Ascension Scattering – Live in the Clouds Forever!

This is an interesting new spin on aerial ash scattering – a company from Colorado is offering you the opportunity to forever float around in the clouds! It puts a whole new meaning to “having your head in the clouds”!

Aerial Tribute, for the princely sum of between $600 and $1000, can launch your cremated remains into a super-charged thermal updraft above the Rocky Mountains.

They then scatter the remains high into the atmosphere at such an altitude that the particles remain in the stratosphere, instead of descending to earth.

Isn’t this going to affect the ozone, you may be thinking? Once upon a time we were all concerned about ‘acid rain’, seems now we should be more concerned about crem-rain! However, Aerial Tribute reassure us that there is no detriment to the environment, that the cremains remain in the atmosphere as ‘natural’ miniscule particles.

As we continue to cremate more people upon their passing, I can see that many more novelty options for how to immortalize your departed loved one through some extraordinary ash scattering ritual, will emerge.


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