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Why we set up DFS Memorials a network of affordable cremation providers

We launched DFS Memorials in 2012.  Working together as a husband and wife team running US Funerals Online, we realized the need for a way to help people locate a local, affordable cremation or burial provider.

We are witnessing a major cultural shift where people no longer want to spend excessively on elaborate funeral rituals.  Also many people are struggling under the burden of our poor economy, and simply cannot afford an elaborate funeral.  We believe that everyone should be able to arrange a simple & affordable funeral, without worrying about the costs, or going into debt.

Supporting Local Communities returning to Mom & Pop values

We believe in supporting the "local" and wanted to help Mom & Pop funeral and cremation businesses get an edge on the corporate funeral industry. Many corporate-owned funeral homes prove to be significantly more expensive than their local family-owned equivalents. We wanted to be able to quickly connect people with their nearest family-owned low cost provider. Removing all the hassle, and multiple phone calls to compare prices.

What is DFS Memorials?

DFS Memorials is simply a nationwide network of independent funeral homes, which all offer a basic, direct cremations for an affordable price. All member funeral businesses are licensed funeral establishments, owned and operated by local families.

With these values of affordability and supporting local business, DFS Memorials has grown from strength to strength, and the network now has providers in over 150 areas and continues to grow day-by-day.


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