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Low Price Funerals and Cremations in Mississauga
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Basic Funerals & Cremation Choices
Simple Cremation: $1695
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At DFS Memorials, we believe that every family in Mississauga, Ontario should be able to choose a simple, end-of-life funeral option that is dignified, affordable and professionally handled. DFS Memorials is a network of local, licensed funeral homes and cremation providers who offer lower cost death care alternatives. Basic Funerals & Cremation Choices of the DFS Memorials network offers a Direct Cremation package for $1695 Call now on (437) 370-0693.

DFS Memorials lowers the funeral cost for cremation services by only working with locally owned funeral homes and cremation providers. We help families in Mississauga, Ontario save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in funeral costs, a vital service to the American people in these more troubling financial times. We offer families quality service at discount prices, and we give our customer what they actually want, unlike many other funeral companies, who want to sell you many extra items and services, in order to increase the final bill for the funeral cremation service.

Whether you are planning a funeral service ahead of time (Pre-Planning) or you need to speak with a funeral director about a death or imminent death of a friend or relative, call now on (437) 370-0693. We are here to help! DFS Memorials helps families locate low cost cremations and burial services throughout Mississauga, Ontario.

Arranging a funeral can be difficult and is a time of great emotional distress. The fear of negotiating the funeral price of your loved one can be an unnecessary stress. DFS Memorials is here to take that stress away, and we can put your mind at ease with an instant quoted set price for direct cremations in Mississauga, Ontario. One call to your local DFS Memorials funeral provider on (437) 370-0693 gives you a FREE consultation with NO OBLIGATION advice on the low cost funeral prices available to you!

Our goal is to provide the best possible value - which is the ideal combination of price and quality. Our mission is to help you commemorate the life of your loved one. This is why we only work with, licensed funeral homes, mortuaries and crematories that are compassionate, creative, and committed to excellence. At times like these, it makes the best sense to select funeral homes, mortuaries or cremation societies with which you have confidence and trust. We believe you deserve nothing less.