No cost cremation – the new cheap cremation trend!

I keep coming across this term again and again these days on funeral home web sites.  In the last year the term “no cost cremation” has cemented itself into the death care industry. It is one of those terms that ‘does what it says on the tin’…a means of cremating where there is no direct charge for the cremation services.

Why is this?  Firstly, let’s get this straight – there is no free cremation.  No one will provide you with free cremation services, they want something in return, and in this case it is your body tissues and/or organs.

Whole body donation is big business in the U.S., and the state of the economy, and the high $ paid by medical institutes for samples and cadavers, is driving this industry.

Many funeral homes will now offer a no cost cremation as they affiliate with anatomical donation programs.  In some cases funeral directors do this to provide a much-needed service to those in their communities who simply have no money to pay for funeral expenses.  However, in some areas fees are being paid to funeral homes who refer clients to body donation programs.

I have listed below some of the national anatomical donation companies that I am aware of:

Biogift, Science Care, LifeLegacy, Lifequest Anatomical, & Research for Life

Most local medical Universities will also accept donations on a local level, although it is my understanding that it can take some time to get the cremated remains returned.

If you want a minimal fuss disposition at the best price possible, then you should consult your nearest DFS Memorials cremation provider, who can provide a direct cremation for between $495 and $1,395.

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