Ashes to INK…..a memorial tattoo

Tattoos are so popular these days, that although I find this a tad distasteful, I can see it appealing to some.

A Memorial Tattoo involves mixing a very small amount of cremated remains with tattoo ink and then creating a tribute tattoo.  Many people had already started to have tattoos as a legacy to a loved one that they had lost, so I guess this just takes it a step further.

Is it safe to mix human ashes in with ink?  Tattoo artists who perform these ritual tattoos claim it is perfectly safe and they have been doing it for years.  The medical profession is not so sure, claiming that putting any foreign particles into the body can cause an infection, or worse still, a rejection.

Personally, I would have thought it is safer to just have a standard tattoo as a memorial and leave the ashes out of the equation.  But each to their own!

5 thoughts on “Ashes to INK…..a memorial tattoo

  1. My son was premature died at conseption 8 years ago I would like to get a tatoo of the tree of life with his ashes at the root of the tree any recommendations of tatoo artists in oregon

    • I am sorry I do not have a directory of tattoo artists who will perform memorial tattooing. I would suggest you try contacting a local reputable tattoo artist and make inquiries.

  2. How do I find a person to do this? My husband passed suddenly & to have his ashes in the ink would be so conforting to me. I’m in West Texas, is there a way to find an experienced artist via the web or is it strictly word of mouth?

    • Hi Lisa, I would think a recommendation of referral would be best. As mentioned in the article, you are putting ‘foreign’ particles into your body so there is always a risk that your body could react. Do some local research online and talk to people who have tattoos.

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