Arranging an affordable funeral service in Atlanta

Direct cremation Atlanta GACan you afford to die?

The cost of dying in Georgia today is causing many families to have to explore different alternatives to the traditional funeral service.  A full traditional funeral service in Atlanta can cost as much as $10,000 when you add in all the costs for funeral merchandise and cemetery costs.

This can simply be more than many families can afford.  CNN Money reported this week that 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  Frightening isn’t it – to think that every day families in Atlanta are faced with the death of a loved one and NO resources to pay for funeral expenses!

A traditional funeral service in decline?

Burial is still a deep-seated tradition in Georgia but this is changing.  Cultural attitudes to death rituals and the significance of religious tradition is a part of this change.  But also, the cost is now playing a big factor in why people are changing their attitude towards funerals in Atlanta.

There are now more affordable funeral options for families and funeral homes in Atlanta who are catering to the demand for cheap funerals.  The price of caskets has come down since more online casket sellers emerged and especially since Walmart and CostCo starting selling them for under $1,000.

Our DFS Memorials provider for Atlanta offers families a complete affordable funeral service for $3,635, which includes a casket and all the basics of arranging a funeral service, with the exception of any cemetery costs.  This is dignified death care at a price you can afford.

Low-cost cremation in Atlanta

Georgia is still one of the 10 states with a lower cremation rate in the US, but the cremation trend is affecting Georgia too now.  A cremation works out much cheaper than a burial.  There are no costs for embalming, a casket, a vault or a cemetery plot – much reducing the overall spend on a funeral.

A basic, direct cremation can be arranged for $1,095 complete.  This does not involve any service, but a family can arrange their own service at their chapel or location of choice, once the cremated remains are returned to the family.

A direct cremation in Atlanta is by far the lowest cost funeral.  Even a cremation with a service will cost about a third of the cost of a traditional funeral.

If you need to save  money on your funeral expenses, then you need to look at what options are available in Atlanta that can help you arrange a funeral at an affordable cost.

Low cost funerals in Athens, Atlanta Metro, Columbus, Dalton & Gainesville and the counties of Fulton, Clayton, Fayette, Carroll, Paulding, Cobb, Douglas, Gwinnet, Rockdale, De Kalb, Walton, Henry, Newton, Oconee, Barrow, Cherokee, Forsyth, Harris, Talbot,  and Dawson.

7 thoughts on “Arranging an affordable funeral service in Atlanta

    • Hello Xavier,

      A direct cremation is $895. A direct cremation with a viewing is $1,145, a cremation with a memorial service is $1,290 and a funeral at a chapel or church followed by cremation is $2,895.

      Please call Kevin on (404) 445-0239 for more information.

  1. It’s good to know that the prices of caskets have gone down now that you can get them online. My mother is really worried that we won’t be able to afford her memorial, so she wants to do funeral planning while she’s still around. Maybe I should help her look online for an affordable casket.

    • Hello Telisa,

      A direct cremation service in Brookhaven is $895. Contact Kevin on (770) 299-8266 for more information.

    • Hello Sharon,
      Thank you for your inquiry. I have listed below the pricing for the various funeral packages in Fayette County, GA.
      Simple or Direct Cremation $795
      Simple or Direct Cremation + Viewing $1,045
      Simple Cremation + Memorial Service $1,290
      Complete Church/Chapel Funeral + Cremation $2,895
      Dignified Direct Burial $1,295
      Complete Graveside Funeral Service $2,595
      Complete Church or Chapel Funeral Service $2,995

      I hope this helps. Please contact Kevin on (770) 299-8266 for more information, or with any questions you have.

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