reason for the death to involve emergency services or there were suspicious circumstances, your loved one may be taken into the care of the Medical Examiner.  A family must sign a Release Form to authorize a funeral director to collect the deceased when the coroner clears the case for a funeral to proceed.  Only a licensed funeral director can collect a body from the morgue. Still, often, a speedier process for cremation can be achieved, as the ME will release the deceased with a permit to cremate.

Dallas County Medical Examiner is located at 2355 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207.

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