$995 Lowest cost cremation service in Naples, FL

Want to arrange a simple, no fuss, and dignified cremation for a low cost in Naples? Then our DFS Memorials cremation provider can help you arrange a simple and affordable direct cremation service.

A direct cremation is when no funeral services or ceremonies are conducted by the funeral home. The deceased is collected from the place of death, transported into the shelter of the funeral home, prepared for cremation, and the necessary documentation is completed, and then the cremation is carried out. Once this is done, the cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary urn.

The DFS Memorials provider in Naples – Mortuary Services of Florida is a licensed Direct Disposer Establishment as licensed by the Florida State Board F438949.  Licensed to conduct direct cremations only.

Keep cremation simple!

Keeping the process as simple as this means that you can save dramatically on costs. The initial disposition is handled efficiently and promptly, leaving the family to focus on dealing with the bereavement and estate management. A memorial service can be held with the family once the cremated remains are back. This also means that the family can be in control of what kind of memorial service they desire (if any) and save further on funeral costs!

cremation-services-naplesDo it Yourself: Direct Cremation and a family-arranged memorial service

More families are finding that this is the answer to arranging low-cost cremation services today. In fact, some within the funeral industry see that the death care business is separating into two elements – disposition and memorialization.

Direct cremation takes care of the immediate disposition, leaving the family to prepare the memorialization when and however they see fit.

Baby boomers and cremation in Naples

There are numerous retirees and baby boomers living in Naples and Southwest Florida, and the baby boomers are bucking tradition and somewhat driving the cremation trend. The baby boomer generation just wants simplicity and to be able to do something differently. They like the idea of a cremation that allows them to personalize in different and unique ways.

Add to this the fact that Florida is a snowbird and retiree destination, where deaths can occur when people are living away from their home state, and cremation offers a much more flexible alternative to transporting human remains.

What does a cremation cost in Naples?

This is the “million dollar” question! The answer is that cremation costs do vary considerably between different funeral service providers, even in Naples.   A basic cremation in Naples can be conducted for as little as $995, but it can also cost you as much as $2,000+ for the same service. The important message is to understand that the costs can vary so much and to ensure you check around.

The DFS Memorials provider in Naples is a licensed direct disposal establishment and guarantees to offer you the best price for a direct cremation service in the area. Call now with any questions you have on (239) 244-2418.

The only additional fees are county fees which are subject to change and as cash disbursements are payable directly to the county. In Collier County, the charge is $10.00 for a death certificate, and there is no fee for the Medical Examiner.  There is also a $100 processing fee.