How to preplan a direct cremation

direct-cremation-planAt DFS Memorials we are frequently asked about preplanning a direct cremation.  The cremation rate continues to grow, and more Americans are becoming interested in cremation as a less expensive funeral alternative.  A direct cremation offers the most inexpensive funeral option.  It is when the cremation is performed as immediately as possible following the death, with no formal service conducted.  The cremated remains are then returned back to the family, or are scattered.

How much will a direct cremation plan cost?

A direct cremation will ordinarily cost anywhere between $495 and $1395, depending on where you live.  Additional charges are such things as death certificates and permits.  A direct cremation generally includes a temporary container for the cremated remains, but you can choose to add an urn to your pre-planned cremation package.

How do I set up a direct cremation plan?

If you are seeking to pre-plan a direct cremation the easiest way to do it is to make arrangements directly with a funeral home or cremation society.  Each state has its own licensing laws on preneed funeral contracts.  Each DFS Memorials member can offer a pre-planned cremation licensed according to the statures in their state.

What prepayment plans are available?

There are various options for prepayment. Most cremation companies will ask for full payment at the time of setting up the direct cremation plan, however, you may be able to make arrangements direct with a local cremation provider to arrange a payment plan.  Cremation societies and memorial societies generally request a membership fee to be paid upfront.

Pre-planning a direct cremation enables you to plan ahead, save your family both the emotional and financial burden, and lock into a low cost cremation price today.   Planning ahead enables you to carefully compare and review cremation providers, finding the best direct cremation package for you.  It saves family the grief and stress of trying to locate the right cremation service at the time of need.

Locate your nearest DFS Memorials cremation provider today – Arrange your low cost direct cremation plan and give your family peace of mind!

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