How to arrange a cremation for $750 in Minneapolis

Do you need to arrange Minneapolis cremation services on a budget, or just want a simple, ‘no frills’ cremation arranging?  Today more people are opting for a direct cremation in Minneapolis because it offers an affordable funeral option.  In fact, it is probably the cheapest cremation alternative for a cremation disposition.

A direct cremation can be conducted for as little as $750.00 complete.  A huge saving compared to the cost of a traditional funeral or even a cremation with a service in Minneapolis.

low-cost-cremation-minneapolisNot sure what a direct cremation is?  It is the term used by funeral homes in Minneapolis to refer to a basic cremation where minimal services are required from a funeral director.

The deceased is collected directly from the place of death, transfered to the funeral home or crematory and the cremation is performed.  There is no embalming, no viewing and no service.  The deceased is generally cremated in a basic cremation container and so no casket is required.  It is a quite simply the most cost effective means by which to conduct the cremation of the deceased, and thus save costs that are normally incurred when arranging a funeral in Minneapolis.

If you wish to arrange a direct cremation, or want to find out more about cremation planning in Minneapolis, then you can call and speak with our local family-owned DFS Memorials cremation provider.

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